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Help a girl child with school supplies


Every monthly donation helps the education of more children like Mamta

Mamta lives in Aamwal Dhani village. Her father, Gopal, is a laborer and does not earn enough to educate his children. In the family of 6, Mamta was considered to be a burden. Due to limited income and poverty, Mamta's education was discontinued.

Gram Chetna Kendra intervened and decided to care for her. She was provided with facilities like uniforms, shoes, stationery, books, and a solar lantern. She was also trained in safe hygiene habits. Mamta is now regular to class and is a keen student. She is also very neat and clean.

Watching her growth and progress, her parents realize the importance of education. With a little help from you, a girl like Mamta can receive an education that will change her life.


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Gram Chetna Kendra (GCK) runs various programs in Rajasthan's rural belt. This belt is undeveloped with very low literacy rates and even more so for girls. Girls regularly tend to drop out of schools due to gender discrimination, economic condition of their families and lack of awareness.

GCK provides assistance in the form of school supplies to poor female students to reduce the number of dropouts. The beneficiaries are chosen based on recommendations by village-level organizations. Gram Chetna Kendra then finalizes them through a physical verification visit to their homes.

The organization proposes to help close to 100 girls from impoverished backgrounds in a year. Donate to this program and you can save a girl from the clutches of illiteracy and lifelong dependence.

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About The NGO

Gram Chetna Kendra
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Gram Chetna Kendra

Gram Chetna Kendra was formed by a group of socially conscious individuals of Khedi Milak district of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Piercing issues like droughts of educational, healthcare and government services plaguing the society ignited the hearts of the founders to channel their efforts towards people based development to ensure just and equal opportunities with minimum basic essentials for all and quality life for rural masses.

Working relentlessly for more than 30 years, their clouds of projects filled with streams of development have showered their services on 791 villages covering 11 districts of Rajasthan. Recognizing the various efforts of the trust towards bringing about literacy and social justice, the government of Rajasthan has honored them for outstanding contribution to the community.

Their determination for capacity building in the society involving promotions for breastfeeding garnered respect internationally when World Alliance for Breast Feeding Action (WABA), Malaysia, awarded them an Appreciation Certificate. Armed with numerous such recognition and achievements, the members of the trust have engraved their goals of rural population advancement through socioeconomic self-reliance for the deprived and poverty-stricken.

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Founded in 1991
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Om Prakash Sharma

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provided support to 43 underprivileged children last year

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Awards And Recognitions

2014: Outstanding Technical Institute' Award

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Program Updates

30 September, 2021

Help a girl child with school supplies


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

During the Jan- June 2021, the organisation did distribution of materials for 6 girls in the sambhar block, Jaipur Rajasthan. The 6 girls can learn online and improve the quality of education. The CBOs identify girls for the program. This area is divided into hamlets and people living in the hamlet. Most girls do not reach in schools and also drop out. The support is helping them to join the school with the community support.

Challenges faced and next steps

During the last 6 months we have no major challenges faced. We have followed government guidelines during covid-19. Our goal for the next 6 months is to cover dropout/left out girls and enrolled in school with the government guideline.

Stories from the ground

Payal Kumari Bhat, 12 years old, living in village Dodwadiya ka bas, Sambhar Block, District-Jaipur, Rajasthan. Her family has 5 members. Her father’s name is Hari Ram Bhat who is a daily wage labourer while her mother is a housewife named is Raismi Devi. She has 1 brother Pawan and 1 sister Maya. The type of House is Pakka. The economic condition of the family is poor the family belong to BPL. Due to the limited income of the family, education and other expenses for Payal Kumari Bhat was considered a burden and were ignored. She is a student of class 7th at Govt. senior secondary School Mudwara. She has left a dearth with her basic education requirement and other needs. Due to this situation, she was not able to pay proper attention to her studies, which also affected her regularity through online classes in school. As the Give India programme was widely known in this area, members of the School Management Committee of at Govt. senior secondary School Mudwara. village suggested the name of Payal Kumari Bhat as beneficiary. The SMC members recommended her name to Gram Chetna Kendra. The social worker of Gram Chetna Kendra then went and met the family and assessed the miserable condition of Payal Kumari Bhat. She was then selected as the beneficiary in this program and supported with basic school supplies and toiletries such as stationery, uniform, and general toiletries item. She was also provided inputs on self-care on health and hygiene. She was also provided with a solar lamp as electricity is very irregular in rural areas. Hence, a solar lamp is a good alternative with low maintenance. The solar lamp is best for reading purposes during the night, as there are frequent power cuts in the villages. After getting all the facilities for studies, now, she is regular in her class via online and is very keen and interested to learn everything in time. Now, she remains neat and clean and is taking care of health & hygiene. Now she remains happier with full of confidence. Her parents and teachers are also happy by seeing the progress of Payal Kumari Bhat in class 7th. Payal Kumari Bhat and her family heartily thank their donor, Give India and Gram Chetna Kendra for their concern, care and support. Details of Benefits: She was provided 1 Solar Lamp, School bag, 10 notebooks, Geometry box, colour pencil box, 5 pens, 1 packet pencil, ruler, 5 erasers, 2 sharpeners, 2 sets of uniform, 2 pairs of footwear, 2 hair oil bottles, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes, Nail Cutter, pair of towels and combs, 6 bathing soaps and 10 washing soaps.

26 March, 2021

Girls from marginalized communities receive hygiene and education material to support them in time of COVID-19 crisis


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In these times of lockdown and COVID-19 crisis, the families of the girls did not find any livelihood options to provide for the education and hygiene of their children. In addition, schools were closed and the children had to study at home. In this context, it was really hard for the most marginalized families to provide for the basicc needs and education of the girl child. Moreover, the girls were not adequately equipped to keep on studying during these times and have an age-appropriate level to join the schools when it would open. 11 new girls benefited from the programme. The girls come from vulnerable families, and especially families of daily wage labourers who lost their job during the lockdown. They were provided with studies materials such as a bag, pencils,  exercise books, and solar lantern. We also gave the girls hygiene material  and shared information on how to maintain good hygiene which will result in good health. The 11 families benefited from these interventions, and the 11 girls were also able to benefit, as they could now study at home in better conditions and maintain good hygiene levels. This intervention allowed to provide for their basic needs so that they can focus on their studies and do not drop out of school. They are all using the material given and are really happy about it. The incidence of basic health and hygiene problems has reduced among the girls. From the 1st April 2020 to the 4th of December 2020, through the programme, we have supported 11 vulnerable and marginalized girls.

5 August, 2020

Most vulnerable girl child regularize in school.


report imagereport image

Most vulnerable girl child regularize in school.

Our little ones never fail to amaze us! Around 15 schools and over 60 children participated at the JAVATE 2020 event held on February 1, 2020, at Lady Andal Higher Secondary School, Harrington Road, Chennai. Eighteen of our children participated in the Art competition and group dance events, winning several prizes. Sheela won 3rd prize for beginner level in the art competition, and Vishal and Siva won 3rd prize at junior and senior levels respectively. Our children bagged three prizes for the group dance category with the boys winning the 1st prize and girls winning the 3rd prize at the junior level, and the elder girls winning the 2nd prize at the senior level. We are incredibly proud of the way they put heart and soul into everything they do, managing to steal hearts wherever they go! God bless and keep you, dear children, as you continue to set an example for us all.