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Learning Challenges with no help often result in children dropping out of school. Kajal, a grade 4 student from an underserved area in Delhi faced challenges grasping what the teachers taught her. However, her parents were illiterate and with limited income couldn't afford a tutor.

Kajal was losing interest in studies when she was enrolled in the Remedial Education Project. With a little support, she began to improve and has consistently scored 60% in academics. Now is high school, she volunteers to spread the cause of education. She surveyed a slum as a part of a project to mainstream dropout children.

Many kids like Kajal are on the verge of dropping out for the want of a little help, you can help save their future.

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The Remedial Education Project by Navjyoti India Foundation reaches out to the vulnerable children of Bawana Resettlement Colony, New Delhi who have little support from their parents to reinforce school learning. Their learning levels are found far below the minimum expected learning levels of the grades in which they are studying.

These children are enrolled in the Remedial Education Project in class I and then efforts are directed to retain them till class 10, continuously working on enhancing their learning and bridging the gap that exists between the minimum expected and the present levels. A tailor-made class wise curriculum is developed to enhance their learning from their present level. Children are also encouraged to participate in community activities. they are also nurtured to

A simple step like a remedial class can make a life-changing difference in the life of children like Kajal.

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About The NGO

Navjyoti India Foundation
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Navjyoti India Foundation

Navjyoti India Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which challenges the social inequalities and empowers the vulnerable by making them independent to help themselves. Navjyoti began with an aim to improve, correct de-addiction and rehabilitation of the drug addicts as a crime prevention measure. They have established many camps and programs to help people to face the economic and social challenges.

They have their members over to 4900 to assist the poor people by their outreach activities.They also focus to empower women through various projects, they have educated 1109 women till now. They have cover 977 women and children were skilled in the skills up-gradation program. Because of their hard work and dedication, they were awarded 'The Pride of India Award 2015' by the Toppers Education Society Education; 'The Promoting Women Empowerment Award 2016' by the Ph.D. Chamber 'Women Empowerment.

They were also awarded the Swachh Doot' Award 2016 by the North-Ex Cooperative Society for their Environment & Social Reform; 'Health Care Leadership Award 2012' by the Knowledge Resource Development and Welfare Group Health Care;and Quality Initiative Mission Award 2013 for Innovation and Excellence in School Education by the Knowledge Resource Development and Welfare Group(KRDWG) Child Education.

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Founded in 1991
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Ved Bhushan

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Area of Operation

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Awards And Recognitions

2016: LACP 2014/15 Vision Awards

2016: Guide Star Transparency Badge

2013: Roshan Phukan Award

2013: Uttar Pradesh Excellence Award

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Program Updates

5 October, 2021

Remedial Education Program | Navjyoti India Foundation


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Milestones: 1. Navjyoti India Foundation has been serving its communities with dry ration and cooked food ever since the pandemic has struck. 4249 families and about 17552 people have been provided with food support. 2. 44 volunteers conducted virtual sessions for students and team members on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis on core areas i.e. academics, life skills, teaching methodology, health and capacity building and training.3. 1128 remedial students, those who have smartphones and keypad mobiles were reached out through WhatsApp classes and assignments given on call respectively. For secondary students from classes 6 to 8 virtual classes are held twice or thrice a week.4. The first-ever international and national virtual tours were held. Students enjoyed visiting Australia, Singapore & Mumbai.5. Navjyoti Bal Gurukul an early leadership program for remedial students continued to serve the community in the pandemic era. 101 Gurukul faculty were reached out to 523 Gurukul members in the community.6. Orientation about the high growth sectors held for remedial students on BFSI, IT/ITES, Retail, Electrical, Automobile, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare and Apparel. The experts conducted sessions voluntarily.7. Project Kaushal, an initiative for the school children on futuristic courses. School children will be given 20 hours of basic orientation in each course like artificial intelligence, coding, robotics, data analytics, smart processes. DcodeAI will provide training in artificial intelligence, Whitehat Jr in coding, My Coding Classes in robotics, Wings Within in data analytics.8. A Virtual Summer Camp was curated with some engaging activities for students to indulge in. Students enjoyed art & craft, beauty, crochet, dance, fireless cooking, hairstyle, music, and stitching.Events:a. National Youth Day – Launched Project Swawlambi for youth and provided them with a series of career counselling every month till Juneb. Launched Project Sanyam for youth to master the strong emotions.c. Republic Dayd. World Health Daye. World No Tobacco Day - An informative video on Say no to tobacco on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day with remedial students. Teachers shared the ill-effects of using tobacco, and also shared the global benefits of tobacco control. Students made posters on “No use of tobacco”.f. International Day of Yoga: The 7th International Day of Yoga was celebrated at Urban Programs. Navjyoti alumni Varsha conducted the session via zoom who is a third-year student of B.A. with Yoga Science at the University of Patanjali. She made participants aware of the benefits of yoga and encouraged them to adopt yoga as an important part of their daily routine. All the participants learnt different asanas for complete well-being.Area Covered: • Bawana resettlement colony (North-West part of Delhi)Number of People Impacted: Community (Jan’20 – Jun’21) – 20178 community peopleStudents (academic session 2020-21) – 1431Students (academic session 2021-22) – 1314 students (April -June 2021)

Challenges faced and next steps

Challenges Faced: 1. Jobless community people approached for food support. 2. Deprivation of technical knowledge and equipment made it difficult for students to continue their education.3. Updating data with smartphones consumed a lot of the energy and time of teachers. 4. COVID norms were not followed by community people made it difficult to conduct visits in the community.5. Due to parents going to work, children do not get mobile and are not able to attend online classes on time.6. The less interest of students in online classes affecting the learning level of students and quality of education.7. The high intensity of COVID cases in the second wave affected the field activities.8. Unavailability of parents while following up with them to ensure the regularity of their wards in the online classHow did you overcome it? 1. Helping community while distributing dry ration to the needy families and providing hygiene kits to spread awareness about COVID-192. Implementing remote learning to provide continuous education support to the students.3. Provide technical support to the team members with gadgets and imparting awareness to the students.Plan for 6 Months: 1. Project Kaushal – Orientation to 2500 school children on futuristic courses i.e. artificial intelligence, coding, data analytics, robotics and smart process2. Navjyoti Hunar Academy – Launch Navjyoti Hunar Academy for students and provide vocational training to students3. Events & Celebrations – Dussehra, Diwali, Children’s Day, Christmas4. Foundation Day of Navjyoti India Foundation5. Quarterly internal assessment for remedial students

Stories from the ground

Impact story: Rahul, a student of class VIII, belongs to the marginalized community where the awareness of crime is higher than education; children & adults are into drug abuse, poverty & overpopulation have led children into labour and other deviancies like child marriage and dropping out of school. He is twelve years old and comes from an underprivileged family living in North West part of Delhi at the Bawana resettlement colony. His father Mr Ram Balak is a Daily Wage labourer and his mother Ms Rinky Devi is a factory worker.Living in such extreme conditions it is difficult for parents to motivate themselves for the continued education of Rahul with his two brothers and one sister.His father has studied up to grade 8th and his mother is illiterate but they want their children to get an education as much as they can and make their dreams come true. He is a very punctual and sensible student in his class. In these testing times, he has not only improved himself but also kept himself motivated to learn new things. He actively participates in virtual sessions.He says "I enjoyed and experienced learning with educational apps which helped me a lot not only in academics but holistically as well. His teacher remarks that "He is improving his performance. He is one of the most regular students with 100% attendance".Drawing and dancing are his hobbies. He is taking English and painting classes regularly. He aspires to be an artist. He wants to complete his education and become self-reliant. He dreams to see the JJ colony as a better place to live.

23 March, 2021

3S - Holistic Development Program (3S - Shiksha, Sanskar & Skills)


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Navjyoti alumni moved to university for shaping up their careers. Neeraj enrolled in the first year of B.E. – Electronics & Electronics Communication and Nemat got the lateral entry in Civil Engineering course. Child Education Program team and students are continuing with the optimum use of technology with whatever the limited resources they have.
Special Session for students – Nurturing Lives, a students’ based organisation is helping students in learning English. Gender sensitization workshop for boys was held fortnightly. A team of volunteers is continued to helping students with weekly sessions on “Find The Power With In”.
COVID-19 awareness & support –Navjyoti team members and beneficiaries got an orientation on COVID-19 online skilling program from Wadhwani Foundation. They underwent the assessment and got the certification as well. The needy ones were supported with dry ration kits received from Smile Foundation. 500 dry ration kits and 300 masks and sanitizers were distributed in the community.
New Initiatives – A 19 days campaign on prevention of child sexual violence and abuse was held in association with WWSF (World Women Summit Federation) and DLSA (District Legal Services Authorities), Gurugram. Students had session Prevention of bullying, child labour, CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material), neglect, corporal punishment & ICTs danger.
Personality Development Program – Navjyoti Hunar Academy has become a virtual institution where children can enhance their skills as per the interest areas. Navjyoti Alumni now training their juniors with the expertise they have acquired being a student at Navjyoti.
Virtual Tour –The first-ever international virtual tour to Sydney, Australia was held for Navjyoti students. Students experienced the very famous Harbor Bridge and Opera House.
In-kind support – The technology sources have become a boon in this pandemic but the students are at Bawana Slums are deprived of technology. In these critical moments ST Foundation provided 20 laptops and Evalueserve provided 12 tablets to the students who did not have any source of using virtual classes and session with the help of technology.
Alliances & Partnerships–SD Public School, Pitampura conducted an ATL workshop for Navjyoti students and Vision Spring facilitated an awareness session on eye.
Events & Celebrations – Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated virtually. Games & quizzes and a classical dance performance were held for students. Students made Diwali greetings cards and diya painting on Diwali. A virtual cake making workshop was held on Christmas. “Learning Maths with fun” workshop held for students on the occasion of Ramanujan Day.

5 August, 2020

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.


report imagereport image

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.


• A total of 1214 out of 1421 students are actively engaged through online teaching-learning which is 85% of the total enrolled as on date.
• An exclusive group of 139 weak students has been made and mentors assigned. About 50% of students responded to work given by mentors.

  1.    PTMS

• PTMS were conducted for all the classes and 1338 parents were reached out (94%)


• Online events, webinars, and competitions are being organized regularly covering areas of awareness on COVID -19, life skills, Drug Abuse, joyful learning, communication skills, where more than 500 beneficiaries participated enthusiastically in drawing, poem, and slogan writing competitions.
• Extracurricular activities like music, guitar class, art & craft classes are conducted regularly and ensured 50% attendance of students in these activities.


• 3069 families covered through cooked food & dry ration distribution in Bawana in the month of April & May 2020.


• 754 parents connected individually by mobiliser to generate awareness on COVID - 19 and know about their well being


• Our children are actively working to reach out to other children of the community through online mode as part of an early leadership program called Bal Gurukul. About 70 students are reaching out to 170 other students of the community.