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Gift special education to a mentally challenged child

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Ritham School came as a boon for Balaji's parents, as caring for a severely mentally challenged epileptic child wasn't easy for them. Being uneducated daily wage earners, they didn't have the time or the resources to cater to his well-being.

After being counseled by the school, they enrolled Balaji for Special Education. Given the severity of his condition, the primary focus was on teaching him 'Activities of Daily Living'. He gradually improved in skills like bathing, washing, and expressing his needs. He is also given speech therapy to communicate and behavior modification therapy to calm his mind.

His parents are very happy to see his improvement. Special education is the only way to help a special needs child live a dignified life.

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Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged follows the BASIC - MR scale (Behavioral Assessment Scale for Indian Children - Mentally Retarded) to assess each student individually and fix the syllabus accordingly. Students' progress is evaluated on a quarterly basis, following which their syllabus is re-fixed.

The teacher-student ratio in the school is 1: 8, which ensures that each child is given adequate personal attention. The total number of students in the school is 100, out of which 73 students come from underprivileged backgrounds and require financial assistance. Special education is the only way that a mentally challenged child can be taught to be as independent as they can.

Donations made to this program support the cost of staff salaries and administrative expenses. A donation to this program will help get underprivileged mentally challenged children get access to special education.

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About The NGO

Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children
Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children Logo
Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children

Mr. Kathiresan's inspiration to start Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged came inadvertently from David, an intellectually challenged child, who had excellent memory but very poor associative skills. Being a former govt school headmaster in Tamil Nadu and having won the Best Teacher award from both the Central and State governments, Mr. Kathiresan was touched by his interaction with David and decided to start a school for children like him.

The school follows the BASIC - MR scale (Behavioural Assessment Scale for Indian Children - Mentally Retarded) to assess each student individually and fix their syllabus accordingly. Students' progress is evaluated on a quarterly basis, following which their syllabus is re-fixed. The teacher-student ratio in the school is 1: 8.

The total number of students in the school is 100, out of which 73 students come from underprivileged backgrounds and require financial assistance. Children who stay far away and cannot afford the transportation cost are given free transportation facility as well.

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Founded in 1991
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Area of Operation

Mentally challenged | differently abled

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Location of Work

Tamil Nadu

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2012: Special Consultative Status at United Nations

2016: iVolunteer award

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Program Updates

Program Updates

30 June, 2022

Gift special education to a mentally challenged child


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Our Recent Activities from July to December:

  1. Finished Roof concrete levelling work We updated our recent happenings in our construction project. We finished our Roof concrete levelling work. We would like to, once again, wholeheartedly thank Japan Government and are very happy to share this information with you all.

  2. Participation in Project Discovery 2.0 (2021) Project Competition:
    We participated in Project Discovery 2.0 by Enable India and we submitted 53 small videos giving solutions about the activities of daily life, education and other needed activities used for our Intellectually Challenged students.

  3. Participation in National Science Painting Competition for Specially Abled Children-2021: Our School students (2 female and 5 male) students participated in National Science Painting Competition Conducted by UNESCO online, based on the theme - World Science Day for Peace and Development Building Climate-Ready Communities.

  4. Participation in Special Olympics Sports: Our school (2 male) students are going to participate in Special Olympics for Handball on (31.10.2021) at National College, Bharat Tamilnadu, Trichy. In football 7 students participated in Special Olympics Selection Trials on (18.11.2021) at SRMVI Campus, Periyanayakkenpalayam, Coimbatore and 3 female Students were selected in Tamil Nadu Special Olympic Bharat football girls team which is going to be held at the National Level at FAPS, Delhi. In Volleyball, 5 students were selected for the Tamil Nadu special Olympic Bharat Volleyball boy’s team which is going to take place in the National Level Special coaching camp at Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. Special Olympics State level Judo Selection Trials held at Tirunelveli on 05.12.2021. All over Special Schools in Tamil Nadu, more than 50 students participated in this event. Special Olympics State level Cycling Selection Trials were held at Thoothukudi on 07.12.2021, where two of our students participated. Our school In-charge - Mr S. Asiya Benazir is appointed as the Team Manager for the Special Olympic football state team.

  5. Celebration: We celebrated children’s day on 13.11.2021 at our school. We conducted fun games for the students and they enjoyed it thoroughly. At the end of the function, the prizes were given to the winners. We also celebrated the Deepavali function on 02.11.2021 in our school. Our students burst crackers and enjoyed it very well. The crackers were sponsored by RITHAM PARENTS AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION. World Disability Day was also celebrated on 03.12.2021 at our school. We conducted fun games and cultural events for our students. The prizes were distributed to the winners. We celebrated New Year in our school. A cake was cut and distributed to our school OPD students & parents. We celebrated Pongal on 12.01.2022. On that day we prepared the Suriya Pongal and distributed it to our OPD students & parents. Our school Teacher Miss. M.Kanahavalli explained the importance of Pongal. This festival expense was sponsored by one of our donors. In the end, each staff said ‘Pongalo Pongal’.

  6. Republic Day Celebration: In our school, we celebrated 73rd Republic Day on 26.01. Due to this situation, we were not able to celebrate this function with our students. Our school staff celebrated the function. It was organized by our school teacher - Miss. M.Kanahavalli. Our school principal hoisted our national flag and gave a speech about the path we have had traversed this year. Our staff sang our flag anthem and national anthem. Our students participated in an online competition.

Challenges faced and next steps

We reach our students through WhatsApp groups on this covid-19 situation. Our school reopened in November after this situation. Now we are giving direct classes for our beneficiaries. We also Welcomed our students after 18 months. They are enjoying the present day scenario. They are very happy to see their friends, classmates and teachers. After the spread of the new covid variant, our government ordered to close the schools again. During this period we conducted classes online and followed up on our student’s activities and improvements. Our main goal is that special education and therapies should reach our students in all situations.

We are very happy to share about our new school construction project. It will be completed in two or three months. The project is constructed with help of Japan government.

Our students participated in five Special Olympic trial event games in the state selection team. In that game, our 3 female and 5 male students were selected for the football and volleyball state team. They will go on to participate in the National Coaching Camps soon.

In special education, we make some changes for our students. It is very useful for inclusive education. The changes include modifications in the timetable, games and the teaching methodology. In the coming months, it will benefit majorly from the ongoing programme.

Stories from the ground

S. Muthuvel is a student who has returned from normal school. When he came to our school, his activity was very slow. With the help of special education and therapies on a regular basis, there are some changes in his activities. During the physical education period, he is very enthusiastic about participating. Hence, we plan to give him more training for sports. He is very good at throwing the ball beyond the net. He recently took part in the special Olympic games and was selected in the Tamilnadu team for the volleyball event. He will participate in the national level training team very soon.

30 September, 2021

Gift special education to a mentally challenged child


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

We started constructing our school's new building and finished the basement level with Japan's help. They have also granted assistance to other grassroots projects. We celebrated Yoga Day online, and our students sent yoga videos created at their homes. Our 26 students participated in an online dance and singing competition conducted by DRZYA, and one of our students went to the final level. In another online dance competition by Shantidam Foundation, 16 students participated, and three went to the finals. In another online dance competition conducted by Tare Zameen Par, twenty of our students participated. We celebrated 75th Independence Day in our school with our staff. We are doing online classes successfully with cooperation from the parents.

Challenges faced and next steps

In the Covid-19 situation, we were unable to open the school and reach the staff and students. With the flow of funds, we conducted classes online. Medicines for our students were also delivered to their doorstep. We use the fund to pay our staff salaries. We plan to provide the required therapies to our students and continue the online classes when the pandemic ends.

Stories from the ground

Stories from the ground:J. Amala has a mild physical and mental disability. She is very good at academics. During this pandemic, she came on board for online classes because her sister attends them. When we began with classes, she was happy. She followed the homework and sent the videos on time. She is very interested in dancing and voluntarily participates in all dance programmes conducted at school and inter-school levels. In this pandemic, her extracurricular activities stopped. So when an online dance competition was announced, she was elated. She selected the song and costume for the dance and practised daily. Her family helped her with the practice. She improved her skills and also won the cash prize at the competition.

23 March, 2021

No restriction to learn - Updates about Special Education


report image

Our school is running for the mentally retarded children, autism children and intellectual disabled children. In our school, most of the children are poor and their parents are unaware about special education; and are daily wagers. We told them about the special education for them. Because they should have to realize that they too are one in this society and to behave like others. The importance of education for all children, especially for those with disability and limited social and economic opportunities, is indisputable. Indeed, the special education system allowed children with disability increased access to public education. Also they are often held to lower expectations, are less likely to take the full academic curriculum in higher education and have a higher tendency to drop out of school. Special education is essential to build a better tomorrow for them. The passion for learning pulls them out of the dark places in their life. So we are decided to provide the free education and to reduce their parents’ burden. But our economic situation is not sufficient to do that. At that time, your contribution is very helpful for us to provide free education to the children. They are having very interest to come to school. During the lockdown, we are conducting the online classes for them. They are very interest to do all the activities. Their parents also very happy for their children’s improvement because they are doing all the activities in their home what we are teaching in the online classes. By your contribution, they are getting special education to learn all the activities including academic side. Their parents also thank you for your contribution in providing the special education for them.

5 July, 2020

16th Anniversary celebrations!


report imagereport image

16th Anniversary celebrations!

Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children has just completed 16th years and one of the biggest news that we want to share is that for 2020 Special Olympic floorball games the state selection camp conducted at Nehru stadium in Chennai on December 27, 2019, had 5 students from our school who had participated in the event. The students got selected our state team and went to the national coaching camp on Himachalpradesh at 05.01.2020 to 10.01.2020.Nafiya Hussaina is one of the selected students who is studying in our school in 2004. She is interested in the ball throwing games, straight stitching vocational activities and helps to other small our school children.

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

Won State Level Sports:
 Our school District level three winners are participated in the state level sports on 01 & 02nd March at Chennai Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. In Standing Long Jump event our school student J.Amala won 3rd prize in state level for women category.

Received Guidestar India Award:
Every year Guidestar India award NGOs for their accountability and transparency. This is our third successful consecutive year for receiving award.

Students achieved in ESLC (8th) Examination:
In our school we are selected two mild mentally challenged children for 8th standard exam. Two students are passed and score the marks well.

Story from the field

A hero M. Samson is a moderate mentally challenged living with uneducated and unawareness parents. He studied in normal school. He can’t able to continues his studies in normal school because in difficult syllabus. He doesn’t go to school regularly. The teachers from that school recommended our school. When they came to our school we give counselling to their parents about his level of understanding.
After join to our school he did not enter the campus and cry throughout a day. Gradually he enters the premises. Even then he did not listening the teacher comments and classes. Gradually he also obeys the teacher comments and mingles with other students.

Now he able to say some simple words, identifies big and small things, his understanding is increases and do the all eye hand coordination activities. Now he is listening and try to sing lines in a rhymes, tells his classmates names, interest in games, easily identifying his things and helping to others in his class room. Now he can look after his needs without the assistance of teachers. After six month when their parents meet the class teacher they tell his improvement and they feel very happy.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?70
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date45
Village/City/State where project is locatedVirudhunagar
Total Budget for the project for FY18-194000000
Total Expenses for the project YTD3200000

30 October, 2018

Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children's Update


report image

Program Update

Below are some recent activities and updates in our school from Apr-18 to Sep -18:
1.14th ANNUAL DAY: On 18th April, we celebrated the 14th Annual Day. Our District Differently Abled Welfare Officer S. Sivasankaran, and Rajapalayam Raju's College Principal & Head Dr. V. Venkatraman, presided the function.
2. ACHIEVED SUCCESS IN SSLC STATE BOARD EXAMINATION: 5 of our student's appeared in 10th state board exam results. The results are published and our students have passed and scored well in the exam.
3. POLYTECHNIC PRINCIPAL VISITED SCHOOL: Our school was visited by Arasan Ganesan polytechnic Principal Mr. M. Nanda Kumar on 26th July. We have initiated discussions about non formal vocational training course for our students.
4. ACHIEVED IN SOUTHERN REGIONAL SPORTS EVENTS: The Special Olympics Bharat Virudhunagar and Rotary club of Sivakasi conducted southern regional sports on 24 & 25 August. We won five 1st, six 2nd & four 3rd prizes.

Story from the field

V. Pommurajan is a moderate mentally challenge child. He is far away from the school. In their city two special schools are present, but they are admitted only mild level student. So their parents kept him at home. When we went for door to door survey programme, we got to know about this student.

Our staff explain the importance of special education, occupational & speech therapy and behavior modification to a child. We briefly explained to the parents about the capacity of the child right guidelines and also spread awareness related to rehabilitation of the Mentally Challenged children.

He stays in Sankrankovil which is 30km away from school. Since his father used to find it difficult to drop him at school every day, his attendance was very irregular. Realising this, our school provided transportation facility. We arranged for a mini van for his transport.

After intensive special education, his behavior has improved. Waving hands has partially reduced, he is sitting in one place and his fear about objects has also reduced. Now their parents are happy. He also came regularly to school.

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-1961
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year68

13 March, 2018

Festivals, sports and awareness of special education - quite an eventful quarter at Ritham


report imagereport image

The School celebrated Children’s Day, Diwali, Krishna Jayanthi, Independence Day, Teachers Day, World disability day, Christmas and New Year, in which, students, staff and parents participated in many programmes. The State Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu conducted district level sports on 05.01.2018 at Virudhunagar. In track events, the school students won six first prizes- six second prizes and two third prizes, after which the district winners were selected for State Sports. The Tamil Nadu state government conducted district level sports on 22.11.2017 at Sivakasi C.S.I Deaf School on the occasion of world disability day, in which 16 students from Ritham participated and won four first prizes, five second prizes and one third prize.

Senior Special Educators and Chennai Executive committee members from The Madhuram Narayanan Center for Exceptional children spent their valuable time with Ritham’s special educators and shared their knowledge with them. They conducted orientation classes for parents and staff, assessed the kids and counseled the parents. A total of sixty-eight students benefitted through this programme.