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Gift school supplies to a poor kid


Every monthly donation helps in educating more children like Henry

Christel House provides quality education to the slum children of Bangalore. Henry, a grade 7 student lives with his parents who earn a meager income. Growing up in a family of 7 with four siblings he has never had clean clothes to wear.

During his first days in school, he looked undernourished and badly attired. CHLC provided him with uniforms, books, and a daily nutritious meal which had a great change in his personality. Henry developed habits of cleanliness and comes neatly dressed to the school. Education along with clothing and food has made a remarkable change in Henry's life.

Your support can provide an opportunity for students like Henry improve their self-esteem, and motivate them to reach greater heights in life.


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Christel House Learning Center (CHLC) provides free quality education till Grade 12 to children from poor families from urban slums and orphanages in and around Bangalore. Along with education, CHLC also provides transport for the children.

The school conducts co-curricular classes like music, art, sports, yoga and life skills for overall personality development. Children are encouraged to pursue the fields that they excel in with additional support. The families of the children earn less than Rs.3000 a month which just helps them with sustenance. Many times children discontinue education just because they cannot afford expenses of uniform, books, and supplies. CHLC prevents this by giving the children by giving uniforms, books, and stationery free of cost every year.

Notebooks and stationeries are provided throughout the year depending on need. With your support, a child can go to school and dream of a better future.

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About The NGO

Christel House India
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Christel House India

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime is the philosophy on which Christel House India operates. Their vision is to help the children break the shackles of poverty and make them independent and productive for the nation. Since no one chooses to be poor, Christel House is designed to transform the lives of these impoverished children.

After being a part of Christel House Learning Center, the outlook of the children coming from a weak financial background has completely changed; they are now more hygienic and enthusiastic about studies and excel not only in classroom studies but extra-curricular activities too. Christel House Learning Center is a place where children are not only fed, educated and given health care but values like respect, responsibility, integrity, a love for learning are inculcated in them to maximize their human potential.

They focus on the holistic development of the child so that they can live with dignity and pride. 879 Students (5 - 18 years) are receiving free of cost quality education, medical care, and nutrition in Christel House Learning Centre as of now.

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Founded in 1991
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Jaison C. Mathew

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Christel House India has

provided quality education, school supplies and healthcare to 874 children

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Program Updates

25 November, 2021

Providing students a holistic model of education and environment


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Christel House distributed resource materials --textbooks, stationery, printed learning materials, etc., Our students come from extremely impoverished homes and the majority of their parents work in the unorganized sectors as daily wagers and have lost their jobs during the pandemic.Through the support received under this program, the students had access to learning materials that helped continuity in learning, even while they remained at home during the pandemic.

Challenges faced and next steps

The pandemic has affected the students, in-person classes. Christel House distributed textbooks and resource materials & started the 2020-21 academic year by distributing printed learning materials & home assignments followed by teachers providing telephonic guidance daily to all students over their parents’/relatives ’/neighbours’ phones. This approach had its limitations as the students had to depend on the basic smartphones of their parents or relatives and their availability.To address this problem, we approached potential donors for support to procure Tabs with a SIM as a dedicated resource for each student. With the kind support from many donors, we could procure a required number of Tabs and SIM cards for internet connection for our students in phases. With the dedicated tech resources (Tabs with an internet connection) for online classes, the students steadily overcame most of the challenges they faced initially, and the teachers have noted a big improvement in bridging their learning gap.To address the critical issue of Learning loss due to the pandemic, the teachers created a truncated curriculum for the students. As a result, the students were able to learn concepts of much relevance and importance. To help students, adapt to the new learning method and to track their academic progress, continuous evaluations were done using educational apps. Through these continuous evaluations, the teachers were able to identify the level of learning loss and provide needful extra classes and remedial support. Remedial classes were scheduled for the students in the evenings who require additional academic support. The continuous and rigorous online classes and training are helping the students to bridge the learning gap created by the school closure.

Stories from the ground

Our students are first-generation learners and they lack adequate role models and a conducive environment to study while at home. We at Christel House were able to motivate our students to continue their learning while at home. Our teachers provided continued online academic support and kept them motivated in the learning process. Another positive aspect was that a lot of independent working skills have been developed in the students and parents have become more proactive, supportive and interested in the ongoing education of their children. We have regular Parent-Teacher meetings, that help the parents to be involved in the child’s academics. Sathya our student in middle school experienced severe family problems during the school closure. Her mother is a victim of domestic violence, her drunk father hits her mother every day and this young girl watches it all helplessly. she reached out to her teacher, about how the situations at home aren’t favourable. The teacher brought it to the notice of the Social Service Department of the school, through which timely home visits were conducted to monitor the child’s well-being at home. The school counsellor is currently providing counselling to Sathya as well as counselling her parents. Currently, Sathya is doing well and attending her online classes regularly and is approaching the teachers whenever she needs help.

23 March, 2021

Gift of Happiness


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Christel House India was able to award our deserving students of Grade 12 with stationary hampers consisting of Notepads, pack of sketch pens and executive files for outstanding performances under the category of Star students award, Remarkable improvement award and 100% attendance award.  This award is held once a term, in order to encourage all the students  to perform well and maintain their attendance. This also brings about a very healthy competition amongst the students. This has been possible  because of the Gift  school supplies to a poor kid program initiated by Give Foundation. Since all our students come from disadvantaged families,  buying stationary is not an option for our parents. Christel House India with the help of our donor, ensures that the stationary needs of every student are met by distributing stationary supplies across all grades every academic year. It is only due to the generous support of our donors under the gift school supplies to a poor kid program, that many students are able to complete their assignments on a timely basis. We are so very thankful to all the donors who have contributed towards this cause and enabled our students to continue with their studies.