Gift dignity of basic clothing to a senior citizen by Action for Development of Demos(ADD)

Gift dignity of basic clothing to a senior citizen


Give hope to a poor elderly citizen like Saraswati.

Sarsawati Devi is a 72-year-old woman who lives in Sampatchak, Patna. She has four sons but all of them abandoned her. She is paralyzed and did not know how to look after herself.

She could not work or earn to support herself. She did not have enough for basic meals or proper clothing. She was alone, helpless and, living in abject poverty.

The team from Action for Development of Demos (ADD) noticed Sarsawati Devi while in the field. They enrolled her in their program for underprivileged senior citizens.** They gave her basic clothing that took a huge burden off her**. They also gave her blankets and towels so that she could keep herself warm and clean.

Although her life is still difficult, Saraswati Devi is grateful to ADD for helping her with basic needs. She now feels better and is able to think of how she can look after herself and get the help she needs to sustain herself.

Every person has the right to live with dignity and respect. You can help an underprivileged elderly citizen like Saraswati by donating for their basic necessities. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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Action for Development of Demos has a unique 'support for poor old person' program which provides support in terms of clothing senior citizens, below the poverty line, who are alone and nearing the end of their journey.

They work with economically downtrodden senior citizens in the rural and semi-urban areas of Bihar. Local ADD volunteers identify beneficiaries based on their economic status and include them in the program. ADD provides two pairs of clothing, undergarments, towels and a blanket for each beneficiary.

ADD representatives also try convincing the other family members about the importance of caring for the elderly.

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About The NGO

Action for Development of Demos(ADD)
Action for Development of Demos(ADD) Logo
Action for Development of Demos(ADD)

Being moved by the pitiable condition of the forgotten and depressed lot of the society, Action For Development of Demos (ADD) was registered in 2004. The organization spreads over 4 districts of Bihar and works with the most neglected, oppressed and downtrodden section of the society.

The organization has helped many children that belong to the BPL category and drop out of school due to the lack of funds. The organization supports the tuition fee. ADD supports around 60 children every year through this program. ADD is committed to providing the necessary post-natal home-based healthcare and nutrition support for the first 3- months to mother and the newborn child. Close to 50 women benefit from this service yearly. ADD also provides tricycles to the disabled people from the weaker sections. This encouraged more than 20 disabled every year to contribute to the families and stand on their own. Alongside, many are given computer training, the girls belonging to the BPL families are provided with bicycles etc.

With a mission to establish a healthy society of worthy individuals, the organization is helping the poor and needy to reach a better economic status and lead a dignified life.

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Founded in 1991
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Mr. Ravindra Narayan Shahi

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Area of Operation

Geriatric Health | elderly

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Action for Development of Demos(ADD) has

provided rations and clothing to 70 poor senior citizens

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Program Updates

29 September, 2021



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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Under the concerted initiative, till now we have gifted basic clothing to about 600 (approx) senior poor beneficiaries. All the beneficiaries belonged to extremely poor families with age groups above 65. Neither they had proper clothes over their bodies nor they had enough resources to afford the same, their sheer helplessness to even cover their bodies and protect them from extreme weather motivated us to go ahead and help them. We spotted such helpless old people and tried our best to provide the basic clothing to them.While implementing such noble works, side-to-side we also motivated them to live a healthy and clean life with all the sanitary measures that would also help them to stop the spread of the current Covid pandemic.The major goal of this initiative was to provide the identified beneficiaries with basic clothing as per the requirement like Dhoti and Kurta, for the gents and Saree & Blouse for the ladies. Apart from this we also provided them with a Mosquito net, Towel and Bedsheet.All the beneficiaries were thankful to the kind donors and these social welfare activities spread a good message in their locality.

Challenges faced and next steps

While working over the pre-set activities and plan, we came over with a lot of challenges and hurdles.The very first challenge was to manage the assembled crows of beneficiaries, maintaining the social distancing, and the use of masks & sanitisers.We followed strict guidelines as per the Government, everywhere we made the beneficiaries gather with ample measures like social distancing and the use of masks and sanitisers. This is the reason that with the pre-set benefits of basic clothing, we also provided each of the beneficiaries with masks and sanitisers.Seeing the 3rd wave of the current Corona pandemic, we are determined to follow the same measures in the coming 6 months of the programs. We are trying to avoid the violation of Corona measures anywhere while the implementation of the programme.

Stories from the ground

Story of Surti DeviAge- 83 yearsPhysically disabled now due to her old weak body.Belongs to Manoharpur Kachhuara, Sampatchak, District Patna (Bihar).Her own children have not been taking any care of his old mother. The poor lady anyhow has been managing her bread and meal by roaming here and there like a beggar. When our volunteers noticed her, he kindly explained to the lady about ADD's noble programme for the helpless old people. Without any delay, we registered the poor old lady under the programme and provided her with the basic clothing that included the saree and blouse along with a bedsheet and mosquito net. Apart from this our volunteer also helped her in getting her basic medical check-up at the local health centre. Now the old lady is seeking some more regular help from us for her daily bread and butter. We are already working on that. We also motivated her son to take care of the old lady because everyone has to attain this age once in his/her life. It created a good impact on her son and as a result, the pool old lady now happily lives with her son. May God bless the poor old lady.

23 March, 2021



report image

This programme has been on the most supportive and beneficial programme for the needy poor old people. We truly pay our deepest regards and thanks to the kind donors whose noble contribution adds joy over the faces of hundreds of needy old people. Here under this initiative, we just provide basic clothing support to old needy people. When we see the bare bodies of poor people, we feel sorry for them from our souls, but what next?
The next, is done by us. With the help of local volunteers, we every month enroll the poor old villagers under this programme. Afterward, we provide them with basic clothing support including bedsheet, towel Kurtas, Dhotis, mosquito-net etc. This support just brings a feeling of love and care for them in us. We are very happy to see them in clean tidy clothes. At least, this programme has brought awareness about Cleanliness and Sanitation among them. We are just trying to care for those entire people who think that no one is there to take care of them. May god bless all such poor needy people!
ADD has also been deliberately working for covering mass village population for the proper fooding and clothing support which is actually the fundamental right of every citizen of India. Even if today any poor dies of heat or cold due to poor clothing, having not a single cloth over themselves then all this development is useless. In these tough times when not even the government which has to be held accountable for the pity condition of the people, takes some action to help them, ADD is trying its best to improve these helpless old lives.

5 August, 2020

Life is beautiful now


report imagereport image

Life is beautiful now

Getting clean needful clothes in the state where one is living under extreme poverty is a worthy and incredible help to the needy old beneficiaries. Apart of this, we also have started counselling the beneficiaries regarding their health and sanitary measures. Received c lothing benefits for gents and old men separately which also included bedsheet, towel and mosquito-net in common which are a great aid to them to which they too admitted . We have been constantly increasing the number of beneficiaries and been working hard to add more required benefits.

19 November, 2019

Happy to receive the care packages


report imagereport imagereport imagereport imagereport image

Happy to receive the care packages

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

After a thorough and strict inspection of the identity and financial condition of the spotted Beneficiaries, we finally enrolled 60 Beneficiaries for the noble venture. We provided the pre-set benefits which included basic clothings of the gents and ladies, to each of the beneficiary in the locality they have been residing in. The gents clothing as per the provision includes 2 Dhoti & 2 Kurta and the ladies clothing includes 2 sarees, Petticoat and Blouse along with Bedsheet, Towel and a Mosquito Net to both the gents and ladies.Its been a delightful experience for us to help such needy Poor Old People by providing them with one of the most basic requirement of a person. Each of the benefited old man or lady has been living a pathetic life with lack of basic primary requirements Thanks to the noble donors whose kind thoughts bring happiness over the faces of hundreds of needy people.

Story from the field

Jag Narayan Manjhi, 75 Years belongs to Beur Mushari, Beur ( Block- Phulwarisharif), Patna. Though he got 2 sons but none of them take any care of the the old crippled man. Recently Jag Narayan's wife had too passed away leaving the old man to lead a helpless solitary life. The poor man had been completely alone and helpless, struggling for bread and rice to keep him alive. His body had almost retired and gradually deteriorating. Day-by-day he was perhaps loosing the hope to live more days. No body in his locality and even his own children held his hand to support him. Anyhow he required some urgent help, and very timely someone reported us about him. We immediately interacted with him and got him enrolled under the ADD's Basic clothing programme and provided him with Dhoti, Kurta, Towel, Bedsheet and Mosquito-net. We also assured him to help him in regard of his unhealthy body. However for immediate relief we got him diagnosed and treated at Primary Health Centre. Apart of this, we too talked to his sons and convinced him him that every man on this earth has to become old one day. At this stage everybody will need a shoulder to count the remaining days. So its our prime responsibility to take care of our old parents. Very positively, Jag Narayan's sons got convinced and these days, he has been happily caring his old father.Doing all these, just to make him feel better and happier than before, we felt quite proud and very humbly we thank our donors for giving us a chance to uplift the life of such poor needy people. May god bless the poor old man.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?250
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date60
Village/City/State where project is locatedVillage- Domnachak, Chakpul, Pipra, Seikhpura, Bhogipur of Sampatchak in Patna & Village- Beur Mushari, Chainpur Mushari, Milkipar Mushari and Hasanpur Mushari of Phulwarisharif Block in Patna
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19307500
Total Expenses for the project YTD73800

23 May, 2019


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Program Update

Under this Programme, we have provided the basic clothing aid to our specified beneficiaries. The clothing aid included 2 sarees & blouse sets for the female beneficiaries and 2 dhotis & 2 kurtas for the male beneficiaries along with towel, mosquito net & bed sheet. These life supplements though can not quench the thirst or the hunger of a needy person, but we also can't deny that one's clothing and environment decides their fate. Apart from providing these benefits to our beneficiaries, we also educate them about the significance of health and sanitation. We also have decided to work upon their health and sanitation requirements.

Story from the field

Deo Raj Mochi is 75 years old from Domnachak Village at Sampatchak Block of Patna. He is crippledd and belongs to a Dalit community. He has been leading a very low class miserable life due to lack of support or resources. He has three sons but unfortunately none of them take care of him. His wife has also passed away. When we found him, he was under no care and support. He had been living a solitary life in his retiring age. We tried our level best to convince his sons. With a positive impact of our noble programme, one of his sons realized his responsibility and decided to provide for his old father. Very soon, we enrolled Deo Raj into the programme and as per the provision- we provided him with 2 dhotis and 2 kurtas along with towel, bed-sheet and mosquito-net. During our interaction with him, we convinced the old man to never give up hope and also requested his son to take proper care of his father. At present Deo Raj is happily living with his son. We found him in Dhoti and Kurta that we provided to him. A million quotes of thanks to the kind donors whose noble thinking bring smile over the faces of hundred of such poor needy people.

What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date12
Village/City/State where project is locatedVillage- Domnachak, Bhogipur and Chakpul of Sampatchak Block in Patna District.
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19250000
Total Expenses for the project YTD15000