Fund life skill development of a mentally challenged child by Association for the Mentally Challenged

Fund life skill development of a mentally challenged child


10-year-old Madeeha was a hyperactive child with limited social skills. Fearful and shy, she was hesitant to approach other people. Because of her hyperactive nature, she found it difficult to sit in one place and wasn't toilet trained either.

Thanks to the special teachers at AMC, Madeeha was toilet trained, given speech therapy and taught to take care of her body. Her parents were given guidance and counseling by a psychiatrist as well, which helped them work with her better while at home. Working and sharing classroom space with 15 other children improved her social skills as well.

After going through four years of life skill development at AMC special school, Madeeha can now speak in broken sentences. She can now take better care of herself and also interacts with other children.

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Started in 1960, Association for the Mentally Challenged (AMC) runs a special education programme for mentally challenged children. They focus on imparting skills required in daily life by educating, training and rehabilitating such individuals and their families.

How It Works:

A child is admitted to the school after psychological assessment. Children are then grouped as per their mental age and according to the language they speak. Each child is helped to develop skills according to his/ her IQ, ability, aptitude and interest. While in school, special educators, psychologists as well as psychiatrists closely monitor his or her progress. Besides, classroom instruction, the school's activities include painting, crafts and dance.


Number of students at the school - 64

Number of teachers in the special school - 6

Number of days for which the school runs - 6 days

Age group of children at the school - 6 to 16 years

Timings of the school - 9:30a.m. to 4p.m.

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About The NGO

Association for the Mentally Challenged
Association for the Mentally Challenged Logo
Association for the Mentally Challenged

The vision of Association for the Mentally Challenged is to establish a centre of excellence in the field of mental retardation by providing knowledge based services. They do it through a child guidance clinic, special school, vocational training centre, day care centre, sheltered workshop and research centre.

The organisation also aims to establish services for mentally challenged people of our society who are coming from poor families so that quality of life of these people is improved.

AMC is dedicated to the well being of intellectually challenged children, adults and their parents. Over the years, with the committed efforts of volunteers, staff, parents and society, they have built a robust and purposeful organisation focusing on the integrated well being of these challenged people. There have been many struggles encountered to be sure; but the cause has always triumphed.

Their endeavor is to create an atmosphere of harmony, learning and constructive participation and they dedicate their efforts constantly to achieve this goal.

Number of adults with severe degree of mental retardation - 8

Number of families covered under this program - 175

Number of persons attended - 49

Number of families covered under this program - 125

Number of persons in sheltered workshop - 24

Number of persons 5 years to 16 years - 40

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Vanishree Manohar

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Association for the Mentally Challenged has

supported the training of 300 underprivileged families

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December 2018

Program Updates

Program Updates

23 May, 2022

Life Skill Development of a child with IDD.


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

As the schools remain shut due to the ongoing pandemic, AMC has been continuing its efforts to continue the education process of the beneficiaries by supplying educational materials prepared based on the IEP individual educational plans. Every year, the beneficiaries take part in the campus's celebration of Independence Day, which includes flag hoisting, a march past, and cultural programs. To continue the spirit of celebration, AMC supplied Indian flags and specially designed masks (with the Indian flag embroidered) to the beneficiaries and requested their families to join us remotely. 

According to the government announcement, physical classes for children will begin in November 2021. The children were called back to the campus in batches and the educational program was continued.

Challenges faced and next steps

Despite the ongoing pandemic, AMC continued its efforts to reach out to families constantly. Education materials were door-delivered to the beneficiaries. AMC staff, professionals, and doctors are in constant contact with the families, providing periodic counselling and ensuring that beneficiaries receive medication on time. The AMC Committee hopes the efforts will help the beneficiaries and parents survive the ordeal with less suffering and provide them with little respite because of the shared burden.

With the new state announcement of the closing of physical classes for children, AMC has planned to continue its efforts to continue the education program through the distance mode.

Stories from the ground

Anupriya is a 14-year-old girl with mild IDD who joined AMC as a 12-year-old. Anupriya was studying in a regular school but was not able to make progress. She has started responding well to the curriculum at the AMC’s special school and is doing well with reading, writing, and numerical skills.

Her parents used to worry about her lack of interest in participating in any activity or household work. As the one-to-one training progressed at AMC, there has been a great improvement in her approach to work and she actively engages in activities at the training center.

Her parents had started to worry that she would lose the training she had received and go back to her old self.

They were very happy and grateful when the school and her teachers were constantly in touch with her over video calls. Worksheets based on IEPs are being sent across to her, and she has been engrossed with them. There are continuous updates received from her on the completed assignments. She enjoys the puzzles sent to her and has learned successfully to name and identify fruits and vegetables, counting and adding numbers.

8 December, 2021

Life Skill Development of a child with intellectual disability


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

With the continuation of the state lockdown and Covid restrictions the schools have remain closed. The teaching has been continued through distant learning. The special educators have been preparing worksheets based on the IEP's (Individualized Education Program) of each child. These worksheets along with teaching aids such as puzzles, workbooks, art supplies are being door delivered to the children at their homes. Videos and Rhymes are also being made by the special educators and shared over the whatsapp application.This is helping the children to continue their learning process at home.

Challenges faced and next steps

Despite the challenges of Covid restrictions , the materials are being door delivered to the children following all the necessary Covid precautions and guidelines.The plan is to supply the materials to the children until they can be called back to the school for regular classroom sessions.

Stories from the ground

Syed Zeeshan is a 15 year old boy with Down syndrome with Moderate IDD and joined AMC at a young boy of 5 years.Zeeshan enjoys coming to his school and actively takes part in all activities. Over the years he has shown progress in academics- he can read and write alphabets and numbers till 50. He can recognize colours, common obejcts.He can carry out his daily living skills independently and is very helpful in nature. In schools he loves volunteering and helping his teachers in the classroom. He can also help to take care of the younger children.With the sudden closure of the schools, his parents were greatly worried that he would forget all his lessons and training.They were very happy and grateful when the school and his teachers are constantly in touch with him over video calls. Worksheets based on IEPs are being sent across to him and he has been engrossed with them. There are continuous updates received from him on the completed assignments. He is enjoying the educational kits being sent to him and has learnt successfully to name & identify fruits & vegetables, counting numbers. He misses taking part in sports and yoga as he immensely enjoys it. However, with his teachers guidance he is practicing few asana at home

23 March, 2021

Life Skill Development


report image

Through specially designed classroom sessions, children are aided in their development through workshops in creative fields like dance, music, painting and crafts, sports and physical training. They are provided support through physiotherapy, speech therapy and periodic evaluation to monitor the development of each child. There is constant upgrading of the teaching techniques, assessment methods and tools to monitor progress. AMC gives these children a conducive environment, to ensure that despite the challenges they are facing in their lives, these children get to experience happy space at AMC. AMC ensures that these children participate in various Sports and Cultural events across Bangalore and outside providing an excellent platform for them to interact with others. Yoga therapy provides relief to the children with behavioral problems and asana help them with their digestive process as well as mobility functions. Children are served milk, ragi porridge with vitamin supplements in the morning and healthy nutritious meal for lunch. Children are also given two sets of uniforms and two pairs of shoes.

5 July, 2020

Children engaged in educational activities


report imagereport image

Children engaged in educational activities

AMC has continued imparting special education to the children based on their individul IEP's along with focus on extra curricular activities such as yoga, sports. The children have also participated in various sports and quiz events and bagged medals and appreciative laurels for the same.
The children were taken out on a visit to Lalbagh Botanical Gardends to witnes the Flower Show.
In mid March, when the pandemic of COVID 19 led the schools to be closed and the children were at home. AMC reached out to 40 families of these beneficiries of the school section with ration kits and education materials to actively engage them at home.