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Educate underprivileged rural children

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Kumari Pooja, 11 belongs to a poor underprivileged family in Mathura, UP. They could not afford educational expenses and hence working as a child laborer.

She was shortlisted through a survey and was motivated to join the B.D. P school with the assurance of free education. She was also provided with school bags and sweater. She is also being taught tailoring and other vocational skills which will help her as she grows. Pooja is now a very happy student. She is in Grade 7 and good at studies and enjoys learning.

She also looks forward to pursuing higher education. Kids deprived of education can get access to a school with a little support from donors like you.

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Psycho-Educational Society (PES) established the B.D.Paliwal school in the year 2000 in the interiors of Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

The school offers primary education programs starting from lower kindergarten to 8th grade for boys and girls belonging to less privileged sections of the village of Barauli and it's neighborhood. They just enroll in another wing of the school for further education. Close to 500 students have successfully graduated from the school. In addition to imparting education in the formal mode, the school conducts skill development programs for girls

This program seeks donations to cover the costs of the teachers who teach the underprivileged children and help them work towards a better life. When you choose to donate to this program, you will support two children with their education in the school.

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About The NGO

Psycho Educational Society
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Psycho Educational Society

Psycho-Educational Society (PES) is an NGO with the prime objectives of uplifting the less privileged children in rural areas by providing basic education and creating awareness among the illiterate women on family welfare, health education and personal hygiene.

Eminent Psychologist and educationist Dr. T.R. Paliwal started the society after his retirement to work for the poor, underprivileged downtrodden section of society in rural areas to impart education, health, and overall development. The Secretary K.M. Paliwal has a clear mission to uplift the Rural Underprivileged section of the society by running formal educational programs and vocational training. PES established the B.D.Paliwal school in the year 2000 in the interiors of Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

Close to 500 students have successfully completed 8th grade. In addition to imparting education in the formal mode, the school conducts skill development programs for girls and village women in tailoring, embroidery, knitting, and agriculture. Over a 100 rural women have benefited from these programs.

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Founded in 1991
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K. M. Paliwal

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Area of Operation

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Program Updates

21 December, 2022

Educate underprivileged rural children


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Education was imparted to around 300 boys and girls from Class Nursery to Class 8th in BDP School, Village Barauli, Block Beldev, Distt. Mathura in Uttar Pradesh by way of online education following the Covid guidelines. Education were provided to less privileged students who belonged to poor families from 5 villages- Magna, Jadhampur, Barauli, Kachnau and Angai. These villages are situated within 5-10 kilometer radius from school.

The education was imparted by trained teachers as per the curriculum set by the UP Board of Education for the different classes. We have value added skills to make the education more comprehensive and learning of skills to generate money to help their families for better living standards. The children coming from deprived families who could not afford educational expenses were given priority in admission and they were made capable to learn at par with other students in the BDP School.

During the covid period, offline education could not be provided in the school; the children were sitting at home and were not doing any educational activities. This was a great loss of utility of time and no academic or physical development of the children. BDP school teaching staff made a central coaching system, which was conducted. The teachers went to students residences, arrange them in small groups, explain to them as how the education will be imparted to them during this period i.e. the use of smart mobile phone, computers and other devices were explained. The teaching material was provide to them. The evaluation system was also in place. The students were made aware of all these technics, small centers were created to help the students to learn and use the modern technics. Thus the impact of story is even during this difficult period the student were kept engaged , student utilize their time and there was no short fall in development of their personality.

Challenges faced and next steps

We face challenges from both sides the availability trained teacher as well as hesitation from parents to send their children because of Covid restrictions.

We tackled these restrictions by outsourcing the agencies to give training to our teachers and make them learn as to how to teach students online. A comprehensive contract was given for this purpose. Our own senior teachers trained the junior teachers. And overall the teachers were able to teach the students by adopting online methodology. This was beneficial to the students since they could not come to the school for getting education. For lower grade student i.e. Nursery to 3rd Std. we put them in groups and plans were drawn to give them elementary education through games.

The another challenge we face that all students did not have the computers or smart mobile phone. Here we have to make small groups and provided them the computers to be used in a group and education was imparted.

The overall education standard were of average level since the learn was slow and limited because of online methodology.

In the coming 6 months i.e. July 2022 to Dec. 2022, we will provide the education offline. The physical classes will be held in the BDP School, Village Barauli, Distt. Mathura, U.P. During the online education imparted during the previous 6 months, the achievement of the some students were not so good. The class teachers will be advised to draw a list of weak students and a plan for extra coaching will be drawn to teach weak students and bring them at par with the average students. Thus a smooth flow of imparting education will be in place. The monthly and quarterly tests will be carried out for evaluation and need based plans will be drawn for implementation to cover up the deficiencies.

Stories from the ground

Name of the Beneficiary:-Kumari Doli ; D/o Prem Pal singh , Student of Class 2nd. Kumari comes from a very poor rural background. Her parents are marginal farmers and their household income is too low to support her education. She is a bright student and wishes to continue her studies. Due to financial aid & guidance provided by the donors, children like her are able to attend school and continue their education. They are also motivated by the free of cost school uniforms and stationaries provided to them under our program. Had this support for their education not been provided, their fate would have been taken them towards child labor. Due to this support, the future of children like her are impacted in a fruitful & positive trajectory.

30 June, 2022

Education Tour Session 2021-2022


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

The Psycho Educational Society is managing and running a BDP school in rural India in Village Barauli, Block Baldev, Distt Mathura, U.P. for the benefit of rural children by giving value-added education to these children who come from rural poor background. Education is imparted to 300 boys and girls as per the curriculum set by the U.P Board of Education for students from Class Nursery to Class VIII.

Major events: The teachers and staff of BDP school visited the families of students during the COIVID period to educate the students and their parents about COVID-19 precautions to be taken. COVID-19 Kits were also distributed to students for their use in this period so as to keep them safe from COVID-19 pandemic effects.

AREAS COVERED: The B.D.P School is located in Village Barauli, Block Baldev, Distt Mathura, U.P. India to give education to the rural poor. In this school, we also covered the villages situated within the area of 10 kms of Barauli, like Zadampur, Magna, Gakhrauli, etc., and the students of poor rural backgrounds were admitted for education. Number of Beneficiaries- The beneficiaries of this program are 300 boys and girls from rural poor communities who are getting value-added education.

Challenges faced and next steps

In Academic Session Year 2021–2022, the school was mostly closed on account of the COVID-19 pandemic following the government of U.P directions. During the period from 1/04/2021 to 30/09/2021, the school remained closed and no physical education could be imparted. This was a big challenge. From October 2021 to December 2021, the school was reopened and physical education was imparted.

During the COVID-19 period when schools were closed, online education was given. Special educational programs were conducted. Since all the students (beneficiaries) did not have the laptops/computers/smartphones at their homes, they faced problems in getting online education. For these students, groups were made and education was imparted. The learning acquired by students was not very good, but it was above-average. When schools were opened and started functioning properly, extra classes were conducted for weak students as per the need-based educational programs which were framed to bring the weak students on par with other students. All students attended the classes regularly. Monthly and six-monthly exams were conducted to measure their performance. Six monthly exams were conducted in December 2021, and evaluations were made. The overall performance of the students was satisfactory.

Stories from the ground

Miss Khushboo was studying in a private school in Zadampur Village, located near Barauli, in Class VII. She dropped out of the school as she could not pay her school dues and was sitting at home. BDP school management came to know about this girl. The girl was bright in her studies and was an expert in vocational subjects other than her educational subjects. The BDP school management adopted the girl to provide free education for Class VII and VIII in their school. Khushboo completed Class VII education and is now studying in Class VIII. She performed very well and stood first in her class. She also knows tailoring, stitching and posses extra-ordinary knowledge in handicrafts. Her talents were utilised by school management and she is giving training to other girl students in BDP school. She is very cooperative and helpful. If she had not been noticed by BDP school management, she would have been sitting at home and her talent would have been wasted. We are now hopeful that she will do well in her further career and rise. School management has further promised her to provide financial aid to complete her higher studies. We have further offered that after completing her studies, she can be employed in the school.

The beneficiaries have made good progress in their school education. In monthly tests, she has scored good marks, and in half-yearly exams she was ranked 3rd in the class. She has good health and no illnesses. During COVID, her studies have not affected much. She was regularly taking online classes. She was also helping other students. In online teaching, especially for those students who are not very conversant with online studies, she takes part in music and in extra-curricular activities held in school when the school is functioning physically. Her parents informed her school teacher in a parent-teacher meeting that the child takes an interest in home activities. She also teaches her younger sister at home.

28 November, 2021

Educate underprivileged rural children.


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Activities during January-June 2021 - Value-based education imparted to students studying at B.D.P. School, Village Barauli, Block Baldev, District Mathura, UP, by well-qualified teachers per the curriculum prescribed by the UP Board of Education.Milestone achieved - Students are learning as skill development and overall personality development per the prescribed educational program.Major events - Participated in district-level merit competitions and obtained scholarships.Areas Covered - Children from less privileged families of village Barauli and other villages of Block Baldev, District Mathura, UP.The number of people impacted - 300 boys and girls.Students impacted/helped - Regular classes were conducted by trained teachers. Regular tests and examinations were held. Students whose performance was poor were segregated and coaching was arranged for them.

Challenges faced and next steps

Challenges - No major challenges faced. Funds were utilized in giving the salaries to teaching staff who were engaged in teaching as per the online program. Covid related hurdles - As per the government's orders, schools were closed during the Covid period and no physical classes were held.Overcoming hurdles - We did overcome the Covid related hurdles by keeping in touch with students and their families. We made a group of students who were having smartphones, laptops and computers at their homes, and arranged online classes by teachers. The major challenge was to conduct classes for students who did not have smartphones and computers at home. The school provided a few units and group classes were arranged. A trained teacher was deputed to facilitate and run the program smoothly. Overall, the program was successful.

Stories from the ground

Stories from the ground:Shree Naresh Kumar R/O Village Barauli Mathura UP is a daily wage earner living below the poverty line. After his wife died in 2013, the children were left without care. Their father took them to work in the fields. B.D.P. School located this family and admitted all the children. One boy is in class X in another school, with B.D.P. School affording his education expenses. The other children are studying in the school, and their performance is good. They are also good at sports, music, and debates. If the children had not been admitted to B.D.P. School, they would have ended up as child labour.

23 March, 2021



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The education session 2019-20 completed by end March 2020. Final examination could not be carried out. The students were evaluated on the basis of monthly test, quarterly and six monthly exams carried out. New session has been started from April 2020. The actual teaching in the classroom could not be undertaken due to COVID-19 Govt. Regulation to close the school for the safety of the children. The school activities were totally closed from April to June. The students were given home assignment to be completed at their homes during this period. Partially, schools were open from July 2020.The online educational program were prepared and delivered to students. The online teaching to senior classes was started from Aug. 2020 on regular basis. The weekly and monthly reviews were carried out with students from classes 4th std. to 8th std.; for junior and Nursery students, group educational programs were conducted through online media by involving their parents and educated people in the family. The education play & games program were specially designed for Nursery and KG students. The complete education program to remain safe during the COVID-19 period and precautions to be adopted were conducted like social distancing, use of mask, washing of hands frequently and sanitizing them often.

5 July, 2020

Value added Educational Program 2019-20 to BDP School Students


report imagereport image

Value added Educational Program 2019-20 to BDP School Students

Students were given good coaching and were prerpared for the final exams, Extra Coaching was also given to the weak competency students to enable them and get them at par with the overall class. Students were prepared for State Educational Program Merit Competitions, Evaluation of each student was carried out for their achievements & weaknesses, And post that, suggestions were given and areas and scope for improvemet was discussed in the PTM. Students put in a lot of hardwork along with the prerparations from our side. We also conducted Health check-ups for the students. We provided free trainings for tailoring that will be beneficial for the students. We arrange for free mid-morning meals for the kds. Our kids participated in cultural activities and excelled there as well.

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

Academic Activity
Academic session 2018-2019 period 4th Quarter 1-01-2019 to 31-03-2019. This is last quarter of the academic year 2018-2019. Mainly in this quarter the main activity in BDP school is focused on teaching being the last month of academic session. The Examinations are conducted in the last week of the month. Teachers while imparting education completes the remaining unfinished course prescribed in the syllabus of education curriculum. Monthly tests are carried out and on evaluation the Weak students were segregated and a short educational programme was designed to coach the week students and efforts were made to bring them at par to the average level of students.
The exams were conducted in the last week of March 2019. Results were declared in the first week of April 2019. Evaluation Reports of each student was prepared and handed over to the students in a meeting with the parents. Suggestions for improvement the week points and strong points of the students were communicated to parents which were also specified in the Report card. Overall all students in the school were promoted to the next class. The performance of the students was above average level.

Cultural and festival activities
Cultural and festival activities are a part of educational curriculum designed for BDP school students as part of personality traits development. In this period 26th January the Republic Day of India was celebrated in which students and teachers took part. Various dramas and events were arranged which were witnessed by parents and village people. They all appreciated the programme. The programme gave good knowledge and students learned participating habits, co-operation and leadership. Prices were distributed for the good performance.
Sweets were distributed to students and teachers and everybody enjoyed the day.

Story from the field

Km. BHUMIKA aged 13 years (3-04-2006) daughter of Shiv Shanker resident of Magna Block Baldev District Mathura, UP is a student of class VIII studying in BDP School Village Barauli Block Baldev District Mathura ,UP.
Parents of BHUMIKA are doing labour Jobs. Their income is low. Their family is living under BPL condition. BHUMIKA has two sisters and two brothers. All children are sitting at home and helping their parents in their labour jobs to earn more money for family’s living. Parents of BHUMIKA cannot afford educational expenses of their children.
Psycho Educational Society in its endeavour to uplift the girl education in rural India carried out a survey and during the survey it was found that the girls in the Shiv Shanker’s family are sitting at home and not going to any school for education. During the conversation with the family members it was further revealed that Bhumika went to some school and after Grade II she stopped going to the school.
Bhumika is a bright and intelligent girl having lot of potential and eager to continue her studies. But could not afford educational expenses. BDP school management decided to give free education to this girl and admitted her in the school in to class III. She continued her studies and at present is in class VIII she always stood within first three ranks during her educational period in this school. She also learned tailoring, stitching, handicrafts, and music. She used these skills in stitching clothes and generated money to support her family. The Money which she was earning by doing child labour and giving to the family was compensated by practising these skills which she learned during her education. She will further continue her studies and meet her educational expenses on her own and earn money by using the skills she learned.
Thus, Bhumika is expected to make a good career in education and will be a responsible citizen of India, and was saved from the child labour jobs and remaining uneducated.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?300
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date250
Village/City/State where project is locatedB.D.P. school village- Barauli block Baldev District Mathura UP, India 200 kms from Delhi Shalimar bagh
Total Budget for the project for FY18-193000000
Total Expenses for the project YTD2450000

30 October, 2018

Psycho Educational Society's Update


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Program Update

PES is committed to give formal and informal education to rural population and bring them at par with urban standards. Value added Formal and informal education is imparted in BDP School, Barauli, Block Baldeo, Distt. Mathura, UP, which is managed by Psycho Educational Society, to rural less privilege children from class Nursery to VIII Standard, following the educational curriculum prescribed by UP Board of Education along with vocational training for money generating skills. Sanitation and Health Awareness Camps are organised for parents of children and regular Medical Checkup for students. To meet the under nourishment of children mid-morning meal is served. This makes them motivated to come to school and keep the children physically and mentall healthy.

Story from the field

Bhumika and many other girls who lives in village Barauli, Block Baldeo, Distt. Mathura, UP and their childhood was spent in a housechores, caring for her younger siblings. Her father Bhima is a daily wage earner and at times takes her along with him to fields to earn extra money. PES invited Bhumika for education in BDP School alongwith other girls of her age like Saloni, Jyoti, Chitresh, Divya etc. Bhumika getting value added education from last 4 years, instead of working in fields as child labour and saved from other abuses which are common with village children. At present she is in class VI and is doing extremely well in studies and in other vocational training programs like tailoring, stitching and handicrafts. She is good in music and takes parts in inter school debating programs. She is a good orator. She has the plans to acquire higher education with teaching diploma to become a teacher in her present school itself to teach all other girls from rural less privilege community whose parent's priority is not education but to send them in fields to earn money to supplement for their families. She is of the high opinion that by getting value added education such girls can earn more money after using their skills and training given in BDP School to their students.
Today Bhima is proud that his daughter Bhumika goes to BDP School instead working as child labour. His community feels that she will work for their community development

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19200
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year25