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Educate an orphan child from the fishing community


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The Tsunami could not wash away Meena’s future.

Meena’s life changed when the Tsunami struck in 2004. She was just two years old and was found in a bush, washed up on the shores of Nagapattinam beach.

She was rescued and taken to Annai Sathya Orphanage Home. At first, she did not know how to cope with her new surroundings. She was enrolled in Vidyambaram school but she felt afraid and did not easily take to people around her. She was a quiet child when she joined school.

The staff at Vidyambaram was kind and patient with her. They understood her situation and guided her with care. After a while, Meena began to warm up to those around her and enjoy school. She grew into a happy, confident and enthusiastic young girl who looks at life with hope.

Children who have painful histories need a lot of support to adjust and grow. They need personal attention with smaller learning groups and hands-on teaching techniques to learn. Vidyambaram gives this to children like Meena.

Children from poor families can come with a different set of needs to adjust in school. They need the right attention to learn and grow. Your donation could give them this chance to have a better life.

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