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Lakshmi finally finds a school that helps her enjoy learning

Lakshmi is a very lively child who is studying in Grade 1. Our community team identified her during one of their visits in early 2019. She along with two of her five siblings has locomotor disability. Her father is a daily wage earner and mother works as a domestic help. After a lot of persuasion, her parents agreed to bring her to VISHWAS Disability Resource Centre and a rehabilitation plan was made for her It took a lot of counseling to persuade her parents to enroll her in the Vidyalaya. Her sparkling eyes conveyed her newfound freedom. The upbeat enthusiasm with which she participates in academic and other activities is inspirational. The wheelchair is in no way a deterrent to her love for dancing She took part in a dance item during our annual day celebrations. Things were going smoothly till the pandemic struck. The lockdown made her family’s condition worse It was challenging to convince her family to move to the virtual mode of learning. Her parents lacked awareness and trust in technology. Inadequate literacy was also a challenge, as was paucity of resources with the struggling family. It took a lot of effort to persuade them to get their child back to the Vidyalaya in the virtual medium Now she is happy to be part of the routine again. We are able to make an impact in the lives of children like Lakshmi because of selfless supporters like you. You can help these children to realize their potential and lead a better life by supporting them and also spreading the word. You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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VISHWAS Vidyalaya is a recognized inclusive elementary school with nearly 300 students including 17% Children with special needs (CWSNs), studying from Nursery to VIII. The foundation of Vidyalaya is embedded in the belief that every child has a right to meaningful and quality education in a positive learning environment.

Most of the students belong to migrant communities marginalized by poverty with little or no prior exposure to formal education. The Vidyalaya aims for holistic and all-round development of its students through a well-balanced curriculum by using NCERT framework.

Students belong to age-appropriate classes while also learning concepts at their own pace according to their readiness levels. The barriers that hinder participation and learning are identified and addressed through various strategies. Digital technology is used to enhance learning. The Vidyalaya aims to provide a stimulating environment that includes a range of co-curricular activities such as educational trips, sports, music, dance, art and craft.

VISHWAS provides education and an enabling environment to Children with special needs, which gives them a sense of belonging without being judged. In addition to education, their therapeutic needs are also addressed. The Inclusive model helps to create a more sensitive peer group. VISHWAS spends 2500/- monthly per child to cover their educational expenses. You can help VISHWAS by sponsoring a part of that cost.

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About The NGO

VISHWAS - Vision For Health Welfare and Special Needs
VISHWAS - Vision For Health Welfare and Special Needs Logo
VISHWAS - Vision For Health Welfare and Special Needs

VISHWAS is a Nonprofit organisation working in the field of Disability and Inclusive Development. Their Mission is to promote the rights and interests of the disadvantaged, particularly those with disabilities, in partnership with all stakeholders - children, their families, community and the government, by building knowledge and capacities on inclusive practices and policies; and creating opportunities for meaningful participation.

In 2005, Neelam Jolly, the founder of VISHWAS started working in Sanp ki Nagli, a small village in Sohna block of Gurugram district of Haryana with a vision of an inclusive society where persons with disabilities are ensured equal rights and opportunities in a dignified manner. Today after so many years of persistent work and resilience, VISHWAS is a proud team of 44+ people working for the four programmes that complement each other.

1. VISHWAS Vidyalaya provides an equitable and inclusive school system for children with or without disabilities.

2. VISHWAS Research and Training programme is for enhancing operational learning by bridging the gap between intent and practice for the inclusion of PWDs.

3. VISHWAS Skill Development and Training programme supports young adults and adults with disabilities with skill development and life skills opportunities.

4. VISHWAS Community Based programme facilitates community participation to provide a barrier free and inclusive environment for Persons with Disabilities.

So far VISHWAS has reached out to 2824 beneficiaries, out of which 662 persons with disabilities have been impacted.

VISHWAS has collaborated with the Department of education, Haryana in developing different tools to promote inclusion of PWDs in mainstream society. They have distributed “Inclusion Kit - Bridging barriers” in 119 blocks of 22 districts of Haryana for meaningful participation and quality learning of children with special needs in regular classrooms.

They have launched “Disability Resource Helpline- Guiding Voice” in all the 22 districts of Haryana to cater to the information, educational and communication needs of parents and caregivers of Children With Special Needs (CWSNs) on inclusive education and other welfare schemes.

They have developed “Disability Resource Manual” that can be used as training material for ASHA and Anganwadi workers, regular teachers and parents for spreading awareness and for the right information related to all 21 disabilities and associated challenges.

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Area of Operation
Area of Operation

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Location of Work
Location of Work


Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2016: Rotary Vocational Excellence award for Skill development amongst the differently abled

2017: eNGO Challenge Award for enabling persons with disabilities

2018: Certificate of Appreciation by Sarthak Educational Trust for invaluable contribution in disability sector

2019: Certificate of Recognition of VISHWAS Vidyalaya, Unified School by Special Olympics Bharat

2019: Nina Sibal Memorial Award by AIWEFA (All India Women’s Education Fund Association)

2019: Mary Glowery-Liliane Brekelmans Disability Award: One of the top 5 organizations doing exemplary work in the field of disability

Program Updates

Program Updates

19 May, 2022

Balancing online/ offline mode of education


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

In the last six months, it has been a mix of physical and online classes, as per the govt’s guidelines. Even during the period when school was functional, a hybrid model was practiced since all eligible students didn’t attend school.

In this time, we celebrated Rakshabandhan with Rakhi making with waste material, Independence day with poster & tricolor kite making, speech-making, Gandhi Jayanti with poetry & shloka recitation, speech-making, Diwali with Rangoli, toran & other decoration making, Christmas & New year with poster making, distribution of sweets by our sweet little Santa.

Students participated in interschool competition “Vanyajeevan Sanrakshan” organized by DPSG school, Sushant Lok. They dressed up as Panchatantra characters and spoke about endangered animals. They made posters, wrote riddles, articles & jokes for children’s magazine “Chakmak”.

Challenges faced and next steps

Due to the frequent changes in the lockdown rules and regulations in relation to COVID-19, students had to face lots of challenges. They had to continuously shift and adjust between online and offline learning. The teachers faced many challenges in motivating students to continue to study online. For our students offline sessions are more fruitful and effective than online sessions. It is difficult to set up the online process at home due to limited resources. Parents have been very eagerly waiting for a smooth resumption of offline classes. So to overcome the frequent switching between offline/ online we blended online and offline classes. The parents are contacted regularly and motivated so that their wards do not discontinue attending class. In the last two years barring a few months all the sessions have been online. Due to excessive reliance on technology the students are finding it difficult to appear for exams in the offline mode which requires use of pen and paper and writing subjective answers.

Annual Sports Day has been planned for February, if students are permitted to come to school. Final exams will be held in March. Our aim is to ensure that all students appear for the final evaluation.

Stories from the ground

Sangeeta Singha is a very calm and pleasant girl, studying in grade VIII. Due to Cerebral Palsy (CP) her speech and writing are not clear. She is a very independent, spirited girl and strives to manage all the daily activities on her own. With consistent practice her writing has improved and is legible now. Her father used to work as a cook in a restaurant but due to the pandemic he lost his job. He had to start working as a cook in individual homes which fetched much lesser income. The family had to use up all their savings to survive. With her family’s support, she has been attending the virtual sessions regularly since the beginning of the pandemic. She participates in extracurricular activities with equal enthusiasm. Her parents also support her passion for dance and wish to enroll her for regular classes in dance once the pandemic subsides.

5 October, 2021

Technology, filling many a gaps


report image

Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

Major activities/ eventsVISHWAS continued virtual sessions for academics and all other activities. For a very brief period in March 2021, as per the govt. guidelines school reopened for grade VI-VIII. • Celebrations: Republic day, Earth day, World Environment day, Yoga day was celebrated virtually with a lot of enthusiasm. By now the staff, students and their families were comfortable with the use of technology• Awareness session: A session on the importance of education and how it can help in fighting the menace of child labour was conducted for the students. They were also sensitized to the ill effects of drugs and how to handle peer pressure• Pariwar Pehchan Patra (PPP): As per new guidelines of Haryana govt., PPP is mandatory for all. A camp was held at VISHWAS to make the families aware of the documents that would be required. Processing of the same has been completed at VISHWAS for all its students & staff• Physical activity: Regular sessions were conducted virtually for all students by the sport’s teacher. These included PT drill and Jumba. Students & parents were very happy with the sessions • Special Olympics Bharat (SOB) games: 13 students with intellectual disabilities attended practice sessions at VISHWAS in Feb’2021 for Sports’ events of SOB, which would take place later through the year. They practised for three hours daily, under the guidance of the sport’s teacher. April onwards, virtual sessions continued• SPLASH event: This is an art event organized every year by “Concern India Foundation” at Anandgram, New Delhi for CWSNs. But this year due to the pandemic, students of age 6-11 yrs participated from their homes. 12-20 yrs age group students came to VISHWAS for the event• Examination: Assessments were carried both online and offline mode. Those who could not appear online were given the flexibility to submit their answer sheets at the school within a stipulated time. Hence all students were assessed for academic learningActivities during summer breakStudents were kept engaged virtually even during summer break. The aim was to divert their mind from the pain and agony of the second wave and engage them in a constructive way• Science Projects/ models: The young ignited minds made science projects and models using their creativity, with waste material available at home or their surroundings. This was done with guidance from teachers and family support. These included irrigation systems, solar systems, types of houses, water cycle, oxygen cycle, photosynthesis and many more• Physical activity sessions: Regular virtual physical activity sessions were conducted for children with special needs (CWSNs) of all age groups. Parents were very appreciative of the sessions because their wards had been confined indoors for very long. The sessions added an element of fun along with fitness• Summer Camp: A virtual summer camp for our students became a reality, thanks to “Power Up”. The activities included- yoga, meditation, dancing, singing, public speaking, chess, sketching etc. It helped to improve their confidence as there were students from various private schools besides learning new thingsMilestones • Story Sessions: Under their project “Every child deserves a story”, Storytelling Education & Arts India Council (SEAIC) has started virtual storytelling sessions for our students. There have been regular sessions covering a range of topics, which the students are enjoying very much due to the use of puppets and props. It has also led to the improved engagement of students• Educational Kit Distribution: Due to lockdown, families are facing a huge financial crisis. To prevent dropout or its impact on the education of students, VISHWAS with the help of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) distributed a free Educational Kit that contained books, stationery, school bag, shoes and socks to the studentsBenefit: Students who were showing irregularity/passiveness towards attending online sessions even after multiple calls are a part of the sessions now• Pass out students: This year the 7th batch of grade VIII students passed out of the Vidyalaya. There were 27 students in this batch• e-Consultations: Our team of experts provided guidance and support to parents and CWSNs regularly through video conferencing/ telerehabilitation. They dealt with both health & education-related issuesAchievements• Laxmi of grade 1 got 2nd Prize in the Splash Event• Kshitiz Gora, a young boy with cerebral palsy, became our first CWSN to clear class X board exams through open schooling. He scored 75% marks• Our students have regularly contributed drawings , write-ups, puzzles, jokes etc for children’s magazine, “Chakmak” A painting by Uma, grade VI has been selected for cover page June edition has a drawing made by Almin, grade V and a joke by Himanshu Hansraj, grade VIIITotal beneficiaries impactedBoys-124 CWSNs- 42Girls -114, CWSNs-14Total- 294

Challenges faced and next steps

Plan for next 6 months• Coding classes: To make our students future-ready, introduction to Coding skills are very important. We have collaborated with, ProGame - Coding without Computers for this endeavour which has sponsored the kit for 30 students • Use of Tablets: To keep pace with technology and to bridge the technological divide, our students will soon be provided “Tablets” for mathematics and science classesChallenges • The pandemic continued to wreak havoc. The livelihood of parents was severely impacted due to which the financial crisis worsened. Parents and students were very demoralized. Periodic counselling by teachers helped the students to attend the virtual sessions more regularly• Access to a smartphone continues to be a challenge for many students. Hence teachers have to send class material or exam papers at odd times depending upon the availability of the phone. The same is the case with clearing their doubts

Stories from the ground

Impact story from the ground:The young fighter Nirav is a grade 8 student who is full of optimism. Thalassemia and associated challenges are in no way a deterrent to his sincerity. His mother is a homemaker while his father works as a security guard at a housing society. The family went through a huge crisis as the father lost his job. He had to work as a daily wage worker which meant erratic and unstable income. Due to his medical condition, Nirav requires regular blood transfusion which is an additional cost. Despite all the challenges, he is very enthusiastic and sincere about the virtual sessions. This can be gauged from the following incident- during one of the sessions, his video was off. So the teacher asked him to switch it on. He responded, “ma’am main hospital main hoon”. His parents are very supportive. He takes part in festival celebrations and all the activities. He has cleared the final exams despite poor health. The silver lining is that his father got back his job a few months back, so things are getting stable.

23 March, 2021

Technology- "The SAVIOR"


report image

Initial phase since LOCKDOWN

Unprecedented lockdowns due to COVID-19 crisis, increased exponentially the difficulties for our beneficiaries, who are mainly vulnerable sections including the disabled. During this period the focus was to address information, financial, psycho-social, safety and emotional needs within our limited resources.
Steps taken-
•Regular follow up of their well-being and understanding the challenges faced by them
•Guidance and solutions to address these issues
•Information about nearest Shelter/food homes and zonal medical facilities, distribution of ration and other benefits to PWDs and their families
•Sensitization and awareness about dos and don’ts related to the pandemic
•Team VISHWAS provided immediate help in terms of travel fare, dry rations and books to some beneficiaries in dire need
•Immediate financial relief of Rs.7000 per family was provided by Give India to 40 families

Academics and other activities

•Study material, explanatory videos and activity sheets sent through whatsapp
•Individual education plan (IEP) adhered to by adopting video-based learning coupled with worksheets for children with learning challenges
•Doubt clarification over calls and messages

July’20  onwards
Students and parents became more familiar with technology and zoom sessions were introduced. Message and call transactions continued.

Activities undertaken
•Regular academic sessions conducted
•Therapy and rehabilitation needs are fulfilled through eConsultation by our team of experts
•Virtual physical exercise and sport sessions became imperative because of indoor confinement. Regular sessions being conducted by the sports teacher and students are enjoying them thoroughly. Improved engagement, reduced -" irritability & hyper activity" of CWSNs felt by parents
• Festivals: Rakhi, Independence day, Janmashtmi, Diwali, Gandhi Jayanti, Eid, Children’s day celebrated through activities like rangoli making, drawing, diya decoration, essay writing and speech
•For Independence day  celebrations, singer Rahul Batra gave a live performance. Students took part in Fancy dress, dance and singing from the comfort of their homes which was witnessed live by students and staff of Vishwas, through zoom
•Our students were a part of CAF’s -Charities Aid Foundation, virtual Gandhi Jayanti celebration
•Grade VI to VIII students attended a workshop on “Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from Tobacco and Nicotine use”
•Academic performance is assessed online, on a regular basis

Inter school activity
•Sapna Rajak and Sagar Rajak of grade VIII secured III position in an online quiz by Tulip International School from among 13 participating schools
•Unified Global Football skills virtual competition by Special Olympics Bharat (SOB)- One special and one regular athlete partnered to engage in football skills to play and learn UNIFIED

A fighter

Seven years old Tahir, a grade II student has 2 siblings. His father a daily wage worker and mother a domestic help, were barely able to “make ends meet”. When lockdown was announced, their story of penury and helplessness was similar to million others due to loss of job and no savings to fall back on. As if this was not enough, came another bolt from the blue! Their humble shelter on government land was bulldozed and so they were left homeless, to add to their misery. Vishwas came to know of their plight through another student. A month’s supply of grocery and some funds was provided as a immediate relief measure. They were also one of the beneficiaries of COVID relief by GiveIndia and received Rs.7000.
Due to lack of a smart phone, he has to share resources with his cousin, also a student of Vishwas. But despite these hurdles and poor health, he is working hard to keep pace. He managed to complete online exams too!

5 July, 2020

Variety is the spice of life


report imagereport image

Variety is the spice of life

A wide range of activities are going on at the academic and extracurricular front.

  1. For ease of learning and better retention, multimedia aided sessions are conducted for children of all age groups. Kant Learning (video game inspired learning with continuous evaluation of students) and Gyantantra help to (multimedia based learning for tiny tots from nursery to grade III) generate interest and simplify concepts. Mark Sharks, Science and Mathematics software for senior students explains concepts in animated form.

  2. Diwali was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Students made very beautiful and colorful rangolis. A lot of game and food stalls were put up and the children enjoyed thoroughly.

  3. District Level Sports and Cultural Programme- 18 Students of VISHWAS participated in District Sports and Cultural Programme organized by Haryana Government in Tau Devi Lal Stadium. They took part in dance and various races and brought laurels. Laxmi Mehta of class IV and Armaan of class III won 2nd prize in 100m race competition. In solo dance performances Sanjula and Devanshu of Skill Development programme won 1st prize. 3 of our students won 1st prize in group dance.

  4. Young athlete and unified football and drawing camp, in partnership with Special Olympics Bharat (SOB), was organized which had participation from other schools also. This provided a good level playing field to all participants, boosting their confidence.

  5. World disability Day- A rally (to sensitize and create awareness on Equality and Inclusion) was organized with support from DLF Foundation and DELL. It commenced from Dell and concluded at One Horizon centre along the Golf course road. There were close to 275 participants including students and staff of VISHWAS and employees of various Corporates.

  6. Menstrual hygiene workshop- Adolescence comes with a lot of physical, emotional and psychological changes, anxiety, doubts and curiosity. The topic of menstrual hygiene is still discussed in hushed tones. Experts from the field including gynecologist and counselor spoke on various issues to sensitize and create awareness for girl students and their mothers.

  7. Awareness about Scholarships
    VISHWAS took an initiative to make parents (of students who passed out from VISHWAS) aware about different scholarships, eligibility criteria, documents required and the last date for applying. It gave a ray of hope to them so that their wards can dream of continuing their education and also aspire for higher education

  8. App See Live sound: Demo and Sessions for Students:
    “ See Sound Live” is an assistive technology that enables hearing and speech impaired children and adults to learn how to speak with more clarity. A workshop was conducted for our staff to give a demonstration on its use and benefits. They start from basic Phonetic elements and move on to words, then to complex sounds. The child has to focus on an ideal image of the sound and compare it with the visual he produces. The sessions are in progress for some of our students .

  9. Annual Day celebrations this year had a novelty- our students performed an Inclusive Fashion Show which was appreciated by one and ALL

3 December, 2019

Children happily involved in diverse activities


report imagereport image

Children happily involved in diverse activities

22 July, 2019


report image

Program Update

VISHWAS Vidyalaya is a recognized Elementary School that follows Inclusive teaching practices. Currently, we have close to 300 children enrolled in the 5-14 age groups, of which over 90% belong to economically weaker section. 17% of them are children with special needs (CWSNs). VISHWAS aims to provide every child meaningful and quality education in an equitable and inclusive environment.

To provide holistic growth and development of the children, in addition to academics, various sporting events and extracurricular activities are conducted and these are inclusive to ensure participation of all students.

•Monthly exam in Jan’19 and annual exams in March’19 were conducted to assess learning levels
•Audio visual aids and science models were used to make the learning interesting and for better retention
•Upgrading Science lab and conducting practicals for adding to the interest and curiosity quotient
•Use of tabs by grade VIII students for examinations
•Age appropriate Educational and fun trips were organized for all students- Ramgarh farms, Zoo, Qutub Minar


•Children have abundant talent; they just need the right platform and support system to exhibit and nurture it. Talent show was conducted to help the students display their talent which had a huge list of items like- show and tell, poetry, dance, drama, mimicry and many more.
•Republic day was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and patriotic spirit. There was a mélange of dance, speech, skit, fashion show(children dressed up as freedom fighters)
•Holi, brings a lot of joy and colour and is a favorite festival of children. This year it was very different and special as a team from “Sandhar technology” visited VISHWAS and organized some activities. They showered rose petals, smeared gulal and distributed refreshments.

Story from the field

Mere talent cannot take you places… also needs to persevere to perform well and aim for excellence!
The story of Adil, Arif and Almin, students of VISHWAS is very surprising and amazing. All of them play football and not just play it……they have been handpicked by Brazil International Football Academy (BIFA) to receive training. Just as, “A jeweler knows the worth of a precious stone”, so does the “Hawk eye” of a good coach, spot talent. The same was the case with these 3 children. The burning desire in these 3 to pursue the sport against all odds helped them to receive full sponsorship from BIFA! Here comes the surprising element- the 3 of them are Siblings!
Like the majority of students at VISHWAS, these children belong to a very underprivileged background. Their father, Mr.Mohd Anis, is a security guard and mother, Ms. Sabira Khatun, is a domestic help. They have an elder sister who studied up to class X, but due to financial constraints could not continue further and is now acting as an additional hand to supplement the household income.
Adil is a student of grade VIII, Asif grade V and Almin grade IV, now. Both the parents are very supportive towards the education of the 3 children. Despite being uneducated, they motivate the children and support them in all possible ways. They fully understand the importance of sports and ensure that the 3 attend football practice regularly and Mr.Anis personally accompanies them.
More about the trio, individually…….
He is a very sincere and hardworking student. He loves to help his classmates and teachers, anytime a need arises. Being an Inclusive school, he is always there to provide need based support to students with disability. He is a very confident and social child and has leadership qualities. He joined VISHWAS as a student of grade 4 and in the same year was selected by BIFA. In the initial years, the training was conducted in our campus and since 2018, it is being held at Mt. Olympus School. He has participated in many competitions since then. He won the Best player of the Month award in 2017 and 2018 and also the Best goal keeper award. He plays in the under-14 group. Besides football he is good in academics also. He scored 73% in the annual exams, last year. He loves to participate in extracurricular activities and took part in tent making, spell bee, annual day celebration. He is very regular to school with 94% attendance. In 2017-18, he was one of the team members that took part in jet toy challenge organized by A world in motion-AWIM.
He is a very amicable and hard working boy. He enjoys taking leadership in the class and is very confident. He joined vishwas in grade 1. He is very regular to school with 95% attendance. He is a good student and scored 77% marks in the final exams last year. He has been with VISHWAS since 2014-15. He took part in the skit on annual day and enjoys participating in all extracurricular activities. He was selected by BIFA in 2017. He represents the U-10 group. He participated in Gurgaon football league and was adjudged the Best goal keeper.
She is a student of grade 4. She is a very responsible and quiet girl. Like Adil, she too is very helpful, always ready to help others especially the children with special needs. Dancing is her passion and never misses an opportunity to participate in it. She loves to take part in all the extra curricular activities and also aims to be a winner. She is an all rounder who is good in academics too. She scored 86% marks in grade 3, last year. She is very regular with 92% attendance. She pays utmost attention to her teachers in the class and is thoroughly disciplined.
She represents the U-8 group in BIFA. She has been awarded the Best player of the month award in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19?315
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date297
Village/City/State where project is locatedGurugram/ Haryana
Total Budget for the project for FY18-199432000
Total Expenses for the project YTD8164000

23 May, 2019


report image

Program Update

VISHWAS Vidyalaya is a recognized Elementary School that follows Inclusive teaching practices. Currently, we have close to 300 children enrolled in the 5-14 age groups, of which over 90% belong to economically weaker section. 15% of them are children with special needs (CWSNs). VISHWAS aims to provide every child meaningful and quality education in an equitable and inclusive environment.

To provide holistic growth and development of the children, in addition to academics, various sporting events and extracurricular activities are conducted and these are inclusive to ensure participation of all students. Periodic exams are conducted to assess learning levels. Providing subject specific remedial classes based on their needs. Using audio visual aids and models. Upgrading Science lab and conducting practicals for adding to the interest and curiosity quotient. Use of tabs by grade VIII students for examinations.

To develop team and competitive spirit, age appropriate inter house activities like- lemonade making, best out of waste, spell bee, collage making, food without fire, tent making were conducted. Annual Sports day had a variety of individual and team events to ensure participation of each and every child
Festival days of Rakhi, Independence, Diwali, were celebrated with great enthusiasm. Inter-class debates, art and craft, essay and painting competitions were conducted to discuss themes like gender equality, saving fuel and energy and recycling waste material. A walk to Promote Inclusiveness and Equality was conducted by our entire staff and students on World Disability day, which had participation of some corporate also. Our students participated in campaigns like- Save the Aravalli Biodiversity park and Say no to crackers to make them responsible citizens. Our team won the runner up prize in “Jet toy and Skimmer team challenge” conducted by AWIM-A World in Motion from amongst 44 participating schools of NCR

Story from the field

Neeru, a grade 7 student with cognitive impairment joined VISHWAS Vidyalaya in April 2018. She has 3 siblings, 2 sisters and a brother. Her mother is a homemaker and father’s an auto driver. When she joined school, it was difficult to understand her expressions due to unclear speech and broken sentences. With proper guidance and training, there is marked improvement in her. Now she loves to share anecdotes about school to her parents, talk about her classmates to teachers! She can recognize as well as count objects upto 20. She recognizes all her classmates by their names and also knows her family members names. She is extremely enthusiastic about participating in all the events and activities conducted in school. She is very cooperative and loves to help her friends. She played “Dafli” in a recent “Ganesh Vandana” performance by our students at an outside event. She took part in Rangoli contest for Diwali celebrations, which was a team activity. On annual sports day she took part in race. She also took part in collage, tent making and "food without fire"making activities. She enjoys coming to school and is very regular. Her parents are cooperative and supportive towards her education.

What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date298
Village/City/State where project is locatedSector 46, Arya Samaj Road, Gurugram-122002, Haryana
Total Budget for the project for FY18-198020000
Total Expenses for the project YTD4260000

28 February, 2018

Cultural, sports and therapy sessions conducted at Vishwas


report image

Vishwas Vidyalaya is a recognized Elementary School that follows Inclusive teaching practices. Currently, we have 294 children enrolled in the 5-14 age groups, of which over 91% belong to the economically weaker section.

A host of cultural and sports activities that help in building a strong character are conducted along with imparting life lessons.

This year the students presented dance performances at NSD and Annual day celebrations of Genpact and Nikon

The under 17 inter-school football matches was the highlight of the annual Sports day had a variety of activities among which the most cherished were

All festivals were celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm followed by debates, essay and painting competitions, art and craft classes and recycling waste seminar.

Education visits were organized to Nehru Planetarium and the rail museum.

Movement therapy sessions were conducted to improve the children’s eye contact, concentration, and body composure.