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Amin could do incredible things with some help!

Almin is a 8-year-old girl from a poor family in New Delhi. Her parents could not even afford a decent place to live in. The family of six lived in one just one room, having to share a toilet with other families as well.

Basics like shelter and food was difficult for her parents to provide for them. Almin did not even stand a chance to go to school. She had many dreams but no place to learn or explore her talents.

Her fate changed when she was found by Vishwas Vidyalaya and enrolled in their school. They helped her with her studies and encouraged her to get involved in extracurricular activities. They provided her training in sports, music, and dance. She was an enthusiastic learner and scored well in academics.

Today, she speaks fluent English and performs fearlessly on stage. She is a gold medallist in track events and was selected by the Brazil Football Academy to receive free football training.

Many brilliant children miss out on a chance to explore their potential as they are born into poor families. You can right this injustice for them by giving to help them go to school.

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