Support underprivileged children begin their educational journey by UDAAN India Foundation

Support underprivileged children begin their educational journey


Little Shabnam no longer spends her days doing domestic chores

"I have always wanted my children to be educated and stand on their own feet. I want my girl to be equally educated as my son. I don't want my daughter to get married early, like I did. My daughter will be an independent person in life." This was Shabnam's mother's dream for her.

Shabnam Seth is a 5 year old girl who lives with her parents in the construction workers' slum in Powai, Mumbai. Both her parents are daily wage workers. Their family income was less than Rs.6000/- ($83) per month. School was never considered a priority. Even at that tender age, little Shabnam would help her mother with daily household chores.

One of the Udaan Kindergarten teachers who was conducting an outreach program in the colony saw Shabnam. They counselled her parents to send her to school. Her mother couldn't believe that they could now not only send her to school but also an English school.

They enrolled in the Kindergarten at Udaan and made a commitment that they will enroll her in a government (BMC) school after kindergarten.

Shabnam now studies in the Tirandaz Municipal School in Powai. She loves school and her new friends. Her day is no longer filled with domestic chores but rather learning and playing with her friends. She also gets a nutritious snack before she goes back home.

Today her mother can't hold back her happiness seeing her young girl speak in English.

Children like Shabnam can dream of future beyond the slums with a little sustained support from donors like you.

Your help can make many more poor children like Shabnam. You can donate so that they can get an education which can change their lives. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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The Kindergarten program at Udaan is a one year foundation level programme that aims to facilitate school readiness for children of 4-6 years from low income communities.

Donations to this program cover the cost of teachers' salaries in the schools

The program aims at building a strong foundation in numeracy, language and social skills in a safe, secure and happy learning environment.

There are 4 Kindergarten centres run by Udaan located in the construction workers' slum in Powai, Tirandaz MCGM School in Powai, Udaan Learning Centre at Pawar Public School, Chandivali, and MPS School Varsha Nagar, Vikhroli Parksite.

The average class size of this programme is 30 with a teacher student ratio of 1: 15. The school admissions work on both outreach by the Udaan staff as well as direct enquiries by the parents.

The students belong to low-income communities in and around the school. The class teacher follows up on any absentee students if they do not attend school for more than 3 days and takes corrective action as appropriate.

Impact of the program are as follows:

School readiness in children

Awareness of desired behaviour

Foundation for basic literacy and numeracy, fine and gross motor skills

Development of social skills

Increased parental awareness about education

The Kindergarten programme at Udaan has been operational since 2009.

The Udaan Kindergarten runs daily for three hours every Monday through Friday from June to March. The KG team of 10 lead teachers, 10 assistant teachers, and 2 supervisors are responsible for implementation of the programme. Their remuneration is provided from Udaan India Foundation.

When you donate to this program you help poor children take their first steps in education that can change their life.

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About The NGO

UDAAN India Foundation
UDAAN India Foundation Logo
UDAAN India Foundation

Udaan India Foundation works with the motive of enabling a brighter future for children from low-income communities by providing them with desired knowledge, skills, values and support to achieve their true potential.

The foundation of what Udaan is today was laid in 2004 when a group of people came together to help children from the construction workers' community to get into mainstream schools. Thus began Project Udaan. The overwhelming progress shown by the children enrolled at Udaan Learning Centre programs over the years paved the way for Project Udaan to be registered as Udaan India Foundation in 2009.

Mamta Rangan founded Udaan India Foundation as the informal Project Udaan. Taking a sabbatical from the corporate sector, her move to Mumbai brought her face to face with the stark inequities that we so often fail to notice in our busy lives. Her belief, "education is key to Change" led her to start Project Udaan to help children of construction workers to enrol in mainstream schools. The project was registered as a non-profit in 2009 to support the educational needs of children from low-income communities. The organisation today offers a range of programs that include Kindergarten, Learning Center, School Support, Saturday Club, Library, Alumni support and Scholarships and Skills Enhancement.

No. of 10th students for mentoring, guidance and scholarships program - 123

No. of support learning programmes for Municipal school - 755

No. of children from low-income community for Pre school programme - 83

No. of youths for spoken English and computer literacy courses - 202

No. of children for after school programme in Municipal school - 392

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Founded in 1991
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Mamta Rangan

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Area of Operation

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December 2018

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Program Updates

Program Updates

5 July, 2020

Foundation years of 21st century learners!


Foundation years of 21st century learners!

2020-07-05-UDAANIndiaFoundation_Supportunderprivilegedchildrenbegintheireducationaljourney_1.jpg 2020-07-05-UDAANIndiaFoundation_Supportunderprivilegedchildrenbegintheireducationaljourney_2.jpg

In the last quarter, the focus of the programmes was on providing unique learning opportunities for the children. The emphasis was on co-scholastic learning to ensure the children become confident learners with enhanced general awareness and good communication skills. Children of Grade 1 and Grade 2 participated in a Spell Bee competition that enabled them to memorize spellings and learn the meanings of words in a context. The learners from these grades also participated in the General Knowledge quiz that strengthened their general awareness. During Sports day, held on 7th and 8th January 2020, students and volunteers participated in various games such as relay race, hurdles race, hoop race and cone weave race that ensured they learnt collaboration, team work, handling failures and celebrating victories. Focusing on building scientific temperament in children, the first ever science exhibition was conducted in the school, where 20 students of Grade 1 and Grade 2 explained concepts of science ranging from rotation of Earth to solubility to magnetism. The first ever annual day with more than 100 participants was organized on 28th and 29th February 2020 to provide an opportunity for children to showcase their creative talents. The students performed in the musical based on the theme - Mumbai. From showcasing the Koli community, to highlighting Mumbai as an entertainment and financial capital, to celebrating the spirit of Mumbaikars, the children enthralled all with their performances. In our school support programme, the highlight of the quarter was that parents became partners in their children’s learning and actively participated across all events.

19 November, 2019

Kids engaged in diverse extra-curricular activities


Kids engaged in diverse extra-curricular activities

2019-11-11-1555254134190-sushreemishra.jpg 2019-11-11-img_20190414_203529_821-sushreemishra.jpg 2019-11-11-img_20190421_101547_805-sushreemishra.jpg 2019-11-11-img-20181203-wa0021-sushreemishra.jpg 2019-11-11-img-20190403-wa0015-sushreemishra.jpg

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

The Kindergarten programme at Udaan provides access to affordable preschool holistic learning to children from low income communities. The programme aims at facilitating school readiness, developing language, numeracy and social skills in addition to engaging parents in the child's learning process. The focus of the last quarter was on building creativity, communication and general awareness of children through fancy dress competition, story telling competition, and general knowledge quiz. Sports is an integral part of child's learning at Udaan Kindergarten. Children enthusiastically participated in the Annual Sports Day while proud parents cheering for their little ones.

Story from the field

Sakshi Upadhyay lives with her guardians in Varsha Nagar community in Vikhroli Parksite. Her father, Vikas Upadhyay, is a farmer and mother, Sadhana Upadhyay is a home maker. Both her parents live at their native place in U.P and Sakshi came to Mumbai at the age of 5 years to live with her relatives. Away from her parents when Sakshi joined Udaan Kindergarten at MPS Varsha Nagar,in August 2019 she used to cry a lot. Scared about the new environment, she was introverted and would just sit in one place and not participate in classroom activities. With constant care, motivation and support from her class teacher, within few months Sakshi became comfortable and adjusted to the new environment. Also, the class teacher regularly met her guardians to ensure they are equally supportive towards her at home. Through the active partnership between the teachers and her guardians, Sakshi has become an active learner. She is usually the first one to answer any questions and loves reciting rhymes. She has become more social and interacts with her classmates and teachers with confidence. She participated in Dance and MPS Sports Day and scored 1st position in hula hoop race. She has shown a positive learning curve and enjoys coming to school. She now maintains a high attendance and was one of the top students in final assessments

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19? 250
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 264
Village/City/State where project is located Powai, Mumbai
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 2009494
Total Expenses for the project YTD 1748032

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