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Little Shabnam no longer spends her days doing domestic chores

"I have always wanted my children to be educated and stand on their own feet. I want my girl to be equally educated as my son. I don't want my daughter to get married early, like I did. My daughter will be an independent person in life." This was Shabnam's mother's dream for her.

Shabnam Seth is a 5 year old girl who lives with her parents in the construction workers' slum in Powai, Mumbai. Both her parents are daily wage workers. Their family income was less than Rs.6000/- ($83) per month. School was never considered a priority. Even at that tender age, little Shabnam would help her mother with daily household chores.

One of the Udaan Kindergarten teachers who was conducting an outreach program in the colony saw Shabnam. They counselled her parents to send her to school. Her mother couldn't believe that they could now not only send her to school but also an English school.

They enrolled in the Kindergarten at Udaan and made a commitment that they will enroll her in a government (BMC) school after kindergarten.

Shabnam now studies in the Tirandaz Municipal School in Powai. She loves school and her new friends. Her day is no longer filled with domestic chores but rather learning and playing with her friends. She also gets a nutritious snack before she goes back home.

Today her mother can't hold back her happiness seeing her young girl speak in English.

Children like Shabnam can dream of future beyond the slums with a little sustained support from donors like you.

Your help can make many more poor children like Shabnam. You can donate so that they can get an education which can change their lives. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


Education can help an underprivileged dream of future beyond the slums

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