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Akshan got the care he needed just in time.

Akshan was born in a poor family in Trichy. They could hardly afford their basic necessities and struggled to get through each day. When they found out about Akshan's illness, his parents were shattered.

He was diagnosed with a heart condition where his arteries were affected. He did not get enough oxygen to his body and was in a life-threatening situation. Akshan's parents knew how dangerous the situation was but they could not afford the surgery he needed to survive.

Their miracle came through when they were referred to Ekam. Ekam provided for Akshan's consultation and treatment at MIOT hospital. They took complete responsibility of his situation and monitored the process closely.

Akshan underwent many procedures at this hospital, including an arterial switch operation. The cost of his treatment was Rs.3,00,000 out of which Rs. 55,000 was arranged by the parents. The rest was raised through Ekam. Akshan has now recovered and is a healthy and happy 9-month old child.


Many dangerous health issues newborns face are completely curable. It is important to get them the treatment they need on time to save their lives. Your donation can help poor families access this treatment.

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