Support the residential care of a destitute child by El Shaddai Charitable Trust

Support the residential care of a destitute child


Sanika chooses to grow despite her abusive past

Sanika came from a poor and broken family.

Her father was an alcoholic. He regularly abused his wife and children. Over time, her mother gave up hope of a better life and fell into depression. When she died, the children had nowhere to go and no one to help. Sanika grew more afraid of her father as the days went by.

One day she decided to run away. She trusted streets filled with strangers more than her home, where she could no longer bear the abuse of her father.

Thankfully, she was discovered by a kind stranger who brought her to El Shaddai Children’s Home. The home enrolled her in Shanti Niketan, a non-formal school, where she finally got the chance to excel. She began to break out of her shell, made good friends, and felt secure. Her creativity and talents bloomed when she found a place to call home. A place where she was shown love and care. A place that offered her food, companionship and education.

She proved to be an intelligent, fast learner in academics and can now speak, write and communicate well in English. She also started to paint, craft, sing, and dance. El Shaddai homes provides shelter to 365 children like Sanika, who have no means to lead a normal life. They depend on contributions from donors like you, to have a chance at succeeding.

Your monthly donation will provide a safe space where these children can grow. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. Give now to help them have the childhood that they deserve.


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El Shaddai Charitable Trust (ESCT) runs residential homes for needy orphans, destitutes and children at risk. They are currently running four Homes in Goa. This programme is implemented through the residential Homes run by El Shaddai.

ESCT identifies the destitute children and enrolls them. The children are placed in various homes as per their age and gender. At the El Shaddai Home, each child is provided with food, clothing, shelter. The children are given individual care, love and attention. Many children before joining the home also come from abusive families and have never known care. The home is a safe haven for the children. Medical needs of the children are also taken care of by the homes.

The trust serves around 300 under the age of 16 children living in the homes. Donate to the program to support the shelter of a destitute child.

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About The NGO

El Shaddai Charitable Trust
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El Shaddai Charitable Trust

Matthew Kurian was appalled at the state of the children living in a slum. Anita from the UK was shocked at the conditions of the children on the streets. Both had the same Dream. El Shaddai was born with a mission of bringing childhood to the children who never had it.

Matthew Kurian is the Co-founder and Managing Trustee of the El Shaddai Charitable Trust. In 1993 he started working with alcoholics and drug addicts in Goa. A visit to a slum changed Matthew's perspective on life completely. Their desperation shocked him and he began teaching them the importance of hygiene, clean drinking water, and healthy food. He was moved when he saw them begging on the streets, collecting rubbish and even eating out of garbage bins to relieve their hunger. He started children's home in a small rented place in Vagator with 15 slum kids in 1997.

Today the trust works with women, youth and children in slums in the fields of skill building, livelihood and rehabilitation. They also have destitute homes for children. In 2012, El Shaddai Charitable Trust was awarded the Spirit of Humanity Award by the AmeriCares India Foundation Child Nutrition

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Founded in 1991
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Julia Kurien

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El Shaddai Charitable Trust has

provided residential care to 350 street children and children coming from broken families

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2008: Renny Abraham Award


2012: Indian Status Award for Intellectual people

2017: Out Standing Annual Report Award

2017: Best Social Worker

2012: eNGO Challenge award

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Last Audited
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December 2018

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Verification Visit Reports

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Program Updates

Program Updates

5 August, 2020

Children heading towards a brighter future


Children heading towards a brighter future

2020-08-05-ElShaddaiCharitableTrust_Supporttheresidentialcareofadestitutechild_.JPG 2020-08-05-ElShaddaiCharitableTrust_Supporttheresidentialcareofadestitutechild_2.jpg

It feels so good to see the children growing up in a safe and caring environment at the Homes, where they are provided with nutritious meals and regular health check-ups to ensure they receive their vaccinations and address the medical issues.All 350 children in the Homes attend school, some who have attended schools before, are enrolled in nearby public schools while others go to non-formal school. We also have 10 children who have completed their schooling and have enrolled themselves in colleges and universities.The children did celebrate christmas festival and received christmas gifts. The christmas holidays were enjoyed playing different games,the older children did decorate the homes, made a crib outside the house and had a lot of fun.The children also had Children’s Christmas Party and New Year Party where they were served special meals. Smaller kids practiced Carol songs and had great fun singing them at different places in Goa. As a part of extra-curriculum, childrecontinued with regular practices for table tennis, football and other activities like Guitar, keyboard, choir,tailoring, handicraft activity, stroke painting and card making classes after the class hours in the afternoon. In the month of March, El Shaddai Academy celebrated it’s 18th annual day on the school campus wherein all the children were super excited to take part in various events such as dance, singing, drama, speech, etc. Many of our children received prizes and awards for their consistent excellence and achievements throughout the year.The scholastic year ended on a very sad note for the children attending the school. Due to the spread of Coronavirus, The school shut down from 16th March 2020. As a result the vacation started much before the expected date. All the children were so happy. Due to the sudden lockdown, the exam was canceled and this news made them happier. But for the continuous learning of the children we never stopped for instance the home In-charges and care-takers are taking two hours of classes every day according to the syllabus sent by the respective class teachers. Most of the children who have finished schooling have gone back to their hometowns for vacation to be with their respective families. They will be back prior to the start of next academic year. Your help provides these children safe and happy childhood.Your efforts to raise funds and support the work on the ground help to give these children homes.

19 November, 2019

Kids happily engaged in extra-curricular activities


Kids happily engaged in extra-curricular activities

2019-11-11-20180623_110952-publicrelations.jpg 2019-11-11-4f3aba60-42e7-4a14-99eb-1ec9e745f3a6-publicrelations.jpg 2019-11-11-img_8991-publicrelations.jpg 2019-11-11-k800_p_20180806_145406-publicrelations.jpg

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

It has been a wonderful journey through the school year. The children enjoyed themselves, played and learnt together. All the 350 children that have stayed in the children’s home have been a part of a school. They took part in lots of extra-curricular activities and events. Our own Non formal school recently organized its annual day and it was so lovely to see children from all age groups take part and enjoy themselves

In the month of April and May we had a lot of students who answered their 10th STD board exams and also some who answered their 12th Std exams. We ae happy to say that all who answered the 12th Std have passed and are now in the process of applying for admissions in Colleges. The 10th results will be out by the end of May

Most of the children who have finished school have gone to the hometowns for vacation time and to be with their families. They will e back within a month ready for the next academic year.

Story from the field

Our field workers came across a one and a half year old child, Kavya ( name changed), living in a hut with her family. Kavya's father Raja (name changed) is a painter and a scrap seller. Her family had come to Goa in search of a job and have been living here for a year. Kavya was suffering from an external thalamus growth since birth because of a backbone injury caused during her delivery. She would hide the lump by tying a scarf around her neck. Her parents were doing their best to find the much needed medical help for Kavya, but there was no progress or improvement because of the language barrier and poverty. Raja had spent so much to help his daughter that he was drowning in debt. When we came across Kavya and her family we recognized the danger she was in. Kavya was immediately taken to GMC hospital, Bambolim, diagnosed and treated. She was operated on and underwent a full recovery. Kavya bravely got through the operation and we glad to announce that she is now healthy and happy. She is currently at one of the children’s homes at El Shaddai and enjoys herself. It is truly lovely to see her play and interact with the other children as if nothing happened. El Shaddai hopes to help many more children just like her

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19? 350
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 338
Village/City/State where project is located Assagao, Verna, Revora, Saligao
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 1500000
Total Expenses for the project YTD 1500000

23 May, 2019


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Program Update

the activities in this program has benefited many children of El Shaddai Homes, our homes and shelter conduct many activities, where in children learn, receive and understand from the knowledge shared, we have recreational activities where in all children participate, our staff has a unique approach towards children, we conduct workshops, seminars and motivational talks where we let children participate and help them to overcome their fears, our homes provide nourished food and education, we provide care and extra support to these destitute children who have been left alone on the street or those who cant afford their basic necessities

Story from the field

Asiya born and brought up in Goa along with her two siblings.her father gave up on family and left them with nothing. Mother is a housewife, she coukd not work as she needed to look after her twin sons who are mentally challenged. So to save her children from further adversities, Asiya’s mother came to El Shaddai Seeking for help for her daughter's future and requested us to admit Asiya into our Children’s Home. Asiya was quickly admitted into our Children’s Home, where she was offered comfort, companionship, nourishing food, Education and the possibility of a secure future. Asiya is very happy and is enjoying her stay with us. She speaks Marathi & is learning to speak English too. She now attends our Shanti Niketan (Non Formal School) and likes going to School. During leisure Asiya enjoys playing with her friends. She also loves to watch TV, draw and sing. Asiya currently lives in the House of Kathleen. She has been with us since May 2018.

What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 100
Village/City/State where project is located El Shaddai House Socol Vaddo, Assagao Goa - 403507
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 1005738
Total Expenses for the project YTD 600000

28 February, 2018

Christmas holidays celebrated in El Shaddai homes


In December 2017, children who have homes were sent home for Christmas to spend time with parents. Children who don’t have homes to go to were engaged with games, recreational activities and reading story books.

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The Victory House has 60 Children from broken families, economically backward and deprived backgrounds and 5 full time staff to look after them. Located in Saligao, Goa, the home has a lot of recreation activities for the children; -- it also has big terrace and veranda to play carom and so many different indoor games. They are served healthy food three times in a day; -- breakfast, lunch & dinner cooked in El Shaddai's Central Kitchen as well as different fruits served every day in the evening during snack time.