Support the rehabilitation of a special needs child

Support the rehabilitation of a special needs child


Tajamul continues to grow despite his disabilities

Tajamul Shah is a disabled child from a poor family. His parents are rag pickers who earn Rs. 300 a month. That is all they have to support a family of four.

They live in a hut with no facilities and could not even provide Tajamul with basic growth and hygiene needs. They were not aware of how they could treat his physical and mental illnesses and had no money to change his fate.

Tajamul was brought to a Bal Chetna Outreach center when he was two years old. He could not walk or stand as his limbs were weak. He also had a problem with his right hand and could not speak well.

He went through a complete assessment after which the special needs staff treated him for rickets and anemia. Then they began his physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education. The center also provided him with one nutritious meal and supplements suggested by our doctors to improve his immunity.

Three and a half years later, Tajamul can stand, walk and even run! He can speak and take part in group activities for up to ten minutes. He can control his hand movements well enough to connect dots and colour pictures.

These improvements have helped Tajamul live a better life. The amazing changes he has shown over the years has also made a positive impact on his parents.

You can change the lives of children like Tajamul by contributing towards their therapy, medicine and nutrition. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. A contribution from you can help more differently abled children like Tajamul get the care that they should.


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Bal Chetna Outreach day-care and rehabilitation facility for mentally challenged children from poor families was established in 2002 to cater to the mentally challenged children. Surveys indicated that children with mental disabilities were not getting proper attention.

Bal Chetna Outreach has 4 centers and each center serves around 30 children. By providing specialized care, Bal Chetna facilitates the stimulation and development of special needs children, with the objective of making each child as self-reliant, competent and communicative as possible. Services include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, Special Education, Speech Therapy, Psychological Evaluation, Vocational Training, Midday meal, Supplementary Nutrition, and Counselling for parents.

The multi-specialty team at Bal Chetna constantly improvise teaching aids and techniques to provide a variety of stimuli to the children. Bal Chetna children now participate in sports, act in plays, dance, and sing. Around 20 children from have been integrated into mainstream schools and in vocational training courses.

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About The NGO

Delhi Council for Child Welfare
Delhi Council for Child Welfare Logo
Delhi Council for Child Welfare

Delhi Council for Child Welfare started its work to provide care to the displaced, lost or abandoned children in the riots surrounding the Partition of India. It is an NGO that now provides services to the underprivileged children of Delhi and the neighboring regions to promote their health, development, economic and social wellbeing.

The most well-known programme of DCCW is Palna, home for the abandoned, homeless and destitute children. At Palna, infants arrive in a precarious state of health and the best possible medical care is given to them. It is a home to those children whose parents relinquish them or surrendered to them by the Police. DCCW works towards creating awareness on matters of basic health and hygiene, nutrition, pre-natal and post-natal maternal and childcare to the women in rural areas and urban slums. They also conduct programmes aimed at the education of children from underprivileged families.

The Orthopaedic Centre set by DCCW provides a complete range of rehabilitation services to physically disabled children, especially those affected by polio. More than 9,000 surgeries have been performed up to date and 25000 children have been fitted with polio aids. Their mission is to give every child the childhood they deserve.

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Founded in 1991
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Sandhya Bhalla

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Mentally challenged | children

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Delhi Council for Child Welfare has

provided quality care to 2192 children in OPDs of hospitals

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