Support the midday meal of an underprivileged child by Rural Development Foundation

Support the midday meal of an underprivileged child


Sandeep's school nurtures him to become a sportsman

Sandeep lives in a village in Telangana. His father is a mason and his mother works as a roller in a beedi (tobacco) factory.

He went to the local government school till Class 4. Sandeep was a bright kid and very good at sports. His parents were unhappy with the quality of education in his school. The school also had no facilities to nurture his talent in sports. There was neither a playground nor a Physical Education Teacher to guide him.

They heard about Matendla School through some elders and decided to enroll him. Once he joined the school Sandeep began to pursue his sporting interests.

The RDF school had a school playground and a qualified Physical Education Teacher. *There was also emphasis on sports to develop body and mind. With this, he started to develop an interest in martial arts. *He was provided rigorous training and was encouraged to participate in District and State level competitions.

Sandeep was put on a modified meal plan that included an egg a day and 2 glasses of milk to cater to the extra nutrition that he needed to pursue sports. This allowed him to build stamina, endurance and expertise in martial arts.

Sandeep worked hard and performed very well in the State competitions. He qualified for the National Level Karate Championship in Jammu & Kashmir.

He was part of the 20 member team that represented the Telangana state. This was the first time he traveled out of his village and the first time he took a train.

He has brought immense pride to his family, his school and his village by becoming a State Champion!

Sandeep wants to develop a sports culture in schools. He feels that sports has taught him important lessons like discipline and punctuality.

You can help talented children like Sandeep be the future of our country in various fields. You can donate so that they can get proper training and support which can change their lives. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

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Rural Development Foundation provides underprivileged children with a healthy meal every school day. This provides nutritious food to poor children and helps them concentrate on studies.

It has also been noticed that when a midday meal is provided at school the number of children that discontinue education drops considerably.

One unit of Donation to this program covers the cost of a midday meal for a child for a month.

The RDF's Midday Meal program runs on all working days in the school year, which is close to 220 days. The meal is served to all the student and staff member in all the RDF schools.

The midday meal program caters to close to 1023 students across 3 schools in Matendla, Redlawada and Rolakkal in Telangana

A mess-in-charge maintains the purchase and utilization register which is reviewed every week by the accountant. Every month the actual expense as against budgeted cost is reported along with the budget for next month to the Head office.

Groceries such as rice, dal, oil, spices etc are purchased monthly and perishables such as vegetables are purchased weekly.

The food is cooked in a designated kitchen using firewood stoves within the school. The kitchen staff is hired from within the community. This serves as a source of employment for the community. The team is trained in cooking and basic hygiene. The raw material such as grains, vegetables, and spices are sourced locally. Some seasonal produce is also grown in the kitchen garden maintained by each school. The meals consist of rice, a dal or sambhar and a vegetable curry which addresses the basic nutrition requirements of the students.

A student committee maintains a calendar which allocates the senior school students as serving staff based on their class timetable. All schools follow a code system using hand signs to request for additional servings of rice, dal, vegetables etc, so that the meal is eaten in silence with minimal interruption to service. Plates are rinsed and washed by students and teachers themselves and then placed in the stock room.

Many children who attend the RDF schools come from families with very meager incomes. Due to the absence of any vegetables, fruit or proteins, the nutritional content of their food is very poor. This severely impedes the physical and mental growth of the children. By providing at least one tasty and nutritious meal to these kids, two issues are addressed; the health of the children and incentivizing the parent to send their child to school.

When you donate to this program, you help in providing poor school going children with one good meal a day.

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About The NGO

Rural Development Foundation
Rural Development Foundation Logo
Rural Development Foundation

The Rural Development Foundation (RDF), is an Indian nonprofit organization with the mission of providing quality education for underprivileged rural children. They founded and continues to operate four schools and one junior college in Telangana State, taking a unique holistic approach to education through innovative programs and methodology.

Rather than using the conventional method of rote memorization, they focus on cultivating critical thinking skills and encouraging students to understand and apply concepts. They do this through special programs such as Social Awareness, Youth Empowerment, Student Leadership, and Sports. They strive to develop students who will become empowered leaders of their communities, thus working towards the vision of a transformed and prosperous rural India.

Their schools strive to create India's future leaders, people who not only respect their rich, cultural heritage but are also ready to lead their country into the future. Their constant endeavor includes their sincere attempts to inculcate into young minds a civic sense and social responsibility. Beginning with a humble enrollment of 80 students, the number of children attending RDF schools has increased to 1900, as more villagers enroll their sons and daughter in the schools.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Vandita Rao

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Area of Operation

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Location of Work
Location of Work

Andhra Pradesh

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2016: Jamsetji Tata National Virtual Academy (NVA) Fellow

2017: Maharashtrakanya Gaurav Puraskar

2017: The Pride of India Award 2015

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December 2018

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Program Updates

5 July, 2020

Let no child go hungry


Let no child go hungry

2020-07-05-RuralDevelopmentFoundation_Supportthemiddaymealofanunderprivilegedchild_1.jpeg 2020-07-05-RuralDevelopmentFoundation_Supportthemiddaymealofanunderprivilegedchild_2.jpeg

Every child is entitled to an education in India, but unfortunately, not every child is getting quality education. Indians, like many others, want better education for their children. One solution is quality education at a price families can afford. For this purpose RDF schools offer a workable student to teacher ratio so that students get more focused instruction and individual attention. Lessons are fine-tuned to encourage children to think creatively, solve problems and not just memorize. Each day is an electrifying experience for these children with co-curricular activities like sports and cultural programs, not to forget, a daily sumptuous and nutritious meal. We are very happy to conduct different types of activities to enrich the skills of students. we conducted the ”Multiplication Tables Awareness Month Celebrations” in our school successfully. Most of the students performed in the following programs enthusiastically. 👉 Reciting multiplication tables 👉Singing multiplication tables 👉Chappatla aata on multiplication tables 👉Bathukamma aata on multiplication tables 👉Dancing on Multiplication tables 👉Playing tricks with multiplication tables 👉Oggukatha on multiplication tables 👉Burrakatha on multiplication tables 👉Jokes on multiplication tables 👉Skits on multiplication tables 👉Quiz competition on the dias We were mesmerised by the students’ performances. All the students were aware and learnt maximum multiplication tables by this event. We conducted National science day and national Math day in our institutions. On the Science day all the students prepared their own exhibits and they presented them in a fair. Along with these activities we conducted many more activities like cultural, sports and extra curricular activities.

19 November, 2019

Children receiving nutritious meals


Children receiving nutritious meals

2019-11-11-annadhanam-rdfheadoffice.jpg 2019-11-11-dsc00617-rdfheadoffice.jpg 2019-11-11-dsc00627-rdfheadoffice.jpg 2019-11-11-dsc00619-rdfheadoffice.jpg

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

In the last six months, our students reached wonderful achievements. Seven student’s projects elected national impair and they got awards also. Three students selected District level chess competition. Our students participating all social awareness programs. Students have fared well, scoring good grades and maintaining an attendance of over 98%. We are delighted to inform you that schools run by RDF achieved 100% in the recent Board exams. Your generous donation has helped RDF pay the monthly salaries of our teachers who help our children excel in both academics as well as extra-curricular activities like sports. To learn more about our work please visit Special training in English by soft skills trainer who thought Rhymes and storytelling. Synchrony financials trained about 32 students from high school to speak and understand English. The school has a special activity on every Saturday called Balanandam, where children are encouraged to display their talent in drawing, painting. Academics with 9.3 grades in board exams. Students selected at National level have got jobs in Railways, Army & Police." We are giving special coaching for students in Taekwondo. We are planning to develop all students’ communication skills and we will give special training to Taekwondo, Chess and Kabddi Games. We are planning to introduce village and our traditional games which were our grandparents played. Students are forgetting our tradition and culture. We will develop students all round development. Rural kids do not know about Science and technology. We give training Students learn computer.

Story from the field

Our Give India beneficiary students inspired by your donation and kind heart. They also try to do something for others and school. In that way they collected old newspapers and old books from others. We are keeping those things in library; it helps to student read books and develops their reading skills and general knowledge also. Helping nature always show their dignity and society can identify and admire their helping nature. After they schooling they motivated others and role model to society. Who are benefited for others they remember them life time. In the way our students remember life time you’re helping, caring and affection. When they have a chance, they explain about Give India and how they were benefited. When they have good position they also try to helps like your way. With help of your donation they are good citizens in the society. They also recognize importance of helping rural unprivileged student. Your donation is very precious to the rural area students. It removes their parent’s economic burden. 100 mils walk start with one step, the same thing your inspiration give to them complete their education successfully and make them happy. Your kind heart donation inspires all students and parents. Our Give India beneficiary students feel your donation like pearls.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19? 620
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 264
Village/City/State where project is located Redlawada, Rollakall, Warangal Rural, Telangana.
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 1042282
Total Expenses for the project YTD 1042282

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