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Sumeet sets an example for others with disabilities

Sumeet is a differently abled young man who works as an assistant at a Resource Center.

He was born in an underprivileged family who were not aware of his special needs. He was sent to a regular school where an unfortunate incident in class V made him shut off completely. He stopped going to school after that. People around him did not understand his condition and he wasn’t able to get the support he required.

After many years of suffering, he was brought as an adult to the Society for Child Development center. He had a hard time adjusting. He was overweight, slow, and dull because of years of inactivity.

The center slowly began to help him improve. He was guided along each step and was able to lose weight with a controlled diet. He also learnt to become self-sufficient.

He now works as an assistant in the weaving and paper unit and is being groomed to be a counselling assistant on a salary. He can also calm hyperactive youngsters at the center.

Children who are differently abled need understanding, care, special education and training so that they can make the most of their capabilities.

You can help these centers by donating to give meals and midday snacks to the children here. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. And you will have the joy of providing them the nourishment that they need to grow and discover who they can be.


Differently abled children can create a good life for themselves with the right support and nourishment.

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