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Raju's Biogas project wins the INSPIRE Science award

Raju lives with his family in Redlawada. His parents are both daily wage workers. They have an extremely unstable income.

Till Class 1 Raju studied in a local school. However, due to their financial status his parents were considering stopping their education.

It was then that a well wisher advised them to enroll Raju in the RDF Redlawada School. His parents agreed to send him to school as they were assured that they would not have any financial burden.

He joined the RDF Redlawada School in class 2. Once he started getting proper attention he began to concentrate better in class. His teachers slowly realized that he was a very bright student.

Year on Year, he grew stronger and smarter. He began to show a lot of interest in science. He began conducting experiments to learn the practical applications of science.

All his hard work bore fruit when he created a project that could generate bio-gas out of cow dung. This could be used for cooking in the place of firewood.

His experiment won the best project award in the state level INSPIRE AWARD Scheme. INSPIRE stands for"Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)" is an innovative programme sponsored and managed by the Department of Science & Technology for attraction of talent to Science.

A little support can help brilliant children like Raju reach their potential.

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Access to quality education can help poor children bring out their inherent talents.

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