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Support the critical Medical care of abandoned infants

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Samira fights death and finds a new home

Samira was abandoned as a newborn in the cradle outside the gates of Palna.

She was severely underweight and with multiple medical complications including Craniosynostosis, a condition that changed the growth pattern of the skull. This is a life threatening condition

The doctors were in a dilemma about how to save the child. The afflictions were both diverse and critical. It was a challenge to balance the distinctive treatments in such a young baby. Their first focus was to stabilize her.

Samira stabilized after a lot of effort by the doctors, but wasn't making milestones. After intensive therapeutic interventions, she showed response after a few months.

The doctors and therapists worked with her for two years for her to reach her milestones. When she reached two years of age her fine motor abilities finally got close to her peers.

It was a miracle to watch her do basic things like stack rings on a peg, turn pages and pick rice grains with a tip to tip grasp!

The thrill on her little face as she conquered these challenges was the greatest gratification for her caregivers. With speech stimulation Samira also began to start speaking.

Samira's life changed when a family adopted her after knowing all details of her journey.

You can be the reason for a miracle like Samira's journey.

You can help in saving the lives of critically ill abandoned children. You can give them the chance of live and hope of a family. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

Access to medical treatment gives critically ill abandoned infants gives them the right to life that that they rightfully deserve.

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