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Support poor farmers with free saplings


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Damodar Sahariya hails from a backward tribe in the district of Jhansi. With an annual income in between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 from non-timber forest produce, he barely managed to provide members of his family of two, with a meal per day.

Hartika provided Sahariya with saplings of fruits and vegetables, along with bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, fencing plants, intercropping plants among other materials to aid him in the farming process. The organization also has taken care of the cost of tiling Sahariya's land.

Owing to assistance from Hartika, Sahariya was able to increase his annual income to INR 35,000 and send his children to school.


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The 'Horticulture Wadi Development Program' initiated by Hartika, works with farmers living in extreme conditions of poverty, illiteracy, and disease in the Bijawar and Bakswaha districts in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The program provides seeds, saplings, fertilizers, pesticides and other such agricultural products to assist the farmers in the farming process. By doing so, Hartika ensures the farmers have a viable source of income and livelihood to support their respective families.

The seeds, saplings and other supplies are bought in bulk by the organization and are handed out to the said farmers between the months of March and October.

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About The NGO

Haritika Logo

Haritika, as the name suggests, is a Trust that was formed for bringing about a green revolution in the water-scarce regions of Bundelkhand. By tapping into various water sources, they have proactively worked on sustainable projects relating to water harvesting and management, crop optimization, soil conservation and afforestation.

This initiative has complemented their focus on child education, women empowerment, health, environment and the socio-economic upliftment of the poor, in the communities, they work in. Their diligent efforts on more than 20 projects with support from national and international partners have resulted in the assured water supply to 42,000 people for domestic requirements and irrigation to a land of 13,000 hectares. These accomplishments resulted in an increase in the number of girl students attending schools and a considerable decrease in the number of cases of genito-urinary infections among other ailments.

With other projects on natural resources' management; water and sanitation; health and livelihood opportunities - members of Haritika aim at a just, enlightened, healthy and democratic Bundelkhand, free of hunger, poverty, environmental degradation and all forms of exploitation irrespective of age, sex, religion, and ethnicity.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Avani Mohan Singh

areas of operation
Area of Operation
Area of Operation

Agriculture | livelihoods

location of work
Location of Work
Location of Work

Madhya Pradesh

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December 2018

Program Updates

Program Updates

3 December, 2019

Content receiving the free saplings


Content receiving the free saplings

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23 May, 2019


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Program Update

Our Project villages are tribal dominated villages and we are already implementing Wadi development project in these villages with the support of NABARD but and it will take long time to provide benefit. For motivating tribes to be involved in any activity there is need of selecting activities that can provide them immediate monetary benefit. Therefore under the donation support from Give India, we have provided vegetable saplings like Bottle gourd, Brinjal, tomato, Bitter gourd etc. for 1 acre of land worth INR 3200 to each beneficiary family. In this year with the donation support of Give India Foundation, we have supported farmers for vegetable and fruit cultivation. These farmers were from Kupiya, Pipariya and Patna village of Buxwaha Block of Chhatarpur District. We have planned to extend our this initiative with other farmers so that this vulnerable group can be supported.

Story from the field

Mr. Kamlesh Saur is 49 years old. He lives at Pipariya Kala village which is a tribal dominated village in Buxwaha Block of Chattarpur district. Mr. Kamlesh Saur, head of the family along with his wife Gumna and 17 year old son Hakke studying in XII std and his 14 year old daughter Ajna in IX std. He was married at the age of 18 years. To support his living he has two goats and to meet every day expense and family needs, he and his wife work on lands to bring in income. Mr. Kamlesh was somehow able to acquire 1 acre of land and started sowing seeds under our Wadi development program. After seeing his dedication and poor financial condition we have decided to help him out in inter cropping too, Thus with donor support we have provided vegetable and fruit saplings like Bottle-gourd, Brinjal, Tomato, Bitter-gourd, Mango, Guava etc. for 1 acre of land worth INR 3200 to Kamlesh Saur s/o Dammu Saur of Pipariya Kala village. Now he is devoting his full time to protect fields from attack of wild animals and taking proper care of his fields. In the early days, Kamlesh survived their daily life as bonded labourer working inland or as a construction worker. During his early-childhood days, he was unable to go to school but now he makes sure that none of his child should be deprived of education. He felt proud to be part of this project and happy with the output and cultivation practices and also decided to help out in preparing organic manure to sell at low cost among the community people. He seems very happy and contented.

What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 32
Village/City/State where project is located Bijawar, Buxwaha block of chhatarpur district, Madhya-Pradesh
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 224000
Total Expenses for the project YTD 73600

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