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Mumbai Mobile Creches provide safe and caring shelters for young children of women working at construction sites. They also provide women with an alternate source of stable employment.

Donation to this program contributes to a fund that covers a part of the cost of the creche teachers' salary.

The creche caretakers or teachers as they are called are the most valuable asset on construction sites. They take care of the children, teach them as well as keep the center running. 30% of the teachers are from construction worker community.

Their incredible multi-tasking is what keeps the centers smoothly. Their dedication and enthusiasm is what allows the children to learn and engage with our programme.

All the teachers either go through the Mumbai Mobile Creches' comprehensive teacher training program - Bal Palika or any other reputed training program. The teachers implement all aspects of the program. The teachers are the foundation of Mumbai Mobile Creches. They help in reaching out to every need of the children on the site.

All children in the age group of birth to 14 years living on construction sites where the daycare centers exist are welcome to attend their daycare programs.

There are currently 18 centers across Mumbai. Over 1,00,000 children have been taken care of by the Mumbai Mobile Creches in the past 40 years. Between 900 to 1000 children are taken care of by the centers on an average day.

When you donate to this program you will aid in the continuous running of the creches in an effective and sustainable manner.

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About : Mumbai Mobile Creches

The vision of the organisation is for all children to have a nurturing and happy childhood and their mission is to promote child-friendly sites; where every child living on a construction site is safe, healthy and educated, and able to enjoy their childhood.

The founder Mrs. Meera Mahadevan set up the first Mobile Creches in 1969 as a spontaneous response to the neglected children she saw on the site of the Gandhi Centenary Exhibition in Delhi. From that rudimentary shelter, the journey began towards gaining entry into other construction sites.

They wanted to ensure basic minimum care for children of the vast migrant labour force belonging to the poorest strata of the society. In 1972, a branch was set up in Mumbai called Mobile Creches, Mumbai. From 1st April, 2007, they began separate operations as Mumbai Mobile Creches.

No. of health camps - 70

No. of doctors' visits - 800

No. of children provided education - 4000

No. of incidence of illnesses identified & treatment facilitated - 11000

No. of day care centres run on child friendly construction sites during the year ( including Day Care and Child Care Centre) - 48

No. of immunizations facilitated for children - 4200

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Access to livelihood to women can empower them to be an equal contributor to their families, improve their quality of life and be independent

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