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Catalysts for Social Action works around the entire eco-system spanning Adoption, Child Care Institutes and Aftercare that are included under the Juvenile Justice Act and the Integrated Child Protection Policy.

Catalysts for Social Action works on the ground to deliver results such as more adoptions, happier children, better developmental outcomes, placement into decent jobs. These efforts make a difference in the lives of children which is clear and heart-warming.

The needs of the children are identified. They are placed in formal educational institutions where they receive a quality education. The basic needs of children like food, clothing, and educational needs are taken care of. They also receive proper healthcare. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, hygiene kit and day to day essentials are provided to the children so they can grow up to be healthy.

Children in this age grow quickly, and there is always a dearth of clothes and footwear that they outgrow fast.

Love is what an underprivileged child misses the most. They crave the attention that makes them feel loved. These small gifts can help the children feel loved.

There are over 3400 children in over 60 child care institutions across four states under the support of Catalysts for Social Action. The organization has facilitated over 250 successful adoptions facilitated.

When you donate to this program, you gift an underprivileged child a pair of footwear and clothes that they deserve.

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About : Catalysts For Social Action

Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) is a not-for-profit organization working in the arena of holistic childcare for the last 15 years. CSA’s prime areas of work are Adoption, Healthcare, and Nutrition, Hygiene, Education, Skill training and Livelihood.

CSA believes Adoption is the best form of child rehabilitation. Every adoptable child should find a home Partner with more Childcare Institutions. With an aim to give them better childhood CSA currently supports 3400+ children in areas of health, education, and hygiene. They work towards fulfilling their needs and to help them with a brighter future.

They conduct livelihood training that focuses on computer literacy, adolescent health, drug abuse, and confidence building. CSA also trains youth in employable skills so that they can settle down in society as socially adept individuals. They also support for higher education. Over 200 young adults have been given support for higher education and livelihood.

CSA believes that every child needs a family or family-like care in a well-managed institution. With this objective, they work towards

• Increasing adoptions and support to adoptive parents and children

• Maintaining higher standards in child care homes

• Supporting children in their transition into independent living and secure livelihood

• Supporting Government policies and their implementation

They believe in not just providing direct services but also in being a catalyst for systemic and sustainable change.

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Clean clothes and good footwear goes a long way in motivating an orphaned child to gain confidence and grow.

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