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Support a child suffering from cancer with monthly rations



Support a child suffering from cancer with monthly rations


Samyek's strength in his fight with cancer

Samyek is a young boy who suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. He is from a poor family and did not have proper food to eat.

When he was brought to St. Jude India’s Child Care Centre, he was rapidly losing weight because of malnutrition and the illness. He was shy and kept to himself.

Over time at the center, Samyek began to come out of his shell. He started opening up and making friends. The educational sessions got him more involved in his studies.

The center also helped his family cope through the difficult time. His parents got deeply involved with the activities at the center. They learnt more about their son’s disease which helped them move past wrong ideas that they had about it.

The food he got at the center helped Samyek stabilize his weight and continue his treatment. He is now undergoing his second chemotherapy and his treatment so far has been free of complications.

It is important to provide children battling with cancer a good environment and a healthy lifestyle. Mental well being and physical strength is crucial to a child who is undergoing treatment.

Your contribution will help provide food for children with cancer who cannot afford a meal. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. Contribute now to give a child like Samyek a fighting chance at life.


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Every year, hundreds of cancer-affected children travel to Mumbai along with their parents for treatment. With no place to stay in the course of the treatment, they usually end up staying on the streets, thus living at a risk of contracting secondary infections. Many of them even abandon therapy.

St. Jude India Child Care Centre works for the alleviation of such conditions for children undergoing cancer treatment. St. Jude India provides these families with a sanitized and secure environment where the patients and their families are provided the necessary nutritional and emotional support to endure the treatment. Through counseling, educational and recreational sessions they ensure the families are free of all myths surrounding their child's condition.

As for the patients themselves, they ensure a sense of normalcy is maintained for the children and they continue with activities they would pursue in a normal set up, like drawing or painting.

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About The NGO

St Jude India Childcare Centres
St Jude India Childcare Centres Logo
St Jude India Childcare Centres

St. Jude India Child Care Centers (St. Jude's) was founded to ensure that every child suffering from cancer, irrespective of their economic status, have access to the best possible treatment available and stand a chance to fight the disease and live a healthy, happy life. To this effect, the team of 140 staff members at St. Jude's provides cost-free and holistic care to patients and their families during the child's treatment.

In close to 33 centers across India, St. Jude's provides such families with free housing, the necessary nutritional intake, free transportation to and from the hospitals, counseling, art-based therapy, music therapy and yoga for the patients, and skill training activities for the families to open up new avenues for income generation. The organization has admitted 11,180 children so far across its 33 centers.

The fundamental mission at St. Jude's is to provide a clean, safe and cost-free environment and holistic care to needy children affected by the illness and their accommodating parents.

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Founded in 1991
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Usha Banerji

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Area of Operation

Cancer | children

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Location of Work


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Awards And Recognitions

2012: NGO Excellence Award

2014: Lifetime Achievement Award

2014: Award for Best "Samarth Project"

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December 2018

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