Sponsor vocational training for youth living in slums by ETASHA

Sponsor vocational training for youth living in slums


Vikash realizes his dream to become an accountant

Vikash finished class XII with the desire to work with numbers. His father works as a painter, and their family income is approximately Rs.7700/- ($108) per month. This was not enough to maintain their family in a city like Delhi.

As they couldn't afford to pay for Vikash's education, he enrolled in the B.Com through correspondence at Delhi University. He worked hard, but he wanted help with understanding the concepts.

A well-wisher guided him to meet the ETASHA community mobilization team. With advice from them, he joined the CATT program.

He studied hard and was an active participant in all the subjects. Very soon, Vikash's knowledge of Accounts was strengthened. He became adept at Excel and Tally.

Soon after the program ended, Vikash was selected for the position of a Junior Account with a monthly salary of Rs. 8,000/- per month with Unilever in Okhla!

He is making the best use of his learning of Excel, Tally, and the Internet at the job. He hopes to raise the ranks and soon become a senior accountant.

He believes that ETASHA has prepared him for employment and given him the social skills he needs to succeed.

He now advises the youth in his community to enroll in the CATT program and gives his own example to motivate them.

You can also help poor youth like Vikash with access to employable skills. You can support organizations like ETASHA help more children who otherwise grow up to find jobs with no future. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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ETHASHA runs a training program titled 'Confidence in Accounts, Taxation and Tally.' The objective of the program is to prepare youth for a career in Accounts in the context of computerized accounting systems in Small and Medium Enterprises and to assist with placement in reputed organizations.

One unit of donation to the program will cover the cost of training, training supplies, trainer salary and operating expenses of the center for one student for a month.

This is a skill-building program that focuses on building competency in basic accounting as well as working on computers. Hands-on working and practice are built into the program. The program covers latest Tally accounting packages, basic accounting principles and practices, basics of taxation, usage of computer and internet, spoken English, interpersonal and social confidence and behavioral skills.

For admission in the CATT program, students should have passed their Grade XII, be 18 years of age and have an interest and aptitude for working with numbers. Potential trainees who are keen to start working and meet the necessary criteria for our programs are identified from the community. A simple English comprehension test is conducted to assess trainees' level of comprehension of the language and their ability to keep up with the course inputs.

The Community Mobilisation team conducts a home visit with the applicant's family to assess their economic circumstances, support for their child's participation in the program, support for their child taking up work upon completion of the program and to address any concerns they may have.

Dialogue with the families of participants is kept up through home visits as well as parents' meetings in the centers.

The training is conducted for batches of 18 to 22 trainees. Training starts with building the foundations in basic accounting concepts, keyboard skills as well as computer and internet usage skills.

Extensive practice of accounting with examples as well as on the latest version of Tally is a significant part of the program. Basic concepts of taxation and issues related to the filing of taxes are also covered.

ETASHA has highly participative methods of transacting concepts and enabling skill development in class

Assignments are practical and reflect real-life work situations and are designed to teach, stretch and assess students' accounting skills. In the last weeks of the program, students undergo rigorous study and preparation to ready them for placement into the organized sector.

Placement of Trainees inappropriate jobs in the organized corporate sector is an intrinsic part of the program. ETASHA's placement team manages the entire process of connecting young people with potential employers, arranging interviews and reassuring and supporting them through the process until placement is done.

When you donate to this program, you give underprivileged youth a chance to find jobs that can help them break out of poverty.

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About The NGO


ETASHA (Enabling and Training Adolescents for Successful and healthy Adulthood) is a Delhi-based NGO training disadvantaged young Indians for employment in the organised sector. Their mission is to equip people to make the right choices at the right time and enable them to lead successful and healthy lives.

Each of their programmes are geared towards developing employability skills to enable communities to become employed, self sufficient and live lives with dignity. ETASHA's core activities are aimed at engaging various stakeholders to holistically impact communities by orienting them to value and respect skills.

These activities are vocational training and placement, career guidance, life skills development, employability skills training, training of employability skills trainers, and development of women entrepreneurs.

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