Sponsor the nutrition and healthcare of poor senior citizens by Sarada Ramkrishna (Sishu O Mahila) Sevashram

Sponsor the nutrition and healthcare of poor senior citizens

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Kuntabala finds meaning in her life after 27 years!

Kunta Bala Chakraborty lived alone and had a hard life. She lost her husband at a very young age and worked hard for 27 years to make ends meet and struggled all her life.

She had no children. As she got older, she lost her strength to carry on working. With no family and no support, she was struggling even for a decent meal a day. She lost all hope and saw no reason in living.

It was then that the team from Sevashram rescued her and brought her to the ashram.

She was provided with shelter and food. She was counseled and motivated to live life in a more meaningful way.

With a safe shelter, nutritious food, love, and care, she gained her strength. She then wanted to start working and be engaged in helping other people.

Today, Kunta Bala has become an energetic mother of the Sevashram. She helps in the activities of Sevashram Girls Home.

Kuntabala is now leading a life of joyful involvement of children.

Your help can make many more seniors like Kuntabala live their golden years with dignity. You can donate for the nutrition and healthcare of the destitute elderly. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

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Sarada Ramakrishna runs an old age ashram to provide food and health support to the needy elderly in need.

One unit of donation to this program covers the cost of healthcare and basic nutrition for one senior citizen a month.

The community workers of Sarada Ramakrishna identify the destitute and needy senior citizens through their outreach program.

They verify their economic and social conditions and after a village level discussion enroll them in the program after which they live in the shelter.

The senior citizens in the ashram get three meals a day. They receive their monthly medicines on a specified date when they are delivered at the Sevashram. When the members produce bills of any medicines or doctors' fees, they receive reimbursement.

A doctor visits the ashram thrice a month and attends to any ailments of the members of the program. Any supplies required for the basic medical help of the members are also covered by the Sevashram.

When you donate to this program, you help destitute elderly citizens with access to food and essential medicines in their golden years.

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About The NGO

Sarada Ramkrishna (Sishu O Mahila) Sevashram
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Sarada Ramkrishna (Sishu O Mahila) Sevashram

Sevashram initiated destitute/orphan residential girls' home with 25 rural poor girls. It was then sanctioned by the Social Welfare Department of both Central & State Government. At present, more than 150 children are being nurtured and cared with the facilities of food, education, medical treatment, recreation, cultural program and child sponsorship program. Self Help Groups, health, education, awareness camps, and socio-cultural programs are implemented by the organisation in South Parganas of West Bengal.

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Founded in 1991
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December 2018

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Program Updates

23 March, 2021

Good days in old age



The old and senior citizens of  Magrahat -I & II Blocks  Baruipur,  Mandirbazaer, Canning of 24 Parganas (South) belonging to SC,  marginal cultivators, rural artisans families are helpless and very poor. Being selected by our NGO, the beneficiaries are  provided with  nutritious  dry food and health care aids , the dire needs.  They are extremely happy getting expected assistance and grateful to  benevolent donors and  Giveindia .The very poor beneficiaries  are enjoing the nutrtious food  and health care inputs and now passing the days living comfortably .It  is a fact  that  they  get energy in their house hold works and carry out works as house maid  and as  artisans  too .  Sometimes  they  visit relative houses and  get  free  of mind in stereotype life.  They are now respected by family members considerably  and  younger family members behave with the aged member/s in free  and rank ways . The beneficiaries have variety of hobbies like swing, kichen gardining , baby nurturing , making sweets and puffed rice , TV watching , worshiping etc. In doing these as well as having intake of sufficient foods . They feel at home . Those who are very old  suffer from geriatric illness , other old persons  also suffer from common diseases  some days a year . Health care treatment is being offered as and when needed.    In maintaining and managing family in better ways, old and senior people contribute a lot to their families in different situation as they are rich in experiences gathered over the course of living in the society. The old and senior persons are cordial, co-operative, soft in dealing with other  family members. Due to out break of Covid -19 that resulted in pandemic since April’ 2020 onwards, the old and senior  people felt disturbed in life style, but  gradually used to normal life style. But still they are maintaining precautionary measures to a great extent. They avoid going out side of home, wear mask, keep social distance, use hand sanitizer , washing hands with soap. No one is infected with the virus. At present, the life situation changed towards cheerful living considerably. 

5 August, 2020

The glory of the elderly is their insight to life.


The glory of the elderly is their insight to life.

2020-08-05-SaradaRamkrishna(SishuOMahila)Sevashram_Sponsorthenutritionandhealthcareofpoorseniorcitizens_1.JPG 2020-08-05-SaradaRamkrishna(SishuOMahila)Sevashram_Sponsorthenutritionandhealthcareofpoorseniorcitizens_2.JPG

The very poor senior citizens and their families at the grassroot level have been suffering from fullfillment of lack of basic necessities of life. The senior citizens have been selected from 20 villages of Baruipur and Magrahat Blocks of South 24 Parganas. These were the ones who were in immediate need of supplies. Therefater, they were provided with Rice, puffed rice, gram dust, biscuits, coconut oil, soap, detergent powder, etc. all the essentials which are required in day to day life. This supoort has made things a lot easier for them during this tough situation. This has surely helped them escape hunger and escape other means to beg for food as even their health does not permit them to work now leaving them with no source to earn an income