Sponsor the monthly living expenses of an orphan child by The hope house

Sponsor the monthly living expenses of an orphan child


The story of another Malala

When Priya was subjected to eve teasing, local police had to intervene to handle the situation. Out of her own distress, when she began talking to her school friends, she found out that she was not the only one who had to undergo such horror everyday. Many of her friends had faced similar situations but they refused to talk about them.

It was then when this 11th grader decided to raise her voice against this menace. She decided to do her bit to change the way girls deal with such situations. With the help of a Hope House volunteer, she started searching about reproductive health. To spread awareness, her next step was to conduct workshops for her classmates. On Children's Day, with the permission of the school authorities, she made a presentation on prevention of sexual abuse to educate 400 of her schoolmates and female teachers. A week later, along with her four friends, she also presented at a local church. Proud to see one of their resident students empowering girls of her own age, Priya was given the name - 'Malala of the Hope House'.

To survive, the children not only need to excel in academics but need life skills and confidence to make their way in this world. Donate to help Hope House train the children from the disadvantaged sections of the society to become self reliant. You can donate for the well being of children with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

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The Hope House runs an integrated home where they take care of children of all needs including children with different needs. Many of their children are orphans and are referred to them by the state of Tamil Nadu. Catering to children of 2-18 years, they make sure that these children attend school to learn and grow.

Children are also often admitted through someone's referral. People who come across a child in need and are aware of the Hope House services, requests for the child admission in the House. The House does a need assessment and makes a decision to admit a child or not. Once admission is granted, the child's family (if they have one) is counseled about their roles and responsibilities.

Following the right based approach, children are made aware about their survival, development and protection. The aim is to make sure that if need be, the children can protect themselves from being violated by anyone. They also try to follow the standards of childcare (staffing, infrastructure, nutrition and healthcare etc) that are prescribed in Juvenile and Justice Act and often conduct meetings with children or their families.

They lay great emphasis on children learning life skills apart from having academic excellence. For the same, children are taken on educational tours and are trained to operate computer, do banking and develop good communication & organizational skills. Children are also mentored to choose the right career path for themselves.

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The hope house
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The hope house

The Hope House aims to Nurture and empower children to become successful and responsible citizens.

Mr Ruby Nakka, the founder, grew up in a children's home in Andhra Pradesh for 12 years and was helped for 15 years in total. It was his childhood desire to help children like the way he was helped.

Mr. Ruby Nakka was living in the United States with his family that consisted of two adopted girls. It was his girls who reminded him and his wife about the children in need of help in India. It was they who inspired him and his wife to forgo their well paid jobs in the healthcare industry to start The Hope House. He in turn inspired two of his best friends (Manoah and Thomas) to join him and one among the two (Mr. Thomas) has relocated to India now.

Full time staff - 4

Contract staff -16

Volunteers - 2

Total Receipts for 2015-2016 - INR 4545923

Total Payments for 2015-2016 - INR 6005353

Activities and reach for the latest full Financial Year

Children able to read English at the speed of 10 to 15 words per minutes with less than 20 errors - 10

Children supported with ration supplies - 60

Children empowered in financial literacy - 50

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Founded in 1991
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Ruby Nakka

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Tamil Nadu

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December 2018

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Program Updates

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