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You could gift tribal children the hope of a better tomorrow.

Subash is young boy from a poor tribal village in Orissa. His parents hardly earned and could not even afford the basic necessities of their family.

They did not send Subash to school and there were days with no food on the table. Subash’s life seemed hopeless until he was brought to Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences.

The institute gives him education free of cost. They also provide three meals and a snack every day. This gives him the needed nutrition to learn and grow. He also gets the energy he needs to take part in after-school activities.

Tribal children across India do not have access to basic requirements such as nutrition and healthcare. It is necessary that they receive these so that they can study, earn a living and break the cycle of poverty.

You can gift these children meals and school supplies with a steady contribution. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED. Your gift could give these children a shot at a different future, one filled with hope and possibility.


Education and nutrition are the building blocks of a child's life. You could change a tribal child’s future by donating today.

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