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Rescued from the streets of Kolkata, Dukhini returns to her family in good health

Dukhini Murmu belongs to a tribe from Balichak, East Midnapore, WB. She got married at a very young age. Unfortunately, she was widowed within a few years of the marriage.

She started showing signs of mental illness from when she was young. After losing her husband, she returned to her maternal home. Due to her illness, she often wandered away from home and was found loitering in nearby villages.

On one such instance, she somehow landed up in Kolkata. The police rescued her from the streets. They admitted her to Calcutta Pavlov Govt Mental Hospital under the magisterial order.

As they didn't know her family's whereabouts, she was admitted to the Paripurnata Halfway Home.

She was given psychosocial rehabilitation. She underwent pharmacotherapy and socio-cultural therapies. She was provided free of cost food, clothing, prescribed medicines, and accommodation.

The team at Paripurnata worked hard and succeeded in contacting her family. When they heard about Dukhini, her mother and brother visited her at the half-way home.

The family is poor, and her mother is in poor health. They are however confident in their attitude towards Dukhini. They kept regular contact over the phone and also visited on many occasions.

Initially, the family was quite reluctant in accepting her back due to their poor financial condition. The team counseled them which slowly changed their attitude.

Today Dukhini is back with her loving family. The Paripurnata team keeps a follow-up check to make sure she is recovering well.

Without the support and care of Paripurnata's staff, Dukhini would have spent all her life in the Govt. Mental Hospital. The care she received has helped her return to her family.

You can also help poor patients with mental illness get the help that they deserve. You can donate so that they can get the support which can help them overcome their condition. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


Patients suffering from Mental illness need a safe place where they can be treated for their illness. Many poor families live under the stigma of mental illness due to the lack of awareness. You can change this for them.

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