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Shibani goes home after fifteen years in a hospital

Shibani (50 years approx), was a resident of Mallick Phatak, Howrah. She first showed signs of mental problems in her late teens. The symptoms aggravated after her marriage. She is a mother of two sons. Shibani had taken sporadic psychiatric treatment for a few years, but it did not help her much.

When her chronic Schizophrenia worsened she was admitted to the Govt. Mental Hospital. She continued to stay there for fourteen years.

She began to get better but needed psychosocial rehabilitation. As she didn't know of any family who could support her, she was referred to the Paripurnata Half-way home.

When she was admitted to the home, she had a vague speech pattern, suspiciousness and other similar symptoms.

At Paripurnata Halfway Home, she underwent the residential rehabilitation program. It comprises pharmacotherapy & counseling, occupational and socio-cultural therapies.

She was provided free of cost accommodation, food, clothes, and medicines.

Initially, she was quite incoherent and could not talk much about her husband and her sons. With time, she opened up and started giving out some information about her family.

The representatives of Paripurnata visited the address given in her hospital records. They found that her husband was living alone in a makeshift home on the roadside. He was unemployed, disheveled and emaciated.

He gave the details of their older son who lived with his wife in Thakurpukur and worked as a rickshaw puller. The team from Paripurnata contacted him. He came to visit his mother and promised to take her home once her condition stabilized.

Shibani continued to suffer from hallucinatory incidents. The staff of Paripurnata worked hard with her for her rehabilitation. She gradually got better and her condition was in control with medication.

Shibani is now back home with her son. The half-way home keeps in touch with her to make sure she is fine and healthy.

**Without the support and care of Paripurnata's staff Shibani would have spent all her life in the Govt. Mental hospital. The care and treatment she received have helped her return to her family.

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Patients suffering from Mental illness need a safe place where they can be treated for their illness. Many poor families live under the stigma of mental illness due to the lack of awareness. You can change this for them.

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