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65-year-old Bimla no longer has to beg for food

Bimla's has had a hard life in the last 65 years. She was born and raised in Kamalpur village. At a young age, she married Nityananda.

Her husband was a door to door clothes vendor in the village. After 12 years of her marriage, her husband passed away.

Bimla then single-handedly had to take care of her seven daughters and one son. She faced a very tough time by herself coping with financial hardships. She worked as a maid to manage the needs of her large family.

She worked hard and got her children married. Unfortunately, after their marriage, all her children got busy with their lives, and no one supported Bimla.

She lived in a one-room mud wall house with one of her daughters who is a widow. Her daughter worked as a helper in a tailoring shop. Bimala suffers from severe asthma and hence found it very hard to find a job. With no means of livelihood, she started to beg.

Abhoy Mission's social workers spotted her and decided to include her in the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) beneficiary List. After the intervention of Abhoy Mission, things changed for the better.

She now receives rations every month. She also received medical help when required. She has been enabled to live a dignified life now, with the support of Abhoy Mission.

Without the support of Abhoy Mission, Bimla would have spent all her old age begging. The aid she has received has given her dignity in her golden years.

You can also help poor seniors get two meals a day which is a basic right. You can donate so that they can get the support with which they can live their golden years in peace. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


With the basic necessity of food and medicines, the poor elderly can live with dignity in their old age.

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