Sponsor the cost of spectacles for the underprivileged by Rural Health Care Foundation

Sponsor the cost of spectacles for the underprivileged


A pair of spectacles that helped Sobha from losing her livelihood

Sobha is a 42-year-old and lives in Kusumgram. She works at a small handicraft shop in her village. She had three young children. Sobha was the only earning member in her family. She had the sole responsibility of their livelihood and of her children's education.

A few months ago, she started to suffer from severe headaches. This affected her focus and precision. Her headaches and blurred vision hindered her work. It led to difficulties in carrying out her daily chores.

Her supervisors started rebuking her for the errors she was making. She feared that she might lose her job if she continued to make mistakes.

She couldn't afford expensive check-ups with her low income. She was entirely at a loss, and her condition worsened.

One of her neighbors then referred her to the RHCF health center. She decided to visit the center of Rural Health Care Foundation for a check-up. She attended the center once she came to know that the fee charged was nominal and within her reach.

The health center clinic was well-equipped with qualified professionals. They guided Sobha and assisted her with a proper eye check-up.

She was given a pair of spectacles at a subsidized rate for correcting her vision. She was also prescribed with eye-drops and medicines.

The spectacles and medication have helped Sobha regain her vision. Now her work doesn't get affected and she does not live in fear of losing her job.

She visits the health center for regular checks.

Sobha, grateful for the help, now recommends the health center to all her friends and family. **Without simple support like a pair of spectacles, Sobha would have lost her job and only source of income. She would have struggled to raise and educate her children. A simple help she has received has saved her livelihood.

You can also help poor patients get access to spectacles. You can donate so that they can continue to live their regular lives and earn their living. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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You will be sponsoring the benefits for different beneficiaries every month

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Program Description

Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) is an organization striving to address the gap in the availability of low-cost primary health care in rural areas.

One unit of donation to this program covers the cost of providing spectacles for ten poor patients. This includes frames, lens, charges for fitting lens and packaging of the spectacles as well as traveling, conveyance and other related expenses.

The goal of RHCF is to set up primary health care centers in the remotest areas of the country, providing OPD facilities as well as medication to the low income, hard to reach people of India.

In each of the centers, the health center has a good eye department with the best instruments to facilitate the doctor in discharging his duty.

After the preliminary eye checkup, the patients are given the prescriptions which includes information on the power of the lenses. All the different prescriptions are gathered and sent to the RHCF Head Office in Kolkata.

The prescriptions are then sent to the manufacturer of lenses for further processing. After scrutinizing each spectacle, they are packed and sent back to the respective centers for distribution to the correct patients.

Spectacles are given to the patients free of cost or at a very subsidized cost.

The program has helped 38726 people with spectacles since the inception of the program

When you donate to this program, you help an underprivileged patient who can't afford spectacles a chance to see again. This can be the means to their livelihood and the source of income to their family.

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About The NGO

Rural Health Care Foundation
Rural Health Care Foundation Logo
Rural Health Care Foundation

Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) is a non profit organisation based out of Kolkata. It offers primary healthcare to the underprivileged community through a chain of 15 primary health centres located in remote rural regions of West Bengal and the urban slums of Kolkata.

Against a nominal amount of Rs. 60 ($0.89) a patient receives consultation, treatment and free medicines for a week. A project started by two brothers, has now transformed to an initiative serving millions of patients per year and generating employment for many.

The organization was set up following the prolonged suffering of one of its founders with cancer, since an early age. This exposed to him and his brother, the lack of quality health care facilities in India, particularly so for the rural poor. The brothers got together with like-minded people and established RHCF which provides low cost, quality health care in rural areas based on a model that is scalable, sustainable and replicable.

Anant and Arun Nevatia wound up their booming construction business and started this initiative for the poor. He realised there is no end to money making and he decided to give back to society. Taking this vision forward the brothers started this initiative to provide health care to the poor.

RHCF centres run six days a week throughout the year. They have treated over 15 lakh patients in their 15 primary health care centres.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Shreyas Nevatia

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Area of Operation

Medical Supplies | health

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Location of Work

West Bengal

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2017: Best Achiever Award

2016: Special Consultative Status at United Nations

2017: Environmentalist Award

2015: Rex Karmveer Award

2014: Heroes behind heroes

2016: Best NGO To Work For 2011

2016: India Healthcare Award

2016: Senior National Championship

2017: Charities Aid Foundation

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December 2018

Program Updates

Program Updates

23 March, 2021

Spectacles: A simple way to improve lives



The poor and under-served communities have a tough life. They can never really rest. To earn their living, they have to keep working and that includes having a clear vision. Yet, when their vision weakens, their meager income often doesn’t allow them to buy proper glasses. At Rural Health Care Foundation, we have been providing eye checkup and spectacles at each of our rural healthcare centres. The patients get their eyes checked by our optometrists, get their eyeglass prescription from them and then receive the spectacles that help them see with clearly. With the shortage in healthcare facilities, the rural poor in West Bengal don’t always have access of eye care and low-cost glasses. Even now we continue to see patients whose earnings have dwindled because of poorer vision. For these patients, each day’s income is needed for their and their family’s survival. We see elderly patients whose quality of life have been affected by their vision problems and children whose future is often at stake. Vision issues affected many in the communities and even during this pandemic, we have been helping them with glasses. Our efforts have been aimed towards helping them have a better quality of life and a clearer vision is often all it takes it give them that.

5 July, 2020

Subsidized spectacles for poor - corrected vision despite limited income


Subsidized spectacles for poor - corrected vision despite limited income

2020-07-05-RuralHealthCareFoundation_Sponsorthecostofspectaclesfortheunderprivileged_1.jpeg 2020-07-05-RuralHealthCareFoundation_Sponsorthecostofspectaclesfortheunderprivileged_2.jpeg

Poverty shouldn’t come in the way of correcting someone’s vision. With eye check ups and spectacles in subsidized prices, we have corrected the visions of many a poor without affecting their income. The last quarter over 770 underprivileged people received their spectacles from our centres. Their eyes had been examined by our optometrists. Vision problem not only affects the daily work and livelihood of people, but also hinders the children’s ability to study and the quality of life of the elderly. We have come across patients whose lives had been severely disrupted because of low vision but with our low-price spectacles, these underprivileged patients are now going about their days with clearer eyesight.

19 November, 2019

Eye check-up being conducted for spectacles


Eye check-up being conducted for spectacles

2019-11-11-eyecheckupforspectacles-ruralhealthcarefoundationcarefoundation.jpeg 2019-11-11-spectaclefitting-ruralhealthcarefoundationcarefoundation.jpeg 2019-11-11-eyecheckupforspectacles2-ruralhealthcarefoundationcarefoundation.jpeg

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

Low-income rural communities, despite eye problems, have difficulty purchasing spectacles because of cost and lack of facilities. At RHCF health care centres, spectacles are provided at a highly subsidized rate, making it easier for communities to avail them. Regular access to our optometry department helps them further. Between January and March 2019, we provided spectacles to 793 people. They received consultation from our optometrist and have better vision now. Our plan for the next quarter remains the same, determinedly helping our communities with low-cost services. We plan to reach out to more underserved people in need of glasses at subsidized prices so that their vision isn’t affected.

Story from the field

50 year old Jamshed Sk (Prescription No. 342891) came to us during the Month of May to seek the medical consultation of our optometrist. Jamshed, from Harindanga, had developing issues in his eyes. He couldn’t see very well. People like Jamshed live with grit and perseverance. They have to work very hard in oftentimes physically straining jobs to sustain their family. Poverty from limited earnings and lack of opportunities make their lives very rough. Problem such as vision issues make it difficult for them to earn money, thus affecting their livelihood which affects theirs as well as their families’ quality of life. When Jamshed visited our healthcare centre in Kusumgram, our optometrist checked his eye and immediately recommended spectacles. Jamshed didn’t have money, but he needed spectacles to correct his vision. On 25th May, Jamshed received the spectacles from our centre at a very low cost. He can now see clearly and is very happy. He can go back to working and earning his living without issues. It is difficult to imagine how something so simple could have such impact on people’s lives but for so many of our rural communities low-cost medical care is the only way to get themselves treated.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19? 3571
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 3571
Village/City/State where project is located West Bengal
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 467583
Total Expenses for the project YTD 467583