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Sponsor the inter-orphanage talent festival Nakshatra

by Bhumi

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Santha Kumar overcomes an unsteady academic foundation to win literary competitions

Santha Kumar is 10 year old boy. He lives in a shelter home for orphans in Chennai. The good orphanage provided him with food, shelter and education. He was a very confident child who loved to learn. He was full of enthusiasm and was looking for an opportunity to showcase his talents. The shelter home, however had their limitations and he received limited opportunity.

When Bhumi started working in Santha's shelter home, they realized his potential. Dhanya Lakshmi, a Bhumi volunteer recognized his clarity and confidence in presenting himself. She enrolled him in the Nakshatra, an annual inter-orphanage talent fest. Nakshatra serves as a platform for underprivileged children to identify their passive talents.

Santha Kumar discovered his excellent verbal communication skills. He was particularly interested in the world building competition. He struggled with English, but was keen to learn new words. He spent time with his fellow competitors who were participating in the event. This helped him build his vocabulary for the language.

Santha Kumar's fire to prove was ignited and the result was extremely impressive. He participated in word building, solo dance, story writing. He also secured one of the top three places in all three events. He excelled in all the Nakshatra's literary events.

Children from shelter homes and underprivileged communities have an unsteady foundation in academics . They do not get enough exposure to events that can nurture their talents. The odds are stacked against these children who have very little motivation from their family or school.

With poor economic conditions and nearly no external financial support, these children compromise and reconsider their priorities and have to stick basic academics and family responsibilities. Organizations like Bhumi help these children discover their talents and help them nurture it. Young children like Santha need all the support they can get so they can get the opportunities they deserve to nurture and showcase their talents. You can help them by supporting trusted organisations like Bhumi. Your donation to Bhumi is GIVEASSURED and you will receive regular updates about your the impact of your donation.

With the right opportunity, children can find the strength to dream and use their full potential to make the dreams into reality.

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