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Abandoned at childhood, Nisha today helps missing kids reunite with their parents

Nisha(name changed) lived with her mother who was a single parent. Her mother, unable to take care of her enrolled her in a shelter home. When she was 12 years old, she moved to the Shraddhanand Mahilashram Shelter home.

Soon after, her mother completely abandoned her and disappeared. The ashram tried to locate her with the help of the police but gave up after being unsuccessful for a few months.

Nisha then became completely the responsibility of the shelter home. She became emotionally disturbed because of the disappearance of her mother. The ashram counselors worked with her to help her through her trauma.

Nisha grew up in the Bal Gruha with other children like herself. She received the love and care that she deserved. She grew up as an Ashramkanya, as the girls who live in the shelter home are lovingly called. She grew up under the care of qualified social workers who nurtured her. They looked after her educational and emotional needs.

Nisha was an adorable girl with twinkling eyes. She was good at both academics and sports. She aspired to become a police officer. Her dream was to help missing children find their parents. The social workers helped Nisha prepare for her Railway Police recruitment exam. Her hard work paid off and she got selected after the preliminary exam and interview

She joined the Railway Police Department. After completing a 9 and a half month training she got posted in Mumbai Railway Police as a Constable. She through hard work soon became the head constable.

She has reunited several missing children with their parents during her service. She has received over 54 departmental rewards for her good work.

Impressed with her one of her colleagues proposed her marriage with his son. The Ashram after completing formalities, blessed the alliance through their marriage committee.

Nisha is now happy married. The couple is blessed with two children. Nisha continues to serve in the police force while being a wife and a mother.

Many girls like Nisha would have grown up on the streets with no safety or future. They are now are confident and successful because of the support of the ashram

Your help can make many more abandoned and destitute children like Nisha. You can donate to their food expenses in the shelter home. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


Access to a loving home and quality nutrition can help in abandoned poor children grow up to become healthy and successful members of the society.

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