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Abandoned by family, Rani is now a successful entrepreneur

Rani lived with her parents till she was three years old. Her father was the only earning member of the family. Her mother was blind and took care of the house. Fate struck hard when her father suddenly passed away. Her mother had no means of livelihood and she had two elder brothers who were not responsible.

She sought help to raise the child. The Juvenile Metropolitan Magistrate advised her to enroll her in the shelter home. So, her mother, keeping Rani's best interest in mind decided to enroll her at the Bal Gruha Home.

Rani grew up in the Bal Gruha with other children like herself. She was given the love and care that she deserved. When she turned 3, she began to go to the in-house Balwadi school.

She grew up as an Ashramkanya, as the girls who live in the shelter home are lovingly called. Once she was six years old, she enrolled in a neighborhood school. She grew up under the care of qualified social workers who nurtured her. They looked after her educational and emotional needs.

Rani completed her Secondary School Certificate exam. She didn't however have interest in academics.

She was more creatively inclined and had a good aptitude for drawing and craft. She used to make excellent greetings cards. So, the social workers of the ashram encouraged to learn art and take drawing exams.

She continued to stay in the Aadhar Gruha shelter home as she didn't have any family to go back to.

She completed her art exams and started training in embroidery and craft. Upon the advice of the Ashram supervisors she started doing embroidery work at a local shop.

She also started teaching tailoring and embroidery. Her classes became popular in that area and it became her identity.

She soon started her own business. As the business grew, she moved from a rental to her own premises.

In the course of time, she received a marriage proposal from a teacher in one of the Taluka schools. With the help of Shraddhanand Mahilashram's marriage committee, she got married.

Today she is happily married as well as owns her own successful garment boutique.

Many girls like Rani who would have grown up on the streets with no safety or future are now happy and contributing members of the society.

Your help can make many more abandoned and destitute children like Rani find a safe shelter. You can donate to their food expenses in the shelter home. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


Access to a loving home and quality nutrition can help in abandoned poor children grow up to become healthy and successful members of the society.

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