Sponsor monthly rations to poor HIV positive patients by Neptune Foundation

Sponsor monthly rations to poor HIV positive patients

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Reena fights her disease and becomes a counselor for patients like her

Reena worked as a daily wage laborer. With her meager income, she worked very hard to make ends meet. Her life was completely shattered when she found out that she was suffering from a life-threatening disease.

She was diagnosed as HIV positive. She didn't know how she would survive and manage her illness and be able to work. She was being treated at the local BMC hospital where she received her medicines. She couldn't work regularly because she fell ill often. She had to stop working and with no answer to what her future was, she resigned herself to fate. Very soon the situation where she found it difficult to even get 2 meals every day. The doctors used to advise her to have a good diet so that medicines could work well. Unfortunately, she couldn't afford her two meals.

The Neptune Community Social Worker then contacted Reena to help her. During the first meeting, the social worker realized that she was very depressed and weak. She was in need of emotional support. She also lacked a proper diet, which could take care of her health.

Reena was then enrolled in the monthly Ration program of Neptune Foundation. She started receiving her monthly ration of dal, rice, wheat, sugar, oil, tea powder, pulses, protein powder, and vitamin supplements.

She began to get stronger. With her health getting better she became receptive to counseling. With regular counseling and better health condition, she regained her confidence. She decided to begin her life anew.

She reached out to other women like her affected by HIV. She wanted to help give them emotional support. The emotional and nutritional support from the Neptune Foundation gave her a new ray of hope in her life.

Today she is a role model for other women and men in her community. She is a role model in her community where she counsels people about living a normal life with HIV.

You can also help poor patients with HIV with the nutrition to withstand the intense treatment. You can donate so that organizations like the Neptune Foundation can bring help to patients who deserve it. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

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Neptune Foundation runs a program to provide underprivileged HIV positive patients with adequate nutrition to help them withstand the strong medical treatment and help them through recovery.

One unit of donation to this program will support the monthly ration kit for one underprivileged HIV positive patient.

Neptune Foundation's outreach workers identify patients who need support from the government hospitals where they come for their Antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment. The patients are treated at the BMC clinics where they receive medication as well. It is very important that people who are HIV+ must have good immunity and proper nutritional supplements are the best way to boost it.

Neptune Foundation works in collaboration with Vijay Krida Mandal an NGO which helps HIV+ patients from the lower strata of the economy with medications as well as works on creating awareness around HIV and AIDS. With their help, the Neptune Foundation identifies the needy people on ART and enrolls them into the monthly ration program.

This program was started with the aim to provide rations and protein supplements to HIV positive patients including HIV+ pregnant mothers. It has now grown to a Nutritional Supplement Support Programme for patients under ART Treatment.

The ration is generally brought from local shops and distributed during the monthly meeting, which patients attend at BMC Mulund Maternity Hospital premises.

The program is run with the philosophy that being HIV Positive is no reason to live a negative life.

They help patients who have been diagnosed positive to stop worrying about the essentials by providing them with a monthly ration kit. The ration kit contains

7 kgs of rice

7 kgs of wheat

2 kgs of tur dal

1 ltr cooking oil

1 kg tea

2 kgs of sugar

1 kg of moong dal

Along with this, a bottle of protein powder and monthly vitamins supplements are also given to the patients.

The program has so far reached out to 46 HIV positive couples. After providing monthly nutrition supplements there has been a definite increase in the weight and there is a general feeling of wellbeing.

The program also guides them towards empowerment so as to improve their economic condition as well as enrolls the members in Sanjay Gandhi Pension Scheme, Govt.of India.

When you donate to this program, you help patients affected with HIV get access to adequate nutrition and help their recovery.

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About The NGO

Neptune Foundation
Neptune Foundation Logo
Neptune Foundation

Neptune Foundation was established in the year 2010 under the Neptune Group. Neptune Foundation is a registered trust under Bombay Public Trust act, 1950 (Reg. no.E-26706). Neptune Foundation believes in Contributing to the economic development by contributing to the lives of their workforce, their families as well as the local community and society at large.

Neptune Foundation was born to become a medium to bring a smile on every face. They believe that 'help is never too much help'. With the help of passionate volunteers, they actively work towards empowerment of the society.

By undertaking activities like Mobile Creches, Rehabilitation Projects, Old age Home, and Anna Daan, they aim to fulfil the fundamental needs of food, shelter, clothes and education. They continuously strive to reach more people every day.

Their mission is to support the needy. Their accountability in all their undertakings is their core strength. While serving the underprivileged and the needy and working towards social upliftment, they maintain complete transparency in all their projects.

Their main areas of work are:

Conversion from Unknown to Known (Pick up and reunion of Mentally Ill Destitute)

They identify mentally ill destitute wandering on the streets adopt them arrange for their treatment. Once they are cured and are able to regain their memory, Neptune traces their families and reunites them with their families. They also pay for the lifelong medication cost of those reunited people who are unable to afford medication. Till date they have done 283 pickups and 183 reunions. They also have an helpline number where common public can call when they spot a mentally ill destitute.

Old Age Home in our village

Neptune has a state of the art old age home at their village where they currently have 50 people staying absolutely free with all meals and medical facilities being provided to them. They celebrate all the major festival with their inmates. They also conduct Medical camps with a panel of doctors and supply medicines, do cataract operation, distribute specs etc. to the inmates as advised by Doctors.

HIV Nutrition Camp

Supply of rations, supplements and medicines to some families who have HIV. Currently they support 46 beneficiaries with ration kits, Nutrition powder and Vitamin tables on every last Friday of the month. They are also working to enroll the beneficiaries in various government schemes with the support of DAPCU department of Thane Civil Hospital.

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camps are organised in association with SBTC and the blood collected is donated to the patients with chronic diseases, in requirement of regular blood transfusion. They have already given 2222 blood bags to JJ Mahanagar blood bank, Mumbai

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Sachin Deshmukh

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Area of Operation

Elderly | health

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Location of Work


Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2015: Certificate of Accreditation on desirable norms

2015: Women's achiever award - NGO category

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Last Audited
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December 2018

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Program Updates

Program Updates

23 March, 2021

Monthly Ration Donation for 50 HIV+ Cases



We are successfully providing monthly ration kits to all our HIV+ beneficiaries which is helping them to keep their CD4 count in the needed ratio. All the HIV+ cases we sponsor are Below the poverty line and very needy. We are also in the process of rolling all 50 beneficiaries in Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojna & Balsangopan Jojna. We do keep a followup on everyone and also help them to join in self help groups and get there government documents clear for there future use if any.  Donation from Give India and its donors are really being a great help. We are now a days trying to get more volunteers to support the donation drives and spread awareness of HIV, Our Foundation and about give India. There have been 3 cases who have shown significant health recovery in past 4 months and are now living a far better and healthier life than before. Civil hospital, Thane is very happy about the work we all do together to keep the HIV+ patients healthy.

5 July, 2020

Providing Monthly Nutrition Hamper for their Health.


Providing Monthly Nutrition Hamper for their Health.

2020-07-05-NeptuneFoundation_SponsormonthlyrationstopoorHIVpositivepatients_1.JPG 2020-07-05-NeptuneFoundation_SponsormonthlyrationstopoorHIVpositivepatients_2.JPG

"Being detected with HIV/AIDS doesn’t mean your life has ended, It is just a halt and with a positive attitude, you can definitely emerge as a fighter"

  1. We are currently providing Nutritional Hamper which includes the following items: 3 kg Dal, 7 kg Rice, 7 kg Wheat, 2 kg Sugar, 1 ltr Oil, 200 grams Protein powder, 1 kg Tea powder and monthly vitamin supplements to 50 patients who are HIV+ve and are taking ART treatment from the DAPCU Center. This has resulted an improvement in their physical health and has given them the confidence to fight back and look at life positively.

  2. We are in the process of forming self help groups to create job opportunities for the HIV+ cases.

  3. We have got more than 25 cases registered with various government schemes which provide various economic support to the HIV+ cases.

  4. There are more then 2000 cases in the waiting in the DAPCU Center, Civil Hospital, Thane which require a similar type of support.