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You could be the reason a child finds motivation to stay in school.

Tabassum is a young girl from a very poor family in Gujarat. Her parents used to leave her at home with her baby sister and go for work.

Tabassum’s education was not a priority to them. They did not have money for regular meals and thought of school as an added expense they couldn’t afford.

But she had a better life in store for her. Tabassum was discovered and enrolled in a Bal Shramik, an educational space for children who worked as labourers. They allowed her to bring her sister along so her parents did not object to it.

She was taught recreational activities and both the girls were given a midday meal every day.** Akshaya Patra Foundation brings nutritious, tasty food to these schools so that children like Tabassum don’t go hungry.

Now both Tabassum and her sister go to school every day. Their parents do not have to worry about their lunch and are motivated to send them to school. Mid-day meals are a big reason why many children like Tabassum have a shot at education and a future.

Your donation will give children like Tabassum the food that they need to learn and grow. Donate now to help keep such kids in school. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


A mid-day meal is the only meal some children get in a day. This gives them energy and motivation to stay in school.

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