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No amount of bad luck could stop Gadadhar from living his life!

Gadadhar is from a poor family in Kurdha, Odisha. He always liked learning and reading and enjoyed school. But one unfortunate period changed the course of his life.

When he was in class 10, he fell ill before an exam and could not prepare or answer it well. This greatly upset him as he had always been a good student.

Around the same time, his sister went through a bitter divorce and returned home heart broken with her three kids. His family’s plight got even worse when their sheep’s sty caught fire and all their sheep died, leaving them with no source of income.

All these incidents piled together made Gadadhar feel helpless and drove him into a frenzy. He started becoming violent with his family and showed signs of a severe mental illness. His family could not afford medical care and did not know how to help him.

They were grateful when Vikash's staff discovered him and took him to a psychiatrist. Vikash took care of his medical expenses and he began his path to recovery.

His violent outbursts have reduced since. He can now also perform most of his routine daily activities with no difficulties. The doctors have assured his family that with regular medication, he will manage to be independent and be able to work as well.

You can donate to get someone like Gadadhar the help they need when life throws them down. Your donation will get them good treatment, care and another shot at life. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


Mental health issues are thought of as untreatable in poor communities. They need access to the right care and medicines to help them recover and lead independent lives.

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