Sponsor medicines for a mentally challenged patient by Vikash

by Vikash
Sponsor medicines for a mentally challenged patient

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No amount of bad luck could stop Gadadhar from living his life!

Gadadhar is from a poor family in Kurdha, Odisha. He always liked learning and reading and enjoyed school. But one unfortunate period changed the course of his life.

When he was in class 10, he fell ill before an exam and could not prepare or answer it well. This greatly upset him as he had always been a good student.

Around the same time, his sister went through a bitter divorce and returned home heart broken with her three kids. His family’s plight got even worse when their sheep’s sty caught fire and all their sheep died, leaving them with no source of income.

All these incidents piled together made Gadadhar feel helpless and drove him into a frenzy. He started becoming violent with his family and showed signs of a severe mental illness. His family could not afford medical care and did not know how to help him.

They were grateful when Vikash's staff discovered him and took him to a psychiatrist. Vikash took care of his medical expenses and he began his path to recovery.

His violent outbursts have reduced since. He can now also perform most of his routine daily activities with no difficulties. The doctors have assured his family that with regular medication, he will manage to be independent and be able to work as well.

You can donate to get someone like Gadadhar the help they need when life throws them down. Your donation will get them good treatment, care and another shot at life. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

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Under this program, Vikash works to provide community-based support to persons with mental illness in the Puri and Khordha districts of Odisha. The program provides medicines for the psychiatric treatment of mentally ill patients who fall below the poverty line and hence, cannot afford to buy the medicines.

Mental illness is highly misunderstood and carries a lot of stigmas. The patients are often kept chained and isolated and this worsens their conditions. The field staff of Vikash counsel the families to avail psychiatric treatment and provide them with free medicines. The track the patients to keep abreast of their recovery.

With regular treatment, they begin to enhance their ability to control their condition, and work independently and even earn a living. Donate to this program and give a patient like Gadhadar the chance to live with dignity.

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Vikash is a voluntary organisation based out of Bhubaneshwar and founded in the year 1986. It believes in the human initiative, strength, and innovativeness rather than charity.The organization is working in 14 underdeveloped districts of Odisha, covering over one million individuals.

Vikash has been working in the Puri and Khordha districts of Odisha with poor mentally challenged children affected by epilepsy. Being physically weak, they are mostly bed-ridden and suffer from regular bouts of epilepsy. It aims to maximise the potential of the disabled by enhancing their physical strength with the help of medicines. Multi-Rehab workers in the project areas, visit homes of the severely disabled to provide therapy, training, and counseling to the families. These visits teach the parents about how to care for their disabled child.

The community-based rehabilitation programme has limited scope to empower the disabled children who have higher levels of disabilities. These children need institutionalized care for a couple of weeks/months. This led to the birth of Mukti Kiran- a residential facility. It hires specialists from the city for intervention.Poor families could not meet the cost of such services. Hence it relies on donation to serve to all those in need.

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Founded in 1991
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Bibekananda Mishra

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Mental health | differently abled

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Awards And Recognitions

2013: Best institution working for girl child education

2008: International Women's Meet on Nonviolence and Peace

2012: Best India Marketplace Award

2013: The Goa State NGO's Leadership Award

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28 November, 2021

A small help can also change the life style of people with mental illness



Milestones-30% of people are stable and engaged in household productive work. Events- Supply of medicines, counselling, psycho-social support, follow up action, facilitation of process for community and household activities. Areas covered- Puri District of Odisha, India.People Impacted- 64 people benefitted directly. 64x4=256 family members of the supported person benefitted indirectly.How were they impacted- The programme impacted and helped them to lead a healthy life and live with dignity. It has also reduced the burden of expenditure on the health budget of the family.

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Challenges faced- It was always difficult to manage the aggressive behaviour of PWMIs and ensuring their medication on time but we overcome the situation by building the capacities of exclusive care taken from the family and psycho-social support to the person.Covid related hurdles- Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it was difficult for free movement but we could manage with the help of administration and provided required services as the matter was emergency in nature.Plan-It is not enough for their complete rehabilitation. Hence they need long term medicine support and rehabilitation activities support.

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Name : Kailash PradhanC/o: Uchhaba PradhanAt: Kharidasahi (Nagapur)Po:Nagapur, Ps: Gop, Dist:PuriPin-752110Age-56 Years /MaleTOD-MIWhen Kailash was 20 years old he uses to stay in his grandmother’s house. Never use to listen to what is told to him. His family thought after marriage he will be ok so they made him get married. But unfortunately, his wife and son both are differentially abled. His son is affected by Cerebral Palsy. Both the legs are not functioning. He is unable to walk. Kailash’s brothers have separated him from family and business because of which his condition is worst. He has been assessed in Cuttack medical and is under treatment now. His financial condition is not at all good. He does not have any land or property. His family is only having a 2 room house in a village. No other financial income is there. He is roaming in a cycle in villages and is selling utensils out of which whatever he earns maintains his family with that. Moving out to sell utensils in the hot sun also created problems in his health. Having regular head reading has stopped him from moving out for his business which led to the loss of income for the family. Medicines for himself, his wife and son was a big burden for him which deteriorated his health condition. With the support of community members and the Vikash organisation he was taken to SCB Medical and medicine support was provided to him. After regular use of medicine, he is now in a stable condition and has started his previous business. He also gives time to his family members by which his family is very happy to see him like this. He is behaving properly with his wife and spends some time with her which he never did before. His child is also very happy to see the behaviour of his father who nowadays gets gifts for him and also plays with them. He takes his child out for watching different places like the beach & zoo etc. He leaves his child to school and gets him back from school. He gets groceries for the family and does all the marketing for his family. He has started expanding his small business. He has started building good relationships with their community members as they were avoiding this family before when he used to scold or misbehave with everyone. Nowadays they involve him in their family ceremonies. Medicines are continuing regularly and as per the doctor he should continue the medicines for long otherwise his condition will deteriorate for which medicines are continuing regularly

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23 March, 2021

Bringing change together



Support extended by donors through Give India to provide medicines to persons with mental illness has created an opportunity for all of us to bring the changes in the life of affected persons and their families and ensure their participiation in productive activities. During volunteers and field staff’s visit, one family which had mental illness patient had given more importance to visiting good doctors than medicines. After visiting Govt. and non-govt. hospitals for medicines, the financial condition of the family had declined. Some of them also believe in selling their land and giving proper medical care can make them a fit person. It was a matter of great concern that not only the improvement in medical condition but also the improvement in financial status was equally important. Living with family care, taking timely medicine and incase of side effects consulting the doctor was very important. After improvement in the health condition, giving the report on ADLS activity and the reports on the incidents that took place before the intake of medicine to till date was un-ignorable. But there are some people who believe in just giving medicine to the patient and keep them away from any kind of involvement in highly decisive matters. People believe that keeping the patient away from the decisive matters makes them live in a better stable condition. The family with such mentally ill person are made aware about the Doctors and hospitals and as well as Govt. facility available for them in the locality.


5 August, 2020

Socialisation has developed communication skills



Socialisation has developed communication skills

It was a matter of great concern that not only the improvement in medical condition but also the improvement in financial status was equally important. Living with family care, taking timely medicine and incase of side effects consulting the doctor was very crucial. We want to share with you the story of one of the beneficiaries we have been able to help and support.
Pravasini , aged 46, comes from a family of 4 members. Her elder son left the house, and the family parted ways. Her mental condition became very unstable. Her husband started giving her medicines but discontinued as the family did not believe there could be any improvement in the future. They did not take proper care of Pravasini. She stayed at a corner room which did not have any door or window without much involvement in any matter. Apart from eating food twice a day there was nothing to do. After completing her monthly medicinal routine, her behavioral pattern and as well as her relationship with the family was regularly monitored by Vikash. After consultation, Pravisini was given medicine. After regular follow-up Pravasini’s mental and physical condition became stable. Now as her health condition is improved she is able to come out and is also helping in household activities like sweeping etc. She is now able to dress herself properly and move outside in the villages, temples etc
In a similar way, our dedicated field staff and volunteers have identified and monitored the patients throughout till they become mentally healthy, sound and there is visible improvement. After regular intake of medicines, the patients are quite stable and are mixing with their neighbours and participating in social functions, gatherings and other events.