Sponsor library books for government schools in Andhra Pradesh

Sponsor library books for government schools in Andhra Pradesh


A library that made Anita a winner!

Anita lives with her parents in Tapovanam which is in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Her father works as a daily wage laborer and her mother is a homemaker.

She studies in 8th standard in the local SMS High School. Her mother tongue is Tamil and she only spoke in Tamil.

Till a year back, she was extremely weak in reading, writing and comprehension. This was the time BREAD society enhanced their library.

On seeing the interesting pictures in the library books she started developing interest in books. She began to borrow books which kindled her interest to learn to read.

Observing that Anitha was borrowing library books, her class teacher asked her to narrate the story she read from the library book. Anita narrated the story with a lot of glee. Her teacher was pleasantly surprised that Anitha had learnt to read so quickly.

She motivated Anitha to continue her reading habit. Very soon, Anitha fell in love with reading. Anitha borrowed a record number of 53 books during the year.

This also helped her with her comprehension and grasping in her education. She began to improve in other subjects too.

She soon started to write herself. She went on to write book reports and even won a prize in school competition.

With a little support many children like Anitha can get access to resources that help them improve their education.

Your help can make many more poor children like Anitha. You can donate so that their schools have the books which will make learning possible. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society establishes libraries and maintains books in Government and aided high schools across Andhra Pradesh to help poor children develop a reading habit. This also helps them get access to educational books that they cannot afford to buy.

Donations to this program will cover to cost of 40 books in a year to a library in a Government or aided school in Andhra Pradesh

BREAD Society has established over 663 libraries . The aim is to inculcate a reading habit in school children.

In each school, a teacher is nominated to train and supervise select students to take charge of the books by issuing them to and receiving them from their classmates. An interesting fact about these libraries is that the children manage the library themselves. The teachers only supervise and guide the activity.

BREAD Society honours the responsible headmasters and teachers for 'National Means and Merits Scholarship' (NMMS) awards.

This incentivises them and results in them continuing to mentor the students and monitoring the library work. BREAD's district coordinators visit schools with their libraries on a regular basis to take notes and provide feedback on the scheme to the society.

They provide 40 books every year to each library and target to provide at least 15% of these books to be English.

Books are bought at substantial discounts wherever possible. It costs Rs.800/- for 40 books along with transport, packing and forwarding.

When you donate to this program, you can help a poor student get access to library resources for education.

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About The NGO

Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society
Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society Logo
Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society

Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society was founded in 1989 to support bright students from rural areas to pursue higher education. The idea was to award scholarships of financial assistance to ensure that financially challenged bright students did not give up their education for want of finances.

Students attending Government schools have neither the purchasing power to buy books nor access to books. To address this problem, BREAD has set up 1024 Children's Libraries in government schools during the last 9 years in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to inculcate a habit of reading books among them.

To sustain the interest of students, 80 to 100 new books were being added to existing BREAD children's libraries once in 3 years till 2017-18.

From 2018-19, 40 new books are added to all existing libraries annually.

In FY 16-17, 124 libraries were set up, 80 new books were added to 221 existing libraries and scholarships were given to 80 students.

Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society is one of the few organizations that is wholly volunteer-based and has no paid staff.

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Founded in 1991
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Ramamohan Rao Kakani

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Area of Operation
Area of Operation

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Location of Work


Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society has

set up 124 libraries across several districts in Andhra Pradesh

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