Sponsor hygiene kits for poor families



Sponsor hygiene kits for poor families


Winning these battles changed Ammarama’s life.

Ammarama is a 26-year-old woman who lives Padadinni camp, an area in Sindhapur village in Uttar Pradesh. The area is covered in paddy crops and people defecate in the open. Most houses in the area do not have toilets and neither did Ammarama’s. When she became pregnant it was extremely hard for her. She had to walk miles to go answer nature’s call and could do so only once a day. She started to eat very little so that she would not need to go to the toilet often.

This led to several health problems such as anemia, diarrhea and malaria. Her health became so bad that she finally lost her child.

Aapna Janakalyan volunteers identified her as a critical beneficiary and helped her get a toilet constructed. They taught her good hygiene practices such as hand washing, water handling, excreta handling, food preparation, flushing toilet. and provided a hygiene kit for her family.

Amaramma is now proud to show the toilets in her house to anybody who visits. She has conceived again and takes care of health this time. Even though she has difficulties at home, she eats well, gets regular checkups and vaccinations as she now understands the importance of hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and vaccination.

You can help women like Amaramma by donating to help them get basic toiletries. Your donation will give them the dignity and strength they deserve to have to face life. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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Basic sanitation should be the right of every human. Janakalyan works in ten villages that are frequently flood-affected. The condition of health and sanitation in these areas is extremely bad and often causes life-threatening diseases.

The staff visit the villages and identify the families best suited to receive the hygiene kit based on their poverty levels. The families receive 10 Bathing soaps, 10 dish soaps, scrubber, cleaning tools, 5 kg detergent, 2 mugs and 2 buckets and receive basic training program on how to use these hygiene products. The aim is to change the hygiene behavior in the families that receive the kit.

When you support this program, you will be helping a new family adopt healthy hygiene practices every month.

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About The NGO

Apna Janakalyan
Apna Janakalyan Logo
Apna Janakalyan

After the partition Bangladeshi refugees were rehabilitated in India. The government launched various projects to tackle the situations and one such project was in Sindhanur which went through a rough patch. A point when the trust was shattered and despair all over the place, a group of individuals stood up for the cause with a vision to create a healthy environment.

They believed that all individuals have equal access and control over the social, cultural, educational and political institutions with an economically secured livelihood. That belief took the form of an organization in 1997 - Janakalyan.

Prasen Raptan the Executive Director and co-founder of Janakalyan has 20 years' of experience in various Management aspects. A gold medalist for his scholastic performance, his experience allows him to juggle with projects of various sizes at ease. Mr. Raptan developed innovative projects and viable models for the empowerment of women, peasant communities, and youth.

What started as a project in an area now operates in 5 districts of North Karnataka. It is inspiring how people like Mr. Raptan dedicated their lives to uplifting the rural masses.

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Founded in 1991
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DH Kambali

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Area of Operation
Area of Operation

Sanitation | health

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Location of Work
Location of Work


Apna Janakalyan has

empowered 600 leprosy-affected communities in 4 colonies of Raichur, Gadag, Hospet & Ballari

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Awards And Recognitions

2015: Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jalmitra Award

2016: National Award

2016: Office of the Commissioner of Customs Jodhpur

2016: GuideStar Transparency Award

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December 2018

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Program Updates

Program Updates

23 May, 2019


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Program Update

Sindhanur Rehabilitation Project is located in Raichur District, where 25000 Bengali rehabilitants have been residing since 1970. These are poor households but have access to indoor toilets with the efforts of www.jankalyana.org. However, they were not able to maintain hygienic condition due to reasons including lack of awarenes, cultural barriers, financial constraints etc. When our team tried to teach them the importance of clean toilets and why they should maintain it that way, the community was hesitant. They believed that it is the work of a scavenger. Finally, the team demonstrated the same with the cleaning tools. They also educated them that it is our own responsibility to keep the toilet clean and usable. Janakalyan, with your kind support, provided them with an hygiene kit. Through subscription model, we have supported, 21 families so far (April-Dec 2018). We have 100 deserving families who need the support under this intervention. We shall be grateful if you could kindly support these families in the coming quarters.

Story from the field

Smt Tulu Biswas w/o Nirapada Biswas (63 years) is a resident of R H Colony No.4. She is a single mother. Her children migrated for work. She has nobody to take care of her at home. Her house is surrounded by agricultural land. It was extremely difficult for her to attend the natural calls, be it day time or the night. She had to walk for more than 2 kms. Janakalyan supported the construction of a toilet through Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and Gram Panchayat. Then we also provided with a Hygiene kit. She is now happy as she has a clean toilet at home and we thank the donors for the kind support.

What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date21
Village/City/State where project is locatedSindhanur taluk of Raichur District in Karnataka
Total Budget for the project for FY18-1944000
Total Expenses for the project YTD11550

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