Sponsor hygiene kits for families in rural Uttar Pradesh by Abhinav

Sponsor hygiene kits for families in rural Uttar Pradesh


A simple kit made Bhimla's life better and healthier

Bhimla Devi is from a poor family in a village in Muzzafarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. She works as a laborer and barely earns enough to look after her four children.

She did not even have proper sanitation facilities in her house. When the nonprofit Abhinav learned about her condition, they built a toilet for her family. But this was not enough.

Bhimla spent all she earnt in necessities like food. She could not afford the products needed to keep her toilet clean, so its condition became worse by the day.

Her children began to fall sick because of the dirty and unhygienic toilet. She struggled to get them the medicines they needed. Soon, Bhimla had no money left to look after her family.

When the staff at Abhinav got to know this, they stepped up to help her again. They began providing her with health and hygiene kits. Each kit had four soaps, two bottles of Harpic, one bottle of phenyl, and a toilet cleaning brush. One kit was enough to keep her toilet clean for up to three months.

Bhimla now cleans her toilet regularly, so it does not stink anymore. Her children use soap to wash their hands before eating and after using the bathroom. They no longer fall sick the way they used to. These small changes were enough to reduce Bhimla's worries and keep the family going.

You can help a family like Bimla's with a simple hygiene kit. A little help from you can keep them safe and healthy. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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Flush n Pride is a recent initiative launched by Abhinav with the objective of eradicating the practice of defecating in the open in urban and rural areas. They are working to convert the existing dry toilets into low cost pour flush toilets and to construct new ones where none exist.

One unit of donations to this program will cover the cost of a 3-month toilet kit for two families.

It is estimated that every year, an astounding 11 million children die worldwide from preventable diseases. That is approximately 30,000 children per day. An additional 300 million children suffer from illnesses caused by lack of clean water, poor nutrition, and inadequate healthcare services.

In India, the combined effect of inadequate sanitation, unsafe water supply, and poor personal hygiene are responsible for 88 percent of childhood deaths from diarrhea.

Until now, Abhinav has been successful in removing 12,000 dry toilets in urban and rural areas. Sanitation and hygiene kits have been distributed among the poor families in the villages. The kits include washing soap, Harpic liquid, phenyl solution, and a toilet cleaning brush.

Abhinav has taken on the responsibility to curb the increasing mortality rate in villages due to inadequate sanitation and hygiene practices.

A survey conducted by UNICEF on Women and Child Welfare in 2005 has shown that only 47 percent of rural children in the age group of 5-14 wash hands after defecation. Hand washing with soap before eating and after defecation has been one of the major interventions on hygiene practices.

This is being promoted among children in India through hygiene programmes in schools, as well as mass media campaigns. What started as an initiative for Abhinav has become a rigorous campaign to improve health and sanitation in the country.

When you contribute to this program, you help a poor family with good health by encouraging them to adopt good hygiene practices,

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Based at Muzaffarnagar, Abhinav works for the creation of awareness about safe drinking water and sanitation.

They teach water testing methods, and the importance of health and hygiene. They also work on skill development to empower women and on the development of the education system, supporting elderly people, improving technology and agricultural activities.

Abhinav also conducts training programs, exposure visits, educational tours, farmer's tour, fairs, etc., to support the rural masses to achieve their goals in terms of knowledge and skill development. They are also known for their illustrative work for conducting surveys, research work, case studies, and analysis.

Mr. Harendra Singh, the head of Abhinav, belongs to a farmer family. Gaining knowledge from his father and other people and motivation from his family, he started an organization to bring social change.

His vision is that a society can be developed on a sustainable basis only if the change is aimed at the welfare of the people. He also says that no issue is big or small; it is the magnitude and impact that makes the issue big.

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19 November, 2019

Families happy to receive the hygiene kits


Families happy to receive the hygiene kits

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