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Sponsor health and well being of differently abled


Siva enjoys cooking on her own now!

Siva is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Despite this, she completed her school through NIOS system and took up 24 months Multimedia Course at Diya training centre. Afraid of challenges, Siva used to give up if she found anything difficult. The Personal Social training curriculum at Diya helped her improve her confidence by understanding what her weaknesses were. She also worked around her strengths, improved her communication skills and learnt how to work in teams. With time she became a peer trainer who gently gives instructions, shows respect for her peers, understands their limitations and keeps her patience.

Since she likes cooking, she sometimes also helps in the kitchen. There she helps her peers understand the recipe, do the necessary prep work and then she makes something delicious. She also supervises the clean up process and makes sure that the table is made up which she serves with her own hands. She is trained to be mindful and respectful to others and be alert of the safety issues.

Diya is working with many people like Siva to help them achieve big in life. They are nurturing them one day at a time, giving them their own space to learn and grow. Diya is helping people with special needs to set goals for their future. Donate to help them achieve their goal of a society where every person with special needs has an equal opportunity to live.


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Diya Foundation (DIYA) is a Vocational Training Centre cum sheltered workshop in Bangalore, providing training and employment to differently abled individuals. When beneficiaries come to Diya, they are assessed in different work units to gauge their strengths, likes and dislikes. On the basis of this, they are placed in a unit where they are expected to achieve success, happiness and self-esteem. They are then given hands on training by the trainers for practical exposure and then are mentored and evaluated on the basis of the output they produce. Keeping in mind their challenges, limitations and strengths, their goals for daily production are set and then recorded. Once targets are being achieved consistently, new targets are set to take trainees to greater heights.

The donation for this program covers the counsellor's and the nutritionist's fees (who takes cooking classes and teaches nutritious meal recipes), the raw materials for the cooking classes and the rent of the centre.

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Diya Foundation (DIYA)
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Diya Foundation (DIYA)

Diya Foundation has the mission to enrich the quality of life and bring dignity to differently-abled adults by training them in life skills and vocational skills, building support systems and enhancing awareness in the community. Every individual has the right to be loved and respected. Thus, Diya Foundation strives to see individuals who are intellectually challenged, live with dignity, pride, and confidence in the present and future.

People at Diya Foundation are given pre-vocational and life skills training to make them eligible for future employment, thereby enabling them to live a life of dignity. Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd is a project of Diya Foundation that provides employment to the differently-abled. Diya Foundation is an instigator, bridging the significant gaps that specially-abled individuals otherwise face once they complete school. Through training, intellectually challenged adults are taken on a journey from self-awareness to expressing their self-worth, striving towards self-organization and finally self-actualization.

They have completely transformed the lives of those whose parents were constantly worried about their future and safety, by making them self-reliant. Diya Foundation believes in pushing the boundaries when it comes to the word 'impossibe'.

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Founded in 1991
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Maria S. Santamaria

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Diya Foundation (DIYA) has

provided quality training to 85 different-abled poor students

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Program Updates

25 November, 2021

Balance Plate



Personal Well being: Trainers conducted sessions on the importance of daily exercise and fitness along with required nutrition intake, balanced meals, food groups. The trainees were shown a video on simple exercises and did a few of them for about 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of the class; this is done at least twice a week. Trainees were asked to identify what they ate in a day and relate it to its food group to help them understand the concept better. A few of our interns conducted fun activities such as games to help the trainees understand what is a balanced meal. The games included identifying words in a food group with a given starting letter, worksheets, figuring out which item belongs to which food group, etc.

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Planning to have sessions for families, to train to work on food habits & healthy lifestyles.

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Nameeth’s online training program began with lessons on the relationship between nutrition and health, identifying food groups and the importance of a balanced diet. His Life skills Trainer Reena, along with parental support, took him through hands-on training to light a stove, identify ingredients and cook simple and healthy breakfast items like vegetable upma and poha. Along with this, he also learnt to set a dining table, wash and wipe dishes and clean the food preparation area.He was encouraged to take part in daily household chores like sweeping and mopping the floor, ironing and folding clothes. Lessons in personal safety, money and time were also included. Nameeth learnt to identify, sort, match and count notes and coins. Learning to read the clock was introduced. He was guided through leisure time with art and craft activities and virtual tours to places of interest. His trainer was very happy with Nameeth’s enthusiasm and active participation during these classes and for the progress, he has made in the past three months.

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23 March, 2021

Pride !!! Being Independent.



Daily Living Skills:
Our Life Skills Trainers Padma, Arun, Jerusha, Shirley, Reena, Preethi and Raju had well laid out goals for each of their Trainees in various areas of Daily Living Skills. These included:
Money Skills – Identifying money at the basic level to using it for small purchases at the higher level
Caring for Personal needs – Hygiene and grooming, clean habits required to keep safe from the coronavirus, learning simple stitches to mend and sew clothing, make their own bed
Household Management – Understand tools and equipments used in interior and exterior cleaning of the home, operate electrical gadgets such as a washing machine, a mixie, maintain spaces by using the right techniques in dust and wet mopping
Food preparation– Understand a balanced meal, cooking techniques, identify ingredients, cook a simple breakfast (poha, upma), fireless cooking (sandwiches, salads)
Leisure Skills – Play a game of caroms, grow a plant, water the garden, watch a movie, listen to music, sing and dance, art and craft.

Happy hours
During the last quarter of Nov-Dec, we have happy hour, once in every two weeks. We have activities like singing, drawing and art activity, story time on morals like honesty, and even watching the Christmas story, during this season. The trainees enjoyed themselves, especially as they met with their friends virtually online. We also had a session on gond art, taken by a volunteer from Cognizant, she taught the trainees on how to design and colour with different styles in gond art,the trainees were able to follow the instructions clearly with some assistance.

Art & Craft Sessions

Art class: Art sessions were conducted by a volunteer, Rakeeb Javed, an artist. Initially, he worked on rapport building with the trainees. He then gave them the freedom to draw whatever they liked and later moved to specific topics such as concepts of primary and secondary colours. He asked the Trainees to use these concepts in their drawings such as flowers or a house. The trainees were given homework and asked to draw similar coloured vegetables and flowers, draw his dog Ozzy and draw their families.

Gond Art: This month, we had a volunteer from Cognizant teach our trainees about gond art. She first explained about the origins of gond art, how it came into being and she showed us different pictures of the different patterns in gond art from a book. She taught about 12 trainees and about 20 volunteers from Cognizant, on how to do gond art on a fish. She explained step wise, with clear and simple instructions in drawing it and designing it. The students were able to follow with assistance from their parents. They drew beautiful patterns of gond art and even colored it with the same color as the volunteer.


5 August, 2020

Never give up



Never give up

Diya created a Leisure Club for adults with intellectual challenges with the support of their parents & siblings. In this, the trainees visited a hotel along with their peers, fun games were organized for them. Every Friday evenings movie is screened at Diya with the objective to improving their social skills of the trainees and trainees to learn about relationships. Diya Foundation trainees are trained to be independent in their living. In this year's wellbeing sessions such as daily exercises, healthy cooking sessions such as making salads, healthy baking class, healthy quick breakfast recipes, and portion control meals, and also healthy eating habits. For their physical wellness weekly thrice they have Zumba sessions, which make sweat and enjoy a workout with music. Training them regularly with scheduled sessions makes it part of their life. The majority of our trainees are understood of the importance of their health and how a healthy lifestyle impacts their health. Apart from this, the trainees have regular counseling sessions with Rehabilitation psychologists to have their mental health healthy.