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Ananya would cry every day. She would be in the corridor outside the classroom, looking incredibly sad and distraught in a way only a child can. Tears would roll silently down her cheeks and when asked why she was crying, she would usually not answer. But eventually the truth came out. It was her parents. They fought. And Ananya's father beat up her mother. The Head Teacher invited Ananya's parents to counselling sessions with her. It wasn't easy, but, gradually over several meetings, the couple started to realise the impact their disharmony was having on their child. It was easy to see that the couple really loved each other, but were overwhelmed by the new baby, financial worries and the fact that Ananya had become difficult to handle lately. As the parents mended their relationship, the child settled down better in school and was happy and carefree again. Today the family is a close-knit unit and Ananya's baby brother has also started attending school. Ananya does well in school and is a calm and happy child.

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The Peepul Exemplar School Programme works with state and local governments to identify and bring on board declining government schools in areas of high disadvantage and put in place a high-quality teaching environment. The schools Peepul works with often begin with significant challenges. The first school opened in July 2015 with nine students having enrolled out of which only five attended school. Those who did attend had very low levels of learning. Within one year of becoming a Peepul led school, enrollment increased to 230, attendance reached 83% and 76% of pupils either met or exceeded expectations across English, Hindi and Mathematics.

The main objective of Peepul objective is to create a proof-of-concept of a school that would be run within government premises in a sustainable manner but with greater autonomy, accountability and significantly improved learning outcomes. Peepul schools serve as exemplar showcases and demonstrate what is possible within government constraints.

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Peepul is a non-profit educational organisation founded on the belief that good quality education is a right and not a privilege. The organisation wants to help transform the education system that serves the poorest of the poor, i.e. the government education system, so that every child in this segment can have an education system that helps them realize their potential. The principle that unites Peepul in all their endeavours is - "We put children first. All our actions are driven by what is best for the children we work for".

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New Delhi

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Program Updates

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