Sponsor computer training for the underprivileged youth by Abhinav

Sponsor computer training for the underprivileged youth


Neetu's inspiring decision changed the fate of her family

Neetu was born into a poor family in a village in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Her father was a farmer and barely earned enough to look after the family.

Neetu got married at a young age and had two children. They lived with her father-in-law whom they looked after as well. As the family began to grow, her husband's earnings were no longer enough. There were days where they didn't even have enough to feed the kids.

Neetu didn't want her children to grow up in the poverty she did. So she decided to get a job to look after her family. She heard the nonprofit Abhinav provided training in computer skills. Since she knew the basics of computers, she applied for their course.

Abhinav enrolled her in their ARISE (Abhinav Resources in Skill Enhancement) program. The knowledge and training she got from the course gave her the confidence to apply for a job. In no time, she got a job at a Law Consultancy firm.

Today, Neetu is a huge inspiration for her friends and family. Her spirit and determination not only changed the course of her life but also changed the life of her children.

You can help a young and driven person like Neetu train for a respectable job. Your support will give them the chance to create a better future for themselves. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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Abhinav believes that women have not actively participated in their freedom till date due to lack of economic independence and illiteracy. Hence there is a need to address these issues and work towards raising the status of women.

One unit of donations to this program will cover the cost of the salary of the trainer, utilities, rent, and maintenance of the training center for one student for a month.

The key to women empowerment lies in making them economically self-sufficient and in creating greater awareness of social, political and legal issues among them through vocational training.

Abhinav wishes to help make rural women self-sufficient through various skill training programmes at the training center ARISE. All training programmes have a 3-month duration with each session lasting for an hour. There are 15-20 beneficiaries in each batch and almost 15-20 batches in different skills are conducted in a year.

The courses run throughout the year (one batch every quarter). The NGO advertises through newspaper and pamphlets, collects information from various schools and conducts surveys through volunteers and staff members for the selection of beneficiaries.

The most common training programs conducted throughout the year are in food processing, fashion designing, and computer programs. After the completion of the course, Abhinav distributes certificates to students who have successfully completed the course.

In the year 2013-14, a total of 572 women received training in food processing, computer programming, beautician, fashion designing, jewelry designing and preparation of bakery product and masalas. During 2014-15, the organization has recruited two trainers for food processing, two for teaching computer programming and networking, one trainer for fashion designing (tailoring) and one for conducting the beautician course.

Abhinav has also helped in the employment of their candidates as a result of which, more than 121 candidates are on full-time jobs.

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About The NGO

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Based at Muzaffarnagar, Abhinav works for the creation of awareness about safe drinking water and sanitation.

They teach water testing methods, and the importance of health and hygiene. They also work on skill development to empower women and on the development of the education system, supporting elderly people, improving technology and agricultural activities.

Abhinav also conducts training programs, exposure visits, educational tours, farmer's tour, fairs, etc., to support the rural masses to achieve their goals in terms of knowledge and skill development. They are also known for their illustrative work for conducting surveys, research work, case studies, and analysis.

Mr. Harendra Singh, the head of Abhinav, belongs to a farmer family. Gaining knowledge from his father and other people and motivation from his family, he started an organization to bring social change.

His vision is that a society can be developed on a sustainable basis only if the change is aimed at the welfare of the people. He also says that no issue is big or small; it is the magnitude and impact that makes the issue big.

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Founded in 1991
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Harendra Singh

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Livelihoods | environment

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Uttar Pradesh

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worked with 3688 people in the Health Post program

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Awards And Recognitions

2016: 2nd Highest Fundraising NGO

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December 2018

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Program Updates

3 December, 2019

Children engaged in computer sessions


Children engaged in computer sessions

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