Sponsor computer training for a differently abled student

Sponsor computer training for a differently abled student


Dharmesh motivates his students to overcome their disability and work for a better future

Dharmesh is a very soft spoken young boy. He was blind from birth. With great difficulty he completed his graduation but could not find a job because of his visual impairment.

He belongs to a family with meager income who could not help him with his condition.

He was then referred by a well-wisher to the Blind Welfare Council. He enrolled in the computer training center run by Blind Welfare Council (Dahod).

He was trained on computers with the help of JAWS (Job Access With Speech). He worked hard and successfully completed his training. He completed the 'Certificate course in Computer Operator' offered by ITC ( Industrial Training Certificate of Govt. of India).

Inspired by the confidence his skill gave him, he decided to help other blind youth like himself. He went on to become a computer training instructor. He is now employed as the instructor for the same course in Blind Welfare Council Dahod.

He loves his job and is very efficient at it. He earns Rs 5000 per month which takes care of his basic necessities. His family is very happy to see Dharmesh as a confident earning member of the family.

People with disabilities like Dharmesh often lose their confidence as they have to depend on others for their basic requirements. You can help them with a chance to make their lives better.

Your donations can help many poor disabled youth like Dharmesh acquire skills and make themselves independent. You can donate so that they can get a safe shelter and care for their condition. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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Blind Welfare Council - Dahod conducts computer training for physically challenged students. This training is conducted with the help of JAWS (Job Access With Speech) software as well as Braille reading and writing.

Donations to this program supports the salaries of teachers, attendants as well as food and administrative expenses of the students.

Blind Welfare Council - Dahod works in the most backward areas of Dahod-Panchmahal districts of Gujarat. The people here are poor, illiterate and are from tribal communities. The disability rate is quite high in this area because of lack of nutritious food and a lack of awareness and illiteracy among the tribal people.

Looking at this the Blind Welfare Council - Dahod set up this program to support people with different categories of disabilities - the visually impaired, hearing impaired, mentally challenged, loco-motor disabled etc.

This program helps them in acquiring skills that will help them get employment which will make them independent.

The center has a classroom with ten computers where disabled people, either blind or with other disabilities are trained.

When you donate to this program you help people with disabilities with computer training that can help them get jobs and live a life of dignity.

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About The NGO

Blind Welfare Council - Dahod
Blind Welfare Council - Dahod Logo
Blind Welfare Council - Dahod

Three persons with visual impairment decided to work for the education, rehabilitation and all round welfare of all categories of differently abled. They brought together four more people and started a Trust named Blind Welfare Council. They decided to help the differently abled at every stage of life so that they do not face the hardships that they faced for themselves.

They wanted to ensure that the all differently abled people of Dahod and Panchmahals districts have access to equal opportunities. They wanted to provide these people a good quality of life and participation in the society that respects their rights and dignity.

The founder Yusufi Kapadia says, "I have suffered a lot during my studies and for getting a job, being visually challenged. It is my aim that each and every child or person with disability should get equal opportunity in all fields of life and all his rights be fulfilled. He should live a life at par with any other citizen of the country. Leadership by a person with visual impairment has made a great change in the working of the staff members."

About 150 students with intellectual disabilities, and about 30 students with hearing impairment are being trained for activities of daily living and primary academics since 2002. 1000 children with intellectual disabilities, hearing impairment, visual impairment are trained and educated by the special teachers.

Aids & appliances distributed as per the need like tricycle, wheel chair, crutches, white cane, hearing aids etc - 500

Sudents with intellectual disability, blindness or with locomotor disability are being trained in operating computers - 20

In 2017, Blind welfare council Dahod was awarded the International Excellence award by the Association of Rehab Professional and Allied Services & Para Sports Association Excellent Service to the differently abled.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Yusufi Kapadia

Area of Operation
Area of Operation
Area of Operation

education | differently abled

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Location of Work
Location of Work


Blind Welfare Council - Dahod has

provided quality education to 1000 children with intellectual and physical disabilities

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Awards And Recognitions

2017: Best Organization for Implementing Good Governance

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December 2018

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