Sponsor blood units to poor patients suffering from hemophilia by Hemophilia Federation (India)

Sponsor blood units to poor patients suffering from hemophilia


Pritam has hope of a normal life despite having hemophilia

Pritam Mazumder was born with hemophilia with factor IX deficiency. He lives with his family in a small village in West Bengal. His father is a farmer. He is the sole earning member of the family. They have an extremely unstable income. They manage to make ends meet with great difficulty.

Hemophilia B, also called factor IX (FIX) deficiency is a genetic disorder caused by missing or defective factor IX, a clotting protein. People with hemophilia B bleed longer than other people. Bleeding can occur internally, into joints and muscles, or externally, from minor cuts, dental procedures or trauma.

Currently, there is no cure for hemophilia. The main treatment for hemophilia B is to intravenously infuse concentrated FIX product, called clotting factor through a vein in the arm or a port in the chest.

Living with a disease that has no cure, Pritam always has to be ready for life threatening situations. On one instance he started suffering from severe pain in his lower back. He was unable to move from his bed. Upon consulting the doctor, he was advised to immediately have factor IX infusion.

A large quantity of factor IX was required immediately. The cost of the required units of factor IX crossed over a lakh. His father had no means of arranging this amount. He was helpless and was at a complete loss of options.

Seeing their situation the doctor referred them to Hemophilia Federation.

*Hemophilia Federation supported him with 4800 IUs of factor IX. This covers close to Rs.1,00,000/- of his treatment costs. *Pritam was treated by infusing the required units. His condition was brought under control and he recovered well.

He is now registered with at the Kolkata chapter chapter of the hemophilia society.

Your help can many more patients like Pritam. You can donate so that the poor patients who suffer from incurable genetic diseases can get support to have a normal life. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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Hemophilia Foundation helps underprivileged Hemophilic patients timely, sufficient and appropriate treatment.

One unit of donation to this program helps cover the cost of 100 units of Factor IX for poor hemophilia patients

Hemophilia B, also called factor IX deficiency is a genetic disorder caused by missing or defective factor IX, a clotting protein. People with hemophilia A bleed longer than other people. Bleeding can occur internally, into joints and muscles, or externally, from minor cuts, dental procedures or trauma. Hemophilia patients who can't afford timely, sufficient and appropriate treatment could end up with consequences such as permanent disability, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B/C infections, and even death.

Unfortunately many patients suffering from hemophilia belong to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. Due to the lifelong, incurable nature and very expensive management of the disorder Antihemophilic Factor (AHF), it becomes difficult for families to meet expenses of the same. The requirement for AHF can be even more in case of severe bleeding and surgeries. This is not a one-time expenditure and necessity occurs whenever an injury may occur.

Most men from such families are factory-workers, daily wage earners, rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, or household help..

Hemophilia Foundation aims to help such needy patients.

They maintain a list of the most deserving patients based on the severity of the condition as well as family income.

AHF is allocated to beneficiaries as and when required

The AHF units are procured and stored at the head office in Delhi. Whenever a local chapter is short of enough units, they send a request to the head office. The required units are sent to the chapter.

Once the units are received, the patients are notified for collection. They take it to the hospital for transfusion. In cases where the volume from a certain area is high, the chapter sends it to the hospital and notifies the patients, who then directly go to the hospital for the transfusion.

A second installment is given only after receiving satisfactory proof that the first installment of AHF was properly utilized.

In case of death of a beneficiary or underutilized medicine by another patient, a new beneficiary is identified to be helped.

Hemophilia is a life-long condition and there is no limit to the treatment needed. A hemophilia patient may injure himself/herself on an average of 3-4 times a month. Hemophilia factor IX costs Rs.20/- per unit. A minimum of 500-1000 units of AHF is required by a haemophilic patient each times for a minor injury. If the injury is critical then it depends on the severity.

Hemophilia Federation has presence through 79 chapters across all states.

When you donate to this program you give a patient suffering from a life-threatening disease hope to live a normal life.

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About The NGO

Hemophilia Federation (India)
Hemophilia Federation (India) Logo
Hemophilia Federation (India)

The Organization was started in 1983 by Ashok Verma who was himself a hemophilia patient, to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of hemophiliacs in the country. Mr. Vikash C. Goyal President, HFI, is a Banglore-based businessman and a father of a hemophiliac son who passed away because of hemophilia. He very passionate about this cause and for the welfare of the suffering hemophiliacs of India.

Work done by the organization -

Provided 5000 ius each of free AHF factor VIII, IX, Fieba to 55 beneficiaries from all over India

Provided education support to 500 children with hemophilia from all over India

Provided 3000 ius each of factor VIII & IX to 720 beneficiaries from all over India

Providing support for Carrier Detection and Prenatal Diagnosis for 120 girls and women from hemophiliac families from all over India

In 2013, Hemophilia Federation (India) was awarded the India NGO Awards by the EdelGive Foundation & The Resource Alliance Finalist and in 2017, Project Heal A Soul was awarded the Bureaucracy Today Winner by Bureaucracy Today.

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Founded in 1991
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S. S. Roychoudhury

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Area of Operation

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Location of Work


Hemophilia Federation (India) has

provide medical support to 720 hemophilia patients in India

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2017: Kalam Memorial Award

2013: Best NGO Award

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Last Audited
Last Audited by GiveIndia

December 2018

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Program Updates

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