Sponsor an eco friendly boiling water chulha by Tropical Research & Development Centre (TRDC)

Sponsor an eco friendly boiling water chulha


Every monthly donation helps more women like Savitha become eco-friendly

Savitha is a farmer in a small village in Karnataka. Savitha and her family have traditionally been using a chulha with a clay vessel to heat water for household purposes. This method requires about 16 cartloads of firewood annually.

Not only is this high on manpower requirements but is also a burden on the natural resources of the village. It was here that TRDC intervened and provided Savitha with an eco-friendly chulha. The firewood consumption has come down by 50%, with biowaste stepping in as an alternate fuel source.

Savitha and her family, now have hot water throughout the day, with no additional burden on the village's natural resources.


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Tropical Research & Development Centre (TRDC) educates the villagers, especially women, regarding wastage of firewood for water heating purpose. It also makes them understand the importance of retaining forests to sustain agriculture and livelihood.

TRDC shows them alternative and fuel-efficient methods that are economically cheaper also. Motivated by this, many villagers have constructed improved Chulha for water heating. This is an eco-friendly device that in turn saves environment and resources.

When you donate to this program, you help a rural family get a smokeless Chulha.

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About The NGO

Tropical Research & Development Centre (TRDC)
Tropical Research & Development Centre (TRDC) Logo
Tropical Research & Development Centre (TRDC)

The issues of acute poverty, resource degradation, ill health, illiteracy and lack of awareness on various aspects of development among the rural communities have prompted few like-minded people from various walks of life to start Tropical Research and Development Centre. The mission of TRDC is 'Universal Access to Resources without Discrimination'

Tropical Research & Development Centre's Paryavaran project, which is run in the Western Ghats and Mysore Districts intends to address the issues of climate change by working in collaboration with local farmers. This is done through regeneration, enrichment of plants in deforested areas, promotion of eco-friendly boiling water chulas, enhancement and restoration of wetlands and water resources, and conservation of wildlife.

Tropical Research & Development Centre's (TRDC) Asha Kiran project focuses on enrollment, retention, quality education and child rights in rural Government schools in Ranibennur Taluk, Karnataka.

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Founded in 1991
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Anil Abbi

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This program is making a difference because of contributions from donors like you. You will be able to follow the progress of the program and the many ways it is changing lives right here.

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