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Sponsor a hearing aid to help a poor hearing impaired person

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A hearing aid prevents Ananda from losing his livelihood

Ananda Ghosh is 61 years old. He works as a rickshaw puller in Napit Para, Nabadwip in Nadia district of West Bengal. Due to his financial condition, he has to work as a rickshaw puller even at this age.

He began to lose his hearing as he started aging. His hearing impairment made things worse for his work. Ananda often faced difficult situations with his passengers. They would offer him a fare which would be lower than what he would agree on before taking the passenger.

He ended up having many arguments due to this miscommunication. This miscommunication was affecting his livelihood as he often spent working all day and not making enough money.

It was becoming harder for him to manage his expenses. He wondered if he had to stop working.

A well-wisher then informed Ananda about Turnstone Global. Ananda approached them for help with his condition.

The organization conducted an Audiogram test. Once the analysis confirmed that Ananda's hearing could improve with a hearing aid, he was given a hearing aid at a distribution camp.

This aid worked like a miracle in Ananda's life.

Today his work has become more comfortable with proper hearing. His hearing aid has removed all the frustration that was preventing him from having a decent livelihood.

A simple support of a hearing aid changed Ananda's life.

You can also help poor people like Ananda for whom help is so easy but they still can't afford it. You can donate so that they can get the support which can make their lives better. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.

A hearing aid is a necessity for the hearing impaired to live a normal life and be independent. Your help can give patients from poor families access to these aids so they overcome their disability.

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