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Sponsor a child's education in remote areas

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Anadi flies high on the wings of success!

"I wasn't born so intelligent to score high marks all the time. My mantra for success is 'Ana GoWo' - Analyse what is the best way to learn, set Goals according to your demand and then simply Work for it, says Anadi, student at SOS.

Anadi was brought as an infant to SOS Children's Village Bhimtal, 22 years back. Today, she is an inspiration for children not only in her village but across the nation. Here's how she did it with SOS's support.

After securing 10 CGPA in Class X, Anadi was selected to study at UWC Red Cross Nordic, Norway. After returning, she completed her graduation with 9.3 CGPA. Currently, she is pursuing her master's in Biochemistry.

Apart from academics, Anadi was always encouraged by SOS Children's Village to get involved in youth empowerment programs. Apart from strengthening youth participation structures in SOS India, she is supporting the set up and organization of various youth representatives and youth programmes. This also gave her a chance to be selected as a member of the International Youth Coalition. It taught her how to be an active agent of youth reform and lobby for change on international and national levels. That is not all. She was a spokesperson at General Assembly in 2015 held in Innsbruk, Austria. The General Assembly is held every four years and is attended by 300 people from across 130 countries (where SOS has a presence). Under this program, she was also awarded the Best Youth Agent Award 2016, given to the most active and committed member of International Youth Coalition.

"I remember when Purusharth Uncle (Village Director) informed me about this great opportunity. I was not sure whether I could do it. But he was! This kind of trust and support from our Village Directors increase confidence to aim high. It was because of the support of my family, siblings, peers and village co-workers that I could do it", recounts, a proud Anadi.

It was because of the faith and generous support of a donor, that Anadi redefined her reality and is on her way to fulfil her dreams. Your donation can become the reason for children like her to get the right opportunity and achieve big in life. Donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

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SOS Children's Villages of India is committed to the welfare of parentless and abandoned children. Children often come to SOS as infants and stay till they are responsible adults. SOS aims to strengthen families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against child abandonment and social neglect. By sponsoring a child's education, you will be supporting the education expenses like school fees, admission charges, books, stationary, transport expenses, extra-curricular and tuition expenses.

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SOS Childrens Villages of India
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SOS Childrens Villages of India

SOS Children's Villages of India is an independent and non-profit organisation working towards holistic development of parentless children, women and children belonging to vulnerable families. Based at Faridabad, they have worked with children and communities in disaster struck and disaster-prone areas, spreading hope to weary societies and families.

Striving to achieve their vision where every child grows up in a family with love, respect & security, the organization bases its work on the four pillars of The Mother, Brothers and Sisters, The House and The Village. Their various flagship programs like Family Based Care and Family Strengthening Program have reached out to over 25,000 parentless children across 22 states and 32 locations in India.

The noble efforts of their 1700 strong workforce were awarded the Strong Delivery Capability & High Financial Proficiency Award by the prestigious CRISIL VO 2A. Providing a home-like environment and long-term support to every child up to the age of 24, the members of this organization are committed to the welfare of parentless and abandoned children and to the strengthening of families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against abandonment and social neglect.

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28 November, 2021

Sponsor a child s education in remote areas



Formal and non-formal Education• Online Assignments - The Education co-worker also prepared assignments, which were shared with the students in the village to practice. The assignment was aimed at building the concepts of children in specific subjects.• Innovative ways of learning - The children along with co-workers developed innovative ways of learning like quizzes and role-plays to propel learning among children on key thematic issues like health, hygiene, and child protection.• Peer monitoring - Many villages have formed Peer-Monitoring groups to provide academic assistance to younger children. The elder children have volunteered to coach younger children of the villages to clear their doubts in specific subjects.• Alternative academic activities - Alternative academic calendars have been developed for children to engage them meaningfully as they stay at home. The co-workers designed a formal and non-formal module, which includes engagement of children through Art & Craft, Painting & Drawing, News Reading, and Review from Talk Club, Journal Writing, Bookkeeping on New Vocabulary and sentence formation.

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At the beginning of lockdown, it was challenging to keep children at home. It was then decided to conduct and organize various activities and training for children to engage them constructively. • During lockdown all the children were having online classes but the accessibility of computers, laptops and smartphones were limited due to which children were having problem in attending classes. Then some of the houses were provided with an extra laptop. • Children and mothers are sensitized about safety precautions to be taken during the pandemic regularly. Awareness sessions are organized for children reinforcing the importance of maintaining social distance, regular handwash, wearing masks etc.

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Deekshitha, now 11 years, had arrived in the SOS children’s village of Bangalore in the year 2016. The District Administration entrusted the village to take care of the child with care and affection. Over the years she developed a strong bond with her SOS mother and siblings. She reciprocated the love and affection given to her by her family. The village ensured that the child should grow healthy and had series of consultations with the physician and dietician. She was provided with a healthy and nutritious diet. She is progressing well and achieving all her development milestones. She helps her mother with household chores and assists her in kitchen gardening work. Presently, she is studying in class V and secured a grade of ‘A’ in her previous examinations. She was provided with coaching classes in subjects she was facing difficulty with. Her favourite subject is science and finds maths a little difficult.Apart from studies, she has an interest in extra-curricular activities. She likes to participate in a running race and stood at the first position in the race. She likes to play indoor games such as ludo and carrom in her spare time. She also likes skipping rope activities. Thanks to donors like you, Deekshitha got a chance to pursue education and got a loving environment to cherish her childhood. She aspires to be a doctor and looking at her progress we are sure she will achieve her dreams. We look forward to your kind endeavours in the future as well.

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23 March, 2021

Child's education in remote areas



Nandini, a student of Class X at a Narayanpur Govt. school, has been finding it hard to attend online classes. The daughter of a tea-seller doesn’t have a laptop and the family possesses only one smartphone, that too by his father. Since the Covid-19 lockdown was imposed, Nandini’s father and mother have been selling vegetables to make their ends meet.      
“I have to help my father and mother to sell vegetables in the day. In between the work, I download worksheets and study material from our class WhatsApp group and practice mathematics myself,” said Nandini, who stays at Ramnagar Ghoshpara in Narayanpur area in a one-room house with his parents and a brother.
FS Kolkata ensured Nandini’s education by taking care of her educational expenses via books, stationary and bags as part of the educational support extended to her. Nandini’s education is frequently monitored by the co-worker. She is very sincere in studies and is a spontaneous child. Apart from academics, she also has a keen interest in story reading. 
Online classes and educational material provided to children in the FS community. FS Kolkata team did a wonderful job; they collect the study materials from schools and local teacher, took the print out and circulate the same to the children who don’t have enough option to access the online classes. Also FS team personally request the school authority to send SMS and support other ways to 114 children who don’t have access the smart phones for academic support. FS team continuously monitor their worksheet, assignments on weekly basis. Also prepare our caregivers to have a look, when their children attend their session, do not leave them alone during their online classes. We also provided the online harassment and online sexual exploitation related tips to our children as well as our caregivers for safe and secured online usage purpose.
“In the beginning, I faced lot of issues due to internet issues. But, after getting help from FS team; now I am completely relying on WhatsApp group and FS team support from where I used to get the study material and recorded videos for students.” said Nandini and her brother Ankush too.
02 nos. of Gyaan-Baksho (knowledge box) initiative taken to motivate our FS community children to develop their reading habits and general knowledge too who don’t have enough access of books.