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Archana and Chetana dancing their way into success

Archana and Chetana are identical twins. They were brought to SOS Children's Village Bengaluru as toddlers. They speak Tamil and do not understand Kannada. This created problem in communicating with them. The change was very hard for them and they took a long time to adjust. They would mostly be found crying and barely spoke in the first eight months.

"We were always crying and hated to go out of the house. Most of the days, we both would just cry and sit on the porch waiting for our grandmother to take us back home, `` says Archana emotionally.

A kindergarten teacher introduced them to dance in an effort to cheer them up and make them more comfortable with their surroundings and their new mother at school. It helped them accept the change in their lives and they slowly started communicating with the mother and other children. They enjoyed dancing and started waiting for their classes. "We found a new way to channelise our emotions, which we could barely recognise, let alone articulate and express. Dance helped us communicate with others, it was an outlet for our emotions. We are attending the dance classes regularly from then, `` says Chetana.

"There is a very vivid memory of a day when we both came very late (around 12am) from our dance class. Because we had always stayed in a very protected and sheltered environment at school, we were scared to be alone outside that late. Lokesh uncle (Village Director) counselled us and explained that soon we would be setting foot in the outside world, where we ourselves have to find our way and handle things. He also helped us make the right career decisions. Both of us have always been academically bright and we decided to do Engineering and got qualified as Information Science Engineers", says Archana.

This sisters duo is also an acclaimed Bharatnatyam performers. An introduction to dancing helped them transform their childhood into a happy and fulfilling one. Trained under legendary gurus Devaki Narasimhan, B. Bhanumati and Sheela Chandrashekar, the sisters have been dancing for the past two decades and are acknowledged as top most duet performers in the country. Archana and Chetana have also been honoured as Cultural Ambassadors of India by the prestigious Indian Council for Cultural Relations. Today, they run their own dance academy in Bengaluru and also teach dance to over 40 students at SOS Children's Village Bengaluru.

Every child is born with a special gift. A little support can help underprivileged children like Archana and Chetana recognise their gifts. Donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

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SOS Children's Villages of India is committed to the welfare of parentless and abandoned children. Children often come to SOS as infants and stay till they are responsible adults. SOS aims to strengthen families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against child abandonment and social neglect. By sponsoring a child, you will support his education expenses also their health & nutrition expenses.

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SOS Childrens Villages of India
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SOS Childrens Villages of India

SOS Children's Villages of India is an independent and non-profit organisation working towards holistic development of parentless children, women and children belonging to vulnerable families. Based at Faridabad, they have worked with children and communities in disaster struck and disaster-prone areas, spreading hope to weary societies and families.

Striving to achieve their vision where every child grows up in a family with love, respect & security, the organization bases its work on the four pillars of The Mother, Brothers and Sisters, The House and The Village. Their various flagship programs like Family Based Care and Family Strengthening Program have reached out to over 25,000 parentless children across 22 states and 32 locations in India.

The noble efforts of their 1700 strong workforce were awarded the Strong Delivery Capability & High Financial Proficiency Award by the prestigious CRISIL VO 2A. Providing a home-like environment and long-term support to every child up to the age of 24, the members of this organization are committed to the welfare of parentless and abandoned children and to the strengthening of families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against abandonment and social neglect.

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Founded in 1991
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Mr. Sudarshan Suchi

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provided family-based residential care to 7000 orphaned children

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2017: Kolkata Leadership Awards

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28 November, 2021

Sponsor a child s accommodation and well being



formal and non-formal Education• Online Assignments - The Education co-worker also prepared assignments, which were shared with the students in the village to practice. The assignment was aimed at building the concepts of children in specific subjects.• Innovative ways of learning - The children along with co-workers developed innovative ways of learning like quizzes and role-plays to propel learning among children on key thematic issues like health, hygiene, and child protection.• Peer monitoring - Many villages have formed Peer-Monitoring groups to provide academic assistance to younger children. The elder children have volunteered to coach younger children of the villages to clear their doubts in specific subjects.• Alternative academic activities - Alternative academic calendars have been developed for children to engage them meaningfully as they stay at home. The co-workers designed a formal and non-formal module, which includes engagement of children through Art & Craft, Painting & Drawing, News Reading, and Review from Talk Club, Journal Writing, Bookkeeping on New Vocabulary and sentence formation. • Schools also sent recording sessions, at the end of which they gave assignments that the children solved with help of elder children from the house and educational counsellors. In spite of children not attending classes, the schools are well aware of the progress of children, and the children are in touch with their teachers.• Digital Library - The objective of Digital Library is to provide users with coherent access to a very large and organized repository of information in the form of books, practice papers, motivational videos and expand the horizon of learning. Children made the best use of the digital library during the lockdown period to enhance their vocabulary and reading skills.Food and Nutrition• Awareness and sensitization sessions on the importance of nutritious food were carried out at the Village, with the participation of all the children and mothers.• All the families as recommended by the dietician/nutritionist follow the diet chart.• Kitchen gardening is promoted extensively. Mothers, as well as the children, we're encouraged to practice the same by planting nutritious fruits and vegetables in their kitchen gardens.Health check-ups and awareness sessions• Looking at the current scenario of the pandemic, children are under the continuous watch of expert doctors. Children’s body temperature and oxygen level is checked and recorded daily. • Health records of all children are maintained and updated to keep a track of their health and nutritional developments.

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At the beginning of lockdown, it was challenging to keep children at home. It was then decided to conduct and organize various activities and training for children to engage them constructively. • During lockdown all the children were having online classes but the accessibility of computers, laptop and smartphones were limited due to which children were having problem in attending classes. Then some of the houses were provided with an extra laptop. • Children and mothers are sensitized about safety precautions to be taken during the pandemic regularly. Awareness sessions are organized for children reinforcing the importance of maintaining social distance, regular handwash, wearing masks etc.• COVID tests are conducted from time to time at the project level. The positive cases are dealt with utmost care keeping the local government rules and regulations in mind. Isolation rooms, centres etc. are created to handle such cases (wherever applicable)

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Deekshitha, now 11 years, had arrived in the SOS children’s village of Bangalore in the year 2016. The District Administration entrusted the village to take care of the child with care and affection. Over the years she developed a strong bond with her SOS mother and siblings. She reciprocated the love and affection given to her by her family. The village ensured that the child should grow healthy and had series of consultations with the physician and dietician. She was provided with a healthy and nutritious diet. She is progressing well and achieving all her development milestones. She helps her mother with household chores and assists her in kitchen gardening work. Presently, she is studying in class V and secured a grade of ‘A’ in her previous examinations. She was provided with coaching classes in subjects she was facing difficulty with. Her favourite subject is science and finds maths a little difficult.Apart from studies, she has an interest in extra-curricular activities. She likes to participate in a running race and stood at the first position in the race. She likes to play indoor games such as ludo and carrom in her spare time. She also likes skipping rope activities. Thanks to donors like you, Deekshitha got a chance to pursue education and got a loving environment to cherish her childhood. She aspires to be a doctor and looking at her progress we are sure she will achieve her dreams. We look forward to your kind endeavours in the future as well.

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23 March, 2021

Child's accodomodation and well being



Sunita Das (Class IX), had been shying away from her friends in the village in her early days, and was only playing with her younger brother. She is 14 years old and lives with her parents in a tile shaded rented hut in Ramnagar, a village in the Narayanpur under North 24 Parganas district where she is also enrolled in the school.
She has been registered on the Family Strengthening programme since 2016 and receives overall support from FS-Kolkata. Her mother, Saraswati Das (40 years old) joined SOS-FS programme on June’2016 under MONI Self Help Group (SHG) at Narayanpur, Kolkata. Having a primary level education and coming from a low-income background, with maidservant income, Mrs. Saraswati Das joined FS Programme with lot many hopes and dreams in her eyes. She regularly attends the SHG meeting and enthusiastically invest her time for her own development purpose, as she knows very well that she will have to do something for herself as well as for her own children. Her husband is wage earner and alcoholic. Her husband doesn’t support financially.
In the early stages the new-found regular income did nothing to improve Sunita’s lot in life. As a consequence, Sunita’s attendance at the village school began suffering because she didn't have the right clothes or equipment. Alongside her younger brother, often fell ill and spent most of her time helping her mother with domestic chores. Her father, 45, only came home to eat and sleep.
FS Kolkata ensure the participation of child through Sishu Panchayat (child Parliament), also Saraswati (child mother) received the Chicken Selling support as a 1st IGA (Income generating Activity) support from FS program through her own MONI SHG in the year 2017 for her own business purpose and Popcorn Selling Business as 2nd IGA support in the year 2019 to support her husband respectively.
Starting from the income of ₹1000/- per month with the keen help from SOS and her determination for self-business now Saraswati is a well-earning member of her own community and contribute a great source of motivation for the other caregivers. Also her child continuing education supported by her mother and SOS-FS program, now she meets the needs of her children in all aspects for their further development purpose.
During Cyclone Amphan they lost their house and due to Covid-19 pandemic their income got a major blow. But, in this crisis period, FS-Kolkata team extend their support by providing immediate tarpaulin support on to fix their house roof at the earliest, so that they can at least stay peacefully without much thinking about weather condition and other security measures. They also received dry ration support to feed their children and family members. In the meanwhile, FS Kolkata team provided hygiene kit support to all the FS families during this Covid-19 situation to remain free from all sorts of infection and stay healthy.
We are privilege enough to be a part FS Kolkata family and by which we always get the priority whenever we were in trouble”- stated Sunita Das.
Now the children live in a healthy environment. They set to building a new room and fixing up the old one to be more child-friendly. All the children attending regular school and leading a happy and safe life.


5 August, 2020

Every moment is a fresh beginning



Every moment is a fresh beginning

Our Family Like (FL) care and Family Strengthening (FS) programs are the pillars of our Child care model. One of the crux for SOS Children’s Village Kolkata, FS Program is our Sishu Panchayats (Baal Panchayat) members. It’s working great at our community level and one of the successful areas to explore under FS Program. All our Sishu Panchayat members are very active and well-verse about our program objectives. SOS Children’s Village Kolkata-FS Children carefully observed the community surrounding to ensure that their community should be aware about the social issues. For that, they displayed handmade banners at vantage points and picked up trash from the club and other places alerting everyone about the harmful effects of pollution and the 3 to save trees, water, electricity, #NOCHILDALONE campaign etc. Children also participated in creative and awareness based session to develop their knowledge about Child Rights, child labour, importance of Education, social evils and its harmful effects, use of toilets & proper sanitation system and how we can possibly keep our community error free. They organized annual community sports to encourage the different age group children and spread the positivism amongst them.