Secure the future of a poor student



Secure the future of a poor student


Every monthly donation helps the education of students like Vaishali

Vaishali's family made a living by making bead necklaces. She and her family used to wake up at 4 am every day, make necklaces and then she walked to a nearby municipal school in old clothes.

The municipal school had classes only till Std 8, and her family couldn't afford to send her to a private school. Vaishali almost decided to discontinue her education when she was identified by the Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme (CASP). CASP helped her secure admission without any donation.

Vaishali passed SSC with 82%. She started working and even managed to do a diploma alongside her job. She is now placed in a good job and even sponsors children like her through CASP.


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The Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme (CASP) believes that no child should be left out of the opportunity of getting a basic education due to economic reasons. The program identifies children who are in need of support to continue their education and sponsors their education with the help of generous donors.

The CASP support model of Sponsorship is an aid given to the underprivileged children so that they don't discontinue their education. The aid is given as fees paid to the school while the child continues to stay with his or her family through the aid tenure.

Donation to this program supports the salaries of social workers, staff salary, felicitation, cultural activities, excursions and child-centered community development activities.By supporting this program, you help a child secure education and work towards a brighter future.

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About The NGO

Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme (CASP)
Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme (CASP) Logo
Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme (CASP)

The biggest disease is not leprosy, but rather the feeling of being unwanted. Especially, when children are the victims of something that is not their fault. Maharashtra in the late 1970s was affected with Leprosy. The kids of these affected were shunned. A couple approached Social Scientist, Dr. Gokhale expressing their distress about the discrimination of their kids. Being a social scientist, Dr. Gokhale understood the importance of family.

He considered their request and began to identify donors who are ready to sponsor the education of these children. This led to the establishment of Community Aid and Sponsorship Program (CASP) in 1976. CASP slowly shaped into a national voluntary organization by supporting underprivileged children and communities. It provides sponsorship & aid for education, health, and nutrition. Mr. Pramod Kale the president of CASP has been working in the field of Community Education and Development for a very long time. His work has been recognized with Padmashree in 1984 and Aryabhatta Award in 2006 of the Astronautical Society of India.

With a mission to diversify and strengthen its organizational competency, CASP leads in developing and implementing strategies and programs. These programs enhance the capacities of children, families, and communities through empowerment, participation, and advocacy.

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Founded in 1991
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Anil Paranjape

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Area of Operation

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Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme (CASP) has

provided quality education to 7733 underprivileged children

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