Restore eye sight to a patient with cataract surgery



Restore eye sight to a patient with cataract surgery


Ramu can now live the simple life he always wanted.

Ramu is a senior citizen who lives in Alwar, Rajasthan. He was happy with the life he created and found his joy in the little things.

He stayed productive despite his old age by grazing cattle, looking after his son’s crops and playing with his grandchildren. This was all possible until he began to lose his eyesight because of cataract.

One day he realized that he could not see clearly with his left eye. Over time, his vision got more clouded until he could no longer do any of his daily activities. He was deeply upset as he did not know how to keep going without being able to do anything he was used to. He could not afford medical care and thought that it was the end of the road for him. *

He found his miracle through a Community Outreach Program by Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH). They diagnosed him with cataract and decided to sponsor his treatment. After a successful surgery and quality post-operative care, he returned to his village. He now enjoys a simple life grazing cattle and playing with his grandchildren.

Little things are what senior citizens live for. You can gift a senior citizen like Ramu a a chance to enjoy these little things during their last days. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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Cataracts are often related to the ageing process and found in older people, but they are also occasionally found in younger people. It is completely treatable but if left untreated, the person becomes totally blind. But due to poverty, many senior citizens live with blindness.

Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH) conducts Community Outreach Programmes in underserved areas of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The program conducts free eye camps and surgeries for poor patients suffering from cataracts.Patients are provided with consultation, surgery, accommodation, spectacles, medicine, transportation, and follow-up treatment

By supporting this program you can help a poor senior citizen get free cataract surgery and reclaim his life.

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About The NGO

Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital
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Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital

With 20,000 surgeries; around 30,000 eye screenings and more than 1500 eye surgeries to the children- this humongous work without a second thought are being done by Dr. Shroff's Charity eye hospital (SCEH).

SCEH was founded in the year 1914 to facilitate eye care to the underprivileged. With a mission to be the best Tertiary Eye and ENT Care Institution in Northern India, the clinic stands out when it comes to quality eye care. Graduating from Royal college of Surgeries, London, Mr. Shroff established the eye care center in the year 1926 with the best equipment from those times.

Right from Retinal to Cornea, eye cancers to surgeries, cataract to the general care; SCEH has 125 full-time staff with over 35 doctors attending constantly to those in need. SCEH is synonymous with a vision for its excellent and committed service.

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Founded in 1991
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Arun Kumar Arora

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Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital has

performed eye/ENT surgeries on 29,694 underprivileged patients

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Awards And Recognitions

2016: National Honour Award 2016

2017: Certificate of good partnership

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December 2018

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Program Updates

23 May, 2019


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Program Update

Our mission to make a lasting impact on the eradication of blindness and deafness in India by providing quality to all sections of the society. Till November 2018 we have done 2010 free cataract surgeries at Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital, Delhi Branch through camps, vision centers and walk in. Struggling hard to make ends meet which include work, cost of living, and family life. It is difficult for them to bear the cost of their treatment as most of the people who comes for the treatment are laborer working as a construction workers, helpers etc. By serving the poor in the community our objective is to make a lasting impact by providing them a independent life with better vision.

Story from the field

Norti Devi is a 55 year old woman belonging to Manakpur village of Thanabhawan Block, Saharanpur, UP. Having been blinded by cataract for over a year, she could not see much, everything was blurred. She could not get herself checked by an eye specialist due to her poor financial conditions and non availability of eye care facilities in nearby areas. Hers was a huge family of eight. She had lost her husband years back, and her three sons working as laborers were earning very little, which could fulfill only the daily needs of the family.Performing her activities at home, taking care of her family and her grand children had become a big task for her. Cooking, the thing she loved doing the most, became a tough job. She had difficulty in chopping vegetables, could hardly differentiate between the spices. She also could not recognize people at a distance and had to be escorted by someone if she had to go out. And because of all this she disliked going out and mingling with the people. Ignorant villagers would pull her leg by calling her blind and she detested it. All this had made her life a big mess. As if God heard her prayers, she came to know about the free eye screening camp and decided not to give it a miss. She was escorted by her daughter in law on the day of the camp. The primary eye screening was done and she was identified as a patient for cataract surgery. When she was told about the requirement for surgical intervention, at first she opposed citing financial reasons. But when she learned that the surgery would not cost her a penny she was overjoyed. She was operated for her cataract which took place in our Saharanpur branch. After she was operated she was very delighted to get clear vision back. She joyously recalls that wonderful moment when her bandage was removed. Her uncontrollable smile spoke a thousand words. Soon she started moving around independently without relying much on her family. She remarked, “ I am happy I will now be able to cook delicious and tasty meals for my family and cherish those moments of togetherness once again, I am grateful to Thanabhawan Vision Center which has totally changed my life, and I will keep on recommending SCEH to all my friends and family.”

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