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Children are looking up to you to help them go back to school

When a disaster strikes, the first need is immediate rescue and relief efforts. Once the immediate danger subsides, it is time for rehabilitation and rebuilding.What often gets neglected is the rehabilitation of children back to schools. Most schools across the state are completely damaged.Books and school bags have been washed away. Students pursuing higher education have lost their important study materials.IDEA Foundation will identify schools from the flood-ravaged areas of Central Kerala. They will work towards rebuilding classrooms, labs, libraries, and other infrastructure. They will also replace benches, desks, lab equipment, and other necessary material. These timely interventions will help in restarting the schools.Children often face trauma and sense of helplessness during disasters. They lose a sense of belonging and hope. For most children, their school, education and friends are life as they know it. The students can get a sense of normalcy and cope with trauma better if they return to their schools and college. Replacing lost study materials will also help them not lose time to study for their exams.Your donations can help poor children from flood affected areas of Kerala study again. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


Helping poor children get back to school after a disaster helps them with a sense of normalcy and hope of a better tomorrow.

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